FEATURE: Dating Without the BS

Ready to date in an authentic and empowering way? This interview on Dating Without the BS will help get you started.

FEATURE: Dating Without the BS

Jul 14, 2022 | COACHING INFO, Feature, RELATIONSHIPS, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I work with women in ALL stages of life. Some are happily married, some are single, some are divorced, and everything in between. But I don’t talk a whole lot about the dating world, even though you’re all very familiar with my relationship history and stories. But the parallels between dating, owning your power and living in your authentic self are undeniable. That’s why I was so excited to have this conversation with dating coach, Kenna Renee on her podcast, Dating Without the BS


When I talk about “checking off life’s boxes” (you hear me say this a lot), dating, relationships, and marriage are absolutely amongst these boxes. But achieving these things in a way that’s authentic for you is all part of the process of becoming awakened. Since Kenna focuses solely on helping woman in the dating world, she knows this more than anyone. 


Kenna and I dug deep about women in all stages of dating and relationships. Including:

  • What it means to feel empowered
  • Specific client stories from both mine and Kenna’s clients
  • How to spot when you’re repeating a pattern or on “auto pilot” in your dating life
  • How trauma can impact your dating patterns (and how this showed up in my own life)
  • How to start to go from good to great in your dating life

…and so much more.


Kenna Renee is a dating coach who guides women into a dating life that works so they can find the relationship they’ve always dreamed of. She offers downloadable dating guides, coaching, and is the host of the Dating Without the BS podcast. 


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