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In this book, I’ll be teaching you my top 10 secrets to creating a life YOU love. If you're ready to escape the status quo and live life at your highest potential, this book is for you!


If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, yet feeling lost on how to get there, I can help.

You want to change your life, but you don’t know how.  You imagine a life that’s better than the one you’ve got, but how do you get it?

You tell yourself that you should feel better by now and you don’t.  You want to know what the heck to do with this life of yours.   You want your life not only to be amazing but, feel amazing.  You want to create the life you imagine in your head.  You’re starting to realize that you may need some help.

Helping women create the life they imagine is exactly what I do, my friend!  I can help YOU figure out how to get all that you want from this beautiful life of yours!  

Hi!  I’m Lindsay Preston, and I’m a mama, a wife, and a certified life coach, teacher & strategist.  My passion is helping go-getter women create a life THEY love.

I’m a multi-certified life coach with a background in Psychology. (In case your curious, I’m certified with the International Coaching Federation, The Divine Intelligence Institute, and I’m a TCU grad.  Go Frogs!)


  • Named one of the fastest growing businesses in Dallas/Fort Worth according to VoyageDallas magazine.
  • Highlighted as one of the top 100 life coach websites & blogs by Feedspot.
  • Featured on iTunes New & Noteworthy list for my podcast, Life Luvers Radio.
  • Highlighted as one of the top 40 most downloaded podcasts in self-help on iTunes.
  • Showcased in interviews on LATalkRadio, Hopes & Fears, The Motivated Millennial, Here To Thrive Podcast and Systems Saved Me Podcast.
  • Selected as one of the inaugural speakers at the now semi-annual Ignite DFW.
  • Downloaded tens of thousands of times with my podcast, Life Luvers Radio.
  • Followed by thousands on my social media channels.

I started my coaching business in a 1-on-1 setting coaching women on the struggles they were facing in life.  As I was coaching, I began studying neuroscience backed strategies on how to change your brain.  I started to teach these strategies to my clients, and they got BIG results!  I knew I was onto something powerful.

From there, I started to develop group coaching programs where I taught these neuroscience strategies in a group format.  The results were just as powerful as they were in a 1-on-1 setting!  As these programs began to strengthen, I realized that I was doing much more than coaching, I was teaching as well as providing individualized strategies to my clients.  From there, I gave myself the title, “Life Coach, Teacher & Strategist.”

Much like a school teacher, I teach, coach and strategize with my clients on how to apply new techniques into their lives with ease.  Although my clients are grown women, the basics of learning new information is still the same.  We want information to be precise, easy to implement and fun!   As I built my courses, I made sure they incorporated those concepts.

Everything I teach in my courses is easy to follow, the design elements are easy on your eyes, and we have SO much fun together.  (Plus, EVERY concept I teach is backed by science to work for the brain and boy, do they ever!)

Between prize giveaways and random bouts of laughter, I strive to make your journey working with me feel like an adventure.

The best part is that I will be there with you EVERY STEP of the way as you work through my programs.  Unlike other programs on the market where coaches are never heard from again after you purchase, you’ll have access to me CONTINUOUSLY as we work together via a private Facebook community, email and Q&A calls (…and of course, 1-on-1 calls too if you decide).

If you’re curious if coaching with me is right for you, take my FREE quiz.  In just a few short minutes, you’ll learn if you’re in the right place.  Plus, I’ll give you individualized training based on your results.


in case you’re curious!

even more about me

What My Non-Biz Life Is Like Now And What My Pre-Coaching Life Once Was.

about lindsay preston

I’m a Texas girl, born and raised.  Even now, I still reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.  The summers are hot, but I can’t imagine being anywhere else.  Texas is home to me.

I’m a proud single Mama turned newlywed. (I got married in September 2016!) I spent many years in Human Resources working for a finance company, an advertising company, and even an arts & crafts company.  I also owned and managed a dance studio for several years.

My day to day life now could be described as simple, quiet and pretty flipping fabulous.  After many years of struggle, I’m FINALLY living my dream life. I have a husband I adore, Jason.  My seven-year-old daughter, Isabella is so full of life, and I enjoy my days watching her grow.  I recently had a son, Denver (born April 2018), too!

I travel multiple times a year to beautiful places (like Bora Bora!).  I ADORE this job of mine where I help women all around the world live at their highest potential (and do it mostly from the comfort of my home!).

Now, my life isn’t perfect by any means (Just check out my Instagram stories to see!) however, I’m a firm believer that a beautiful life is not stemmed from a perfect life.  To me, beauty comes from the imperfections.

What I love most about my life is that I don’t just have a life I love on the surface, I FEEL like I have a life I love.  Every.  Single.  Day. I wake up full of energy, passion, gratitude, and excitement for each day that’s ahead.  I pinch myself at how I’ve been able to create my dream life in just a few short years.  Honestly, I just feel in awe of it all many days.

I credit having and feeling like I have a life I love to being a regular student of the work I teach my clients.  I strive to always walk the walk in what I talk.  By doing this, I know with 100% certainty that the strategies I teach my clients work.

Now, if you’re secretly cursing me as you read this and think your life could NEVER be a life YOU love, think again.  I used to think just like you did too because life was once VERY different for me.  

Even though on the surface, my life looked like I had a great upbringing, things were very tough internally for me, and I had to overcome some big setbacks in my 20s.  To hear the story on how I created a life I love, check out my journey to becoming a “Life Luver” (aka a person who LOVES their life) by clicking here.


the official

My professional bio

Just in case you need it!

about lindsay preston

Lindsay Preston is a multi-certified life coach who specializes in helping go-getter women. Her work helps women create the life THEY imagine through the use of neuroscience and strengths-based research strategies.

Lindsay overcame a horrible divorce in her late 20s where she discovered her husband’s “work trips” were a cover up to living a double life engaged to (and living with!) another woman.   She suddenly became a heartbroken single mama who was jobless, depressed and broke. She had her pain fuel her fire for change, and she sought out to learn how to create exactly what SHE wanted out of life.

Lindsay is a self-proclaimed neuroscience nerd, and all of her work is backed by neuroscience to work for the brain. She’s helped clients from a wide variety of backgrounds (from the depressed to the extremely driven) create a life THEY love.

Lindsay has several successful online courses including, “The Life Luvers 21 Day Challenge,” “Become An Unstoppable Woman,” “Become Authentically Awesome,” and “Solidify Your Strengths.” She also works with clients remotely in a private 1-on-1 setting from her cozy home office in the Dallas, TX area as well as speaks and hosts Strengths Soiree events around the U.S.

Lindsay’s podcast called, “Life Luvers Radio” has been featured on the “New & Noteworthy” list as well as within the Self-Help charts on iTunes. In her podcast, she delivers free weekly tips on how to create a life YOU love.

When she’s not helping women create their dream lives, you can find her either playing with her 7-year old daughter, snuggling with her son (born April 2018), kissing her handsome husband, reading a good self-help book, cuddling with her kitty or puppy or at a yoga class.

If you’re curious about how Lindsay can help you get closer to the life YOU love, take her FREE, “Is Coaching Right For Me” quiz by clicking here.


In this book, I’ll be teaching you my top 10 secrets to creating a life YOU love. If you're ready to escape the status quo and live life at your highest potential, this book is for you!