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unsure if coaching is right for you?

I totally understand!  I was once in your shoes too wondering what the heck this coaching thing was all about, if I really needed coaching and hoping that I found someone who could really help me create my dream life.  I didn’t want to waste my money and time!

This is why I’ve created a wide variety of FREE trainings!  I hope to “see” you within a training soon.  I can’t wait to work with you!


You want to become the best version of yourself. You think about it, dream about it and want it SO bad! But…you don’t know how to get there. You’re realizing that you may need some help.

Can I share with you a little secret? I know how to get you there!  I can help you create the life you’re imagining for yourself.

Join me for my FREE 5 Day Challenge, “Breaking Barriers,” where I’ll be showing you how to break-through the barrier you’re facing right now so you can start creating your dream life.

This challenge is a week-long celebration with women (within a private Facebook community) who are ready to change their lives!  I’ll be in the group too answering your Qs, giving you feedback and cheering you on.

This is my most popular training for a reason – it flippin’ works and it’s fun!


If you’re a go-getter 20 or 30-something woman who’s ready for an up-level in your life? Maybe you’re tired of life feeling mediocre and you’re ready to start living at your highest potential.

You want to create the life YOU imagine for yourself, but you’re feeling stuck on how to get there.  If this sounds like you, I can help!  I help motivated women like you create the life THEY imagine for themselves.

If you’re curious if coaching with me is right for you, take my FREE, short quiz below.  In just a few minutes you’ll learn if we’re a good fit plus I’ll give you FREE individualized training based on your results.