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How To Know When To Give Up On A Goal

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A few weeks ago, I was mindlessly staring at my latest goal check-in. As I sat there, I realized that another month had gone by that I didn’t accomplish what I hoped for one of my goals.  This goal was once something I wanted SO much!  After six months of not doing crap toward the goal and not feeling motivated to start anything with it anytime soon, I asked myself, “Is it time to give it up?”

When I thought about giving up on the goal, I reminded myself of the stigma we (and others) give. We like to label it as “bad” to give up.  We can deem ourselves a quitter or worse yet, a failure.

Even though I know this stigma is SO far from the truth, we can’t help but feel that way! From a young age, many of us learn that it’s “bad” to give up.

Truth be told, there’s nothing wrong with “giving up” sometimes. It’s just a part of life.

Sometimes we stop going after a goal because we’ve outgrown it, life has changed, or we repositioned ourselves in a way where other priorities are more important.  When we give up on something with peace and purpose, it can be a FABULOUS thing!  It keeps us from wasting time on things that don’t matter.

But, how can we know for sure though that it’s time to throw in the towel and give up?  How can we feel 100% confident that we’re making the right decision?

In the case of my goal, I had to give myself a mini coaching session. I knew that if I gave up on the goal without first tapping into my deeper desires and fears, I would be setting myself up for a major beat down in my head.  My mind LOVES to call me icky names unless I’ve gained the clarity to KNOW that I’ve made a change authentically.

So, I sat down and closed my eyes. I needed to tap into my core values and desires to see what was going in my mind.  I also needed to see how I could be sabotaging myself from accomplishing this goal because of fear.

After just a few minutes and a few questions, I had the clarity I needed! Not only that but the clarity I gained pumped me up! I finally had the motivation I needed to rock this goal!

Now, it’s your turn to find that clarity too.

On today’s Life Luvers™ episode, I’m going to share with you the questions I asked myself to determine if I should give up on my goal.  Today’s episode is formatted COMPLETELY different from any other Life Luvers™ Radio episode I’ve done.  There’s no fancy intro or sponsors.  I did this so you can cut out the outside noise. I want to give you space to focus on you.  This episode is also full of pauses so that you have time to think after I ask you a question.

As much as I love to teach you strategies on the show, there’s truly no better teacher in life than YOU!  You know what’s right for you. You know where you need to go next.  You know in your heart of hearts if you should accomplish this goal or let it go.

So, my questions today are designed specifically to help you tap into that beautiful, wonderful teacher within. My hope is that these questions will allow you to walk away from this episode with the confidence and clarity you’re seeking so you KNOW if it’s time to give up on a goal.

Whereas it may seem small right now to give up on one of your goals, it’s quite a big deal! The quality of your life is based on your choices.  Our goals are things that we once desired to have.  If we walk away from a goal, it can create a different outcome for us then once expected.  Whereas that new outcome can be great, it can also be harmful if we’re going down a path that’s not authentic to us.  (#BeenThereDoneThat)

Please take the time to listen to today’s episode before you make a firm decision about your goal.  I want you to have the peace of mind you need before moving forward, and this episode can give you that.

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Learn in just a few short minutes if I’m the right person to help you grow.

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