LL: S2, Ep 34: 5 Fears You Have To Face To Create A Life YOU Love

Fear is the #1 barrier that stops people from creating a life THEY love. Learn about 5 fears that may be stopping you from living the life of your dreams!

5 fears you must face to create a life you love

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You know those moments when you ask someone for honest feedback, and while you can’t wait to hear their response, you cringe instead hoping that they’ll be nice to you in the process?

Gosh, while those frank conversations are SO meaningful in the long-run, they can be uncomfortable to have at the moment.

That same uncomfortable feeling is what it feels like when we talk about fears.

Fears are things we want to overcome, but we don’t want to hear the possibly hard conversation of talking about our fears in the process.

While talking about fear is something your mind probably avoids at all cost, (darn you, human DNA and hating fear!) it’s important that we have these conversations.

Fear sabotages us from getting what we want out of life and feeling the way we want to feel – and I know a Life Luver™ like you does NOT have the time or energy to waste years, months or even minutes of your life feeling stuck from fear.

So, today on the show, I’m addressing 5 fears head on that may be keeping you from creating a life you love.  These are fears you MUST face to take the steps needed to get all and MORE that you want out of life.

Join me for today’s impactful episode as I talk you through how to overcome some of the biggest fears that are keeping you stuck.

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