Living the dream

Invite-Only Mastermind


Ready to make even MORE of your goals and dreams a reality?

I see you out there. You successfully completed coaching with me in my Awakened Woman program. You showed the f*ck up for yourself in that process and it shows.

Your life feels more fulfilling than ever before and while you could stop there, you’re ready to keep growing.

You want MORE.

You’re ready to make even MORE of your goals and dreams a reality (hello YOU version 3.0 and beyond!)
You crave having a community of like-minded “awakened” women who you can mastermind with when you need support (and can be your future besties)
You long for space to be seen, held and supported when sh*t hits the fan (because let’s face it friends, partners, our community and family are great but they can’t give the depth a coach and community of other awakened women can)

You deeply desire being celebrated for your biggest wins and to brag on yourself openly without fear of being seen as “too much” or being “into yourself” (…and you know having a space to do this in will allow your growth to happen even faster while having even more fun in your life)


You want to continue to grow your feelings of peace, love, connection, neutrality, empowerment, gratitude, and joy to live even MORE in your Authentic Self (and you’re ready to do the work of what is stopping you from being there now)

You want your mental, emotional, physical health and beyond to continue to be a top priority. (You don’t want to age in the stereotypical way, you want to be an example of what’s possible…and know you need support to get there).

You see your next level of success on the horizon and you’re ready to make it happen.

You may question though if you can make this success happen on your own. I’m here to tell you…you absolutely can. You don’t need me to make your goals and dreams happen. I’ve taught you the tools, you could go fly on your own or with another coach. 

You know deep down though what we create together is magic.

You don’t want to go anywhere else. You want to stay right here and grow even more together. You could risk doing it on your own or with another coach, but why?

Your life is too damn important to take that risk.

You settled long enough before you started coaching with me and you sure as hell do NOT want to go back to that life.



Am I right?

Why I created this program

Living the Dream was birthed during the COVID pandemic of 2020. The truth is though, I knew this program needed to be added years ago.


When I developed my Unstoppable Woman and Authentically Awesome programs in the summer of 2015, Living the Dream was developed too.


I already had enough on my plate creating, launching and supporting clients in the other programs so my Living the Dream plan stayed in a manilla folder within my home office for years collecting dust.


It wasn’t until 2020 after having a season of major growth as a business owner and coach did I brush off the dust of that folder and realized the time was NOW to make this program a reality.


For the beta group in 20/21, 15 women joined the program and we spent the next year coaching weekly, reviewing the Unstoppable Woman and Authentically Awesome updated processes (as many hadn’t done the work in years) and I taught them a few new advanced trainings around money and relationships.

There were some bumps along the way as I tweaked the process to make it even better including letting some women go who weren’t the right fit. For those that made it to the end, I threw them a party in Texas that included custom videos showcasing their growth, a dinner party and of course, getting to meet each other in person for the first time.

 When I look back on that first year, I’d summarize it as a great first start. For the next group in Living the Dream in 21/22, I knew EXACTLY who was the right fit for this group, I knew EXACTLY what to do to get them to the next level and I added in even more support for them to grow.

 The results have been INCREDIBLE and honestly some of the best work of my life.


The women are deeply connected to one another, new goals became a reality many times faster than expected and they learned new more advanced skills and tools so they can live an even MORE fulfilling life. 


For the 22/23 group, I envision it will be even MORE amazing than what we had this past year (which is hard to top). There will be more focused coaching/training on commonalities within the group (like for my entrepreneurs and managers), we’re going to have even MORE fun to soak up the goodness of life, the doors will be open even wider for authenticity to shine, the energy will be even more in the divine feminine and masculine energies, we’ll start to look at having more fulfilling sex lives and romantic relationships, we’ll tap into even deeper layers to heal, and we’ll learn even MORE about ourselves with a new “puzzle of me” piece: Human Design. The 23/24 group will open in August 2023, to be considered to join, you must complete my Awakened Woman program first.  

