My 6 Month

“Simple Success Coaching System”




How The Step-By-Step Proven Process Works


Life is OK if not good. You’ve had some success but you crave MORE! You’re over just checking off life’s customary boxes. You want deep fulfillment and even more accomplishment than what you have today.


Step One

You’ll complete a free 60-minute consult call to intentionally and powerfully decide if coaching with me is right for you.


Step Two

We’ll celebrate your exciting decision to move forward by mailing workbooks (and other goodies) your way, giving you immediate online access to your coaching courses and by scheduling your first coaching calls.


Step Three

We’ll uncover and release the internal and external blocks keeping you from maximum success in my 90-day “Become an Unstoppable Woman” course so you can break through the barriers that are stopping you from accomplishing your wildest dreams.


Step Four

We’ll create an intentional and authentic plan of action for your life in my 90-day “Become Authentically Awesome” course so you can stop just checking off life’s boxes and create deep fulfillment instead.


Step Five

I’ll help you move into even MORE massive growth and transformation by spending the last 90 days implementing your intentional and authentic plan by teaching you how to stay in massive action with powerful decision-making


You in Six Months

Life feels incredible. You feel like a better, stronger version of yourself. You’ve accomplished all you wanted in 9 months (and more) and can’t wait to keep creating more in your life.




I have been able to fully accept and embrace my sexuality and own my power from working with Lindsay. I have fallen completely in love with my wife, Sarah, and am receiving her love fully and completely, instead of pushing it away. I was able to quit my full time job and finally make money in my own business. I created $20,000 in just 3 months and this is only the beginning!

K. J.

I was at my previous job for 18 years and never once took the step to move up. With Lindsay’s guidance and allowing me to just be who I am, so many doors have opened up for me. I’ve been promoted to an executive role, I’ve set boundaries for myself, and I now believe in myself enough to move to the next level in my career and in my life. Lindsay has a way that allows you to see the future just by being you and authentically showing up.


My Coaching Bio

Lindsay Preston is a certified leadership coach for women who specializes in helping them own their power so they can accomplish their dreams in business and beyond so they can live deeply fulfilling lives. She teaches her clients the neuroscience-backed process for life-long change.

Lindsay overcame a horrible divorce in her late 20s where she discovered her husband’s “work trips” were a cover up to living a double life engaged to (and living with) another woman. She suddenly became a heartbroken single mama who was jobless, distraught and broke.

She had her pain fuel her fire for change, and she sought out to learn how to create exactly what SHE wanted out of life. In just a few months, she learned how to do just that. Now, she lives even MORE of the life she once dreamed of.

Lindsay is a self-proclaimed neuroscience nerd, and all of her work is backed by neuroscience to work for the brain. She’s helped women all around the world create everything (and more) they want out of life.

She works with clients remotely in a private 1-on-1 setting from her beautiful office in the Dallas, Texas area. She has a podcast called, “Become An Unstoppable Woman” that has been featured on the “New & Noteworthy” list as well as within the self-help charts on iTunes. In her podcast, she challenges her listeners to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful women they were meant to be by teaching them how to program their brain for peaceful and fulfilling success.

When she’s not helping women own their power and create their dream lives, you can find her either playing with her 10-year old daughter, chasing her 3-year-old son, kissing her handsome husband, reading a good self-help book, or at a yoga class.

If you’re ready to work with Lindsay as your leadership coach to make your goals and dreams happen, get her 4-day “Accomplish Your Dreams” free training by clicking here or apply for a 60-minute 1-on-1 free consult call here.