Leadership Coaching: Is It Right For You?

The phrase ‘leadership coach’ may be a term you have heard thrown around by your friends or coworkers.  To really get a good grasp on what leadership coaching is, and if it is right for you, ask yourself: Am I a leader or do I want to be a leader?  Even if you are not […]

Leadership Coaching: Is It Right For You?

Aug 3, 2021 | COACHING INFO | 0 comments

The phrase ‘leadership coach’ may be a term you have heard thrown around by your friends or coworkers.  To really get a good grasp on what leadership coaching is, and if it is right for you, ask yourself: Am I a leader or do I want to be a leader?  Even if you are not in an executive position at work, or you don’t own your own company, you may be or want to be in a leadership role.  A leadership coach may be able to help by showing you how to live and lead authentically and impactfully.


Though somewhat similar, both leadership and life coaching are different, primarily in the focus of the coaching and the measurement of success.  Both will work with you to help you reach a goal or objective.  Both will work with you in overcoming what is holding you back.  And both will establish a relationship based on mutual trust, to help you meet your specific goals.  

Life coaching is built at the personal level.  It focuses on positivity, relationship building, personal growth and balance.  Life coaching normally has an internal outcome and can be hard to measure.  People who are successful with life coaching may say they are happier, more fulfilled, more confident.  

Leadership coaching helps build your leadership role, either professionally or personally, and may or may not have a measurable external outcome:  you successfully start a business, you get that promotion, you take an active leadership role in your family.  


The women who will benefit from leadership coaching are not limited to an age group, a position in a company, their marital status, or any other criteria.  They are women who want to become better and stronger leaders and just need a little guidance to hone the skills they already possess.   They are women who:

  • Have had a measure of success, but want to have MORE. They want to move up the corporate ladder or successfully guide their family to a better lifestyle.  They may want to start their own business, or change their career path entirely.
  • Have already broken barriers, but want to expand ever further, and elevate themselves to their full potential.  They believe the sky is the limit.
  • Have a good life, but want a great life.  They want to find deep fulfillment in all areas of their life that matter most to them. 
  • Want to leave a legacy of impact and change on an already amazing career.
  • Want to feel a deep, connection with personal relationships.  They want to be around people who excite them and fulfill them.
  • Want to feel peace and ease when meeting goals and checking off those accomplishment boxes.
  • Want to be healthy and live life to the fullest.  They don’t want to just look or feel good for their age, but look or feel good for any age.


  1. Leadership coaching can help you decide, once and for all, what you truly want.    Not the goals that your boss, your spouse, your parents, or society wants for you.  But what YOU desire most. 
  2. Leadership coaching can help you move forward with quick, intentional decision-making.  You won’t be second-guessing your choices or worrying about what you said or did.
  3. Investing in leadership coaching will help you to overcome those tough, hard experiences with ease.  You will learn how to turn loose that regret and suffering and move forward effectively.
  4. You will be able to live life in constant transformation.  The good is going to get even better.  The better will be superb.  You will feel like you’re living the life you’ve always wanted for yourself while feeling great (most of the time) in the process.
  5. Leadership coaching can even help you take control of your health and well-being.  You will be able to control all of those out-of-control circumstances that in the past have had a negative impact on your health.


With leadership coaching, you can not only expect to see results quickly but continue to see them manifest over time.  It can help take your leadership role to the next level while building confidence and skills on a personal level as well.  The coaching is individually tailored to you specifically to help you tackle the issues you are having, as well as build on your strengths.  It helps you learn to apply the skills you already possess to the areas that may need attention.  It will improve your interpersonal and communication skills, so you can shine like the leader you know you are.  

Some of our satisfied clients say:

“When I started coaching with Lindsay, I had an idea of who I wanted to be, but I could never get there.  My relationships were failing, and I didn’t know why.  Not anymore!  Now, I am closer than EVER to being the person I want to be.  I’m pursuing a business of my own now, and it’s coming together faster and easier than I ever expected!”

“She’s taught me, coached me, led me to find the lies, let go of them, and to find the real authentic truth which was within me all the time but was so very blocked.  Despite doing lots of personal development work over the years, I’m so grateful I took the leap to work with Lindsay.  After a rough few months of feeling either depressed, ashamed, fearful or numb most of the time, I’m myself again, and it feels so good.”

“Lindsay helped me create the business of my dreams that I knew I wanted to create but just couldn’t make happen. I spent $20k+ on other coaches but nothing clicked like working with Lindsay. Best of all, the business I have is authentic to ME and that’s because Lindsay guided me to my truth to ensure the decisions I was making were intentional and authentic, not some cookie-cutter system.”


It’s pretty obvious that leadership coaching can take your life to the next level, right?  If you want to be the best you can be, and get your leadership skills honed, your career path defined, and your relationships in order, it could be right for you.  Take on new roles, improve the ones you have, and take your decision-making up a notch.  So what are you waiting for?  Apply for leadership coaching today!

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