LL: S2, Ep 31: Is Coaching Right For You (& Are You Ready)?

Coaching isn’t for everyone. Learn quickly and easily if you have the qualities and are in a stage of life where coaching can help you.

will life coaching work for me

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Five years ago, I was in a phase of life where I was trying to figure out why I felt like I was in a funk. I wasn’t depressed per say, but I was feeling less and less of the person I wanted to be, and I was creating less and less of what I wanted out of life.

I felt like I had experienced glimpses of who I wanted to be, but the glimpses weren’t enough for me.

I wanted more.

I wanted my whole life to feel like those I saw who went after their dreams and had success. I wanted to be the select few who glowed with joy and peace and said things like, “I dreamed of this moment since I was a child…” or “Go after your dreams! Don’t give up! You can do it. I’m living proof of that. ”

I wanted to exuberate a deep fulfillment and knowing that I accomplished what I was meant to accomplish during this short but, potentially impactful life of mine.

Now five years ago, while I felt this calling on the inside, on the outside, to my Facebook friends and even my family, it looked like I had my life together. I had some killer jobs in my 20s, and I even owned a business that brought me immense joy. I had a daughter who was beautiful (if I do say so myself) and healthy. I had a handsome partner who was starting to do well professionally and financially, and we had just purchased our first home.

From the outside, it looked as if my days were filled with planning play dates, throwing extravagant birthday parties for loved ones, and decorating our newly purchased home.

Truth be told, my days WERE filled with those things.

If you looked closely though, you would notice something was missing.

My eyes didn’t glow with joy, peace, and fulfillment like those I admired who achieved their dreams. There were missing lines on my face that made my smile genuine and authentic. You would notice the waiver in my voice when I said that everything was “good.”

I was TOTALLY faking my happiness.

The worst part was that on the outside my life was pretty fab! I would ask myself daily, “Why am I not happy?!” It made me feel like crap that I couldn’t feel as good as my life looked.

So, I told myself enough was enough and decided to start seeing a therapist weekly to figure out what the heck was wrong with me.

And, this my friend, is where things began to get even worse.

I made the wrong choice for my growth, and it set me back almost TWO YEARS and almost $$$ EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS $$$ in the development toward living life at my highest potential and creating a life I loved.

I know I’m not alone here.

MANY of clients have the same experience. They think there’s something “wrong” with them for wanting to improve their life or themselves, so they turn to therapy to “fix” them.

Now there’s NOTHING wrong with therapy; it’s just not the right fit for someone who has a pretty good life and wants to make it better.

How do you know though that your life is considered “good” and that you don’t need to be “fixed,” you just need to “improve”?

Today, I’m answering that question. I’m dishing the raw, no bs truth if you possess the qualities for coaching.

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