LL: S2, Episode 36: Is This The End Of Life Luvers Radio?

Find out where the show is heading next as season 2 wraps up

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You may have noticed I’ve been quiet lately on social media, producing weekly podcasts on Life Luvers Radio and writing you weekly emails for about 8 weeks now.  The reason why is because I’M PREGNANT!  

As you can see from my hubby’s, daughter’s and my face on Halloween, we are so excited to be blessed with this bundle of joy. However, the past 8 weeks or so have kicked my booty big time.

Nausea and exhaustion hit me like a train in about mid-August and are just slowly starting to leave as I’m entering the 2nd trimester now.  Most days, I’ve had very little strength or mind power to do anything other than lie in bed and stare at the wall!  (Yes, it’s been that bad.)

Now that I’m feeling slightly better though I wanted to get a Life Luvers Radio episode in your hands and talk about what this pregnancy means for the future of the show and how this change will impact the business (especially if you’re a current or former client of mine).

Listen to this week’s episode above and then leave me a comment on below telling me what you think about this change.

Also tell me what’s going on with YOU right now (feel free to email me too at: [email protected]).  I’d so love to hear from YOU and tell you exactly why on the episode.  So, go listen, friend!

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