LL: S2, Ep 29: Why Mindfulness Is Your Ticket To A Hot & Passion-Filled Life

Learn how the practice of mindfulness can increase passion, create connection and allow for better sex with your partner.


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sex and mindfulness

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“You’re perfect.”, he said.  

“There’s nothing wrong with you!  I hit the jackpot by landing you.”

I sat there sick at my stomach. Here I was with a great guy and all of a sudden I knew things wouldn’t work out with us. He had said “the statement of death.”

The “you’re perfect” statement was something said to me by a handful of former boyfriends in my 20-something years.  When they’d say this “you’re perfect” comment, I know our relationship was in deep trouble.

I used to HATE being called perfect.  Hearing perfect was a trigger for me to start messing things up between us.  I knew if/when someone threw out that p-word, my mind would start saying to me, “Oh boy, he thinks I’m perfect!  I wish he didn’t say that. He better watch out.  There’s that awful side of me he hasn’t seen yet. He’s going to realize that I’m anything BUT perfect.”

That awful side that he needed to watch out for?  It’s the side I call my Inner Mean Girl.  The psychology world calls the voice of the Ego and my guest on today’s Life Luvers Radio episode has a completely different (and oh-so-fun) name for her voice.

Whatever you call this voice, we ALL have it.  It’s part of our basic DNA, and this voice is f*ck%ing things up for us!

In my case with the boyfriends who thought I was perfect, I would quickly show them the Inner Mean Girl “witch” side of me that would sabotage our relationship.  I would turn into a person I knew that I wasn’t, but I couldn’t stop being her!

This Inner Mean Girl “witch” voice was critical, overly emotional and mean. I hated her yet; I felt helpless as the Inner Mean Girl voice controlled me. I didn’t know how to stop her so within weeks, that once great boyfriend had broken up with me.

If you can relate to a time when your Inner Mean Girl voice sabotaged a relationship for you either by causing a break-up or simply by being snippy with your partner, today’s episode is for you.

For today’s episode, I’ve brought on my ah-mazing biz buddy, Andrea Featherstone. Andrea is a Mindfulness Facilitator who is here to teach you how to overcome this Inner Mean Girl/Ego voice through mindfulness.

sex and mindfulness

Not only will she teach you how to quit sabotaging your life and relationships with mindfulness, she’s here to teach you why mindfulness is your ticket to a hot and passion-filled life!

Andrea used to be a pro at sabotaging her relationships and had a life that wasn’t very passion-filled. (She used to spend her days vacuuming the walls for a billionaire! Talk about boring.)

Although she was having sex, she was having what she called “porn star” sex that made her feel like she wasn’t connecting with her partner and instead just going through the mindless motions to make her partner happy.

Her relationships and life started to change when she was introduced to mindfulness. Now, she lives a passion-filled life (that’s full of some great sex) and wants to teach you how you can too!

Andrea is SO fun to listen to and SUPER funny. She had me constantly laughing during this episode. Her honest, upfront style on what goes on in HER mind will instantly make you feel like she’s reading YOUR mind too!

You don’t wanna miss this episode!

(Please be aware that there’s adult language and content in this episode.)

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