Interviews & Speaking

I adore connecting with others who share my passion for helping women create their dream lives!

I ADORE PARTICIPATING IN interviews, speaking events, profiles & expert commentary.  

My Favorite Topics To Speak About/Discuss Include:

  • All Things Mindset – Seriously! I LOVE talking about all things mindset related when it comes to women.  I adore talking about neuroscience-based research in an entertaining way, specifically about why we act the way we do.  I have no problem sharing the proven strategies (that I use with my own clients) on how to get ALL that we want from life!
  • The Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment – My passion comes out strong when I talk about strengths.  I just can’t help it!  I am in LOVE with the StrengthsFinder assessment.  I’m a big believer that this assessment can help people start to fall in love with themselves!  If you have an audience who wants to feel more inspired, motivated, fulfilled and self-aware, this talk may be their jam!  I also do a StrengthsFinder groups session called Strengths Soirees, check out the details here.
  • Rocking Mamahood – Let’s face it.  Motherhood is flippin’ hard!  Being a Mama can bring up the crap inside of you that you never once knew was there.  This can make life feel so draining.  (I know – I’ve been there.)  I’m a big believer that being a Mama is the MOST IMPORTANT and INFLUENTIAL role in the world!!  With that said, I’m SUPER passionate about helping women become the best Mama they can be.
  • Overcoming Heartbreak and/or Divorce – This is one of my most inspirational topics for sure. I hate seeing women who feel stuck due to the pain of a bad break-up.  I’m on a mission to help these women feel free and prosperous again.  I’ll share how I overcome with your audience how I overcome my own heartbreaking divorce to find forgiveness, success, and love.
  • Goal Setting Success – Goal setting seems like it’s a basic (and even mundane!) topic, yet many people feel stuck in life!  Not setting the right goals and/or not setting their goals for success is a BIG problem that many people face.  They don’t know why they aren’t getting what they want from life.  They think that there may be something wrong with them!  It’s SO not true.  I’ll help your audience overcome feeling stuck so they can set (and achieve) goals with success.

wanna see me in action?

Here’s A Sample Of Some Of My Past Interviews, Articles & Speaking Events:

  • Eleanora Magazine – In this interview as one of 2019’s Top Texas Women To Watch I share the defining moment that led me to become a coach and how I help my clients.
  • VoyageDallas In this feature I share my story as to why I built my business and what struggles I face to keep my business successful.
  • Legendary Leaders Podcast – In this interview, I share how I’ve turned my lemons of life into my lemonade to rebuild my life into what it is today.
  • Concierge Coaches Show – In this live interview featured on LA Talk Radio, I speak about the power of the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and how it can create big changes in your life.
  • Global Tribe Podcast –  In this interview, I teach how to own and identify your strengths.
  • Cafe With Monica Podcast – In this interview, I describe my journey to becoming an “unstoppable woman” and include details of how I handle hard times today
  • Here To Thrive Podcast –  In this interview, I teach how to find and overcome the mental blocks keeping you from success.
  • The Wealthy Speaker Podcast – In this interview, I teach how to understand and overcome your mindset blocks.
  • UPBEAT with Parker Kane – In this interview, I give an overview of how I changed my life from being a broke, single mama to the success I have today.
  • The Soul Amplified Podcast – In this interview, I talk specifically about how to heal after being with a narcissist. 
  • The Divorce Guy Podcast – In this interview, I talk about how to become unstoppable after divorce.
  • One Minute Please – In this interview, I talk about how I overcame adversity and achieved success. (My interview is episode 1.)
  • The For Real Life Podcast – In this interview, I teach how to focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses.
  • She Breaks Thru – In this interview, I detail what it’s like to become an overcomer through the hardships I’ve experienced in my life.
  • 5 Minute Success Podcast – In this interview, I share my secrets to becoming an unstoppable woman.
  • The Dots Podcast – In this interview, I share how I become an unstoppable woman. 
  • #MyBodyIsEnough Project- In this written piece, I share how I fell in love with my body and how you can too.
  • Devin Alexis Jones Coaching – In this written piece, I share 5 steps to setting goals you’ll actually stick to.
  • Hopes & Fears – In this feature, I discuss if self-deprecating behavior is helpful or harmful socially.
  • Become An Unstoppable Woman Podcast – This is my podcast and it’s the BEST place to get a sense of how I speak and what topics I rock on stage or behind the mic.

Still Interested?  

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Keep reading for more details on interviews & events I LOVE doing.  

What I Usually Say Yes To:

  • Talking/speaking about any of the topics above to an audience of go-getter women who value self-development work.
  • Speaking events where travel + speaking time is paid OR I’m allowed to pitch at the end.  (Heads up: I’m in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.)
  • Authentic, motivated hosts who are change-makers and want to help others live their best lives.
  • A win-win fit on branding. (Aka: I love your brand and you love mine!)

What I Usually Decline:  (That means if it’s on this list, I’ll say no.)

  • Take any of the above and flip it (like an audience who aren’t mostly go-getter women, no paid travel or paid speaking for a live event and inauthentic hosts).
  • Anything NOT related to helping women improve their lives.
  • Group tele-summits.
  • Written interviews.  (Unless they’re Q&A style.)
  • Anything that requires an email and/or social media post to my subscribers.

What’s Hit Or Miss:  (That means pitch it to me and we’ll see if it’s a good fit!)

  • Sharing my expertise within a paid program.
  • Sharing my expertise on anything that requires an opt-in.
  • Talking about the behind the scenes of my biz (aka: “biz talk”).
  • Talking about my religious beliefs as a stand-alone talk (like supporting one specific religious faith) and/or the woo-woo stuff (like tarot, crystals, past lives, etc).

Scheduling:  I’m located in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area (which is CST time zone).   If we decide at it’s a good fit, we’ll be on touch on scheduling!


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Thank you again for your interest in interviewing me or having me speak at your event!  It’s a pleasure that you’ve considered me.  I know how much I adore my community of women and your interest in sharing me with yours is something I feel so grateful for.  Thank you!