When you’re living the dream you’re:

OWNING your power and truth even more because you know yourself on a deep level
CREATING and LIVING in your ideal work/life blend
Continuing to feel better than ever because you finally know how to process your emotions FULLY

Tapping into and TRUSTING your intuition on a whole new level so you can make decisions with flow, ease and speed
No longer tolerating the next layer of crap that’s not yours to put up with
Living in CALM, BALANCE and PEACE even more than you are today
Scaling your success to levels BEYOND what you can even dream of today because what you’re dreaming of today you’ve already accomplished

Having even more deep and impactful relationships that are full of authenticity and IMMENSE value
Living in your BEST mental, physical and emotional health because you have the support to get through anything

Sound amazing?

It is.

These are just some of the messages I receive daily from those inside the program who are making their dreams happen….


The Living the dream 22/23 Mastermind

The 12-month container that allows you to continue to go after your goals and dreams while being deeply loved, supported and celebrated in the process.

Success Story



“Living the Dream gave me support and community beyond what I could have imagined”

“Having just finished 1-on-1 coaching with Lindsay Elizabeth, I entered Living The Dream with more openness and nervous system regulation than I had felt in years, if ever. And still, I was apprehensive about entering a space with so many high-achieving women. 

Thanks to Lindsay’s careful curation of this group and the dynamic between all of its members – no matter how different they may seem on the surface – I found a space where my authentic self could shine. The goodness, realness, and unconditional willingness of the Living The Dream members to hold space for one another – and to unapologetically allow space and support to be held for them – has changed me. I now have the gifts of trust and of a sisterhood that emanates love and support in the moments when I need it most, and in the moments when I truly am living my dream.

And all of this has been in a year when I achieved the best work, life, and financial balance I’ve ever had, while honing my zone of genius, expanding my client list, and being nominated for a second regional Emmy!”

Carissa, Age 40, Wife, Mom of 2 and Emmy award winning producer

The Living the Dream Mastermind is broken down into two core elements beyond the community experience 






In Unstoppable Woman and Authentically Awesome, the content was a large part of the coaching process while coaching supplemented that process. In Living the Dream, the on-going coaching you receive in this container is the heart of the program.

Three times a month we have a 60-minute group coaching call where EVERYONE on the call will receive a 10-minute hot seat. We will have pods of 5-6 people on each call to ensure everyone has time for their hot seat. You will select the day/time that works best for you to determine your pod and you’ll be placed in a pod based on commonality (ie: entrepreneurs, managers, etc).

On the calls that aren’t your pod, you’re welcome to join in live to witness, to listen to the recordings in our private podcast, or to watch the videos within our private Living the Dream membership site.

Between calls you have access to our private group Voxer to get coaching and support for anything that comes up (celebrations, witnessing, coaching). 

Get a quick behind-the-scenes look of the LTD course site here!



Although you learned A LOT from me in Unstoppable Woman and Authentically Awesome, there’s even more inside Living the Dream.

Inside this program you have advanced training recordings on:

  • Money (how to save more, invest better, creating a strong money mindset)
  • Relationships (how to have healthy relationships for YOU and how to make them easier and more fun)
  • Cycle tracking (so you can spot when you work best and quit burning yourself out – this includes even if you’re postmenopausal)
  • The Kolbe Assessment with Kolbe expert, Eryn Morgan (this is a new puzzle piece to add to your puzzle – it teaches you how to make decisions and goodness it’s powerful to know this about yourself)
  • Finding your Zone of Genius (remember that concept from The Big Leap book, now we dig even deeper into it so you can find YOURS)
  • And five Diversity, Equity and Inclusion trainings from Alyssa Hall, anti-racism coach to help you unpack how society has impacted your views and behavior based on your gender, race, looks, success and view of professionalism (Warning: these trainings will blow your mind)


Plus for the 22/23 group, you’ll have new LIVE masterclass trainings almost every month from one of these experts:

Life Coaching Testimonial

Madalyn Scipione

Rapid Transformational Therapist & High Performance Coach

Rapid Transformational Therapy® is a hybrid therapy that offers unparalleled results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Using RTT we have the ability to access the subconscious mind allowing us to uncover, reprogram and upgrade limiting beliefs and find the root cause of any mental or physical issue, pattern or behavior providing complete freedom and healing. The direct access to the subconscious, along with other modalities used in RTT allows us to effectively, swiftly, and permanently create the change you seek.  

In LTD next year she’ll be leading you in an RTT session at the beginning of the LTD year to spot what your next level of blocks are keeping you from your goals AND she’ll lead another RTT session in the spring to help you create the next level of your AS. RTT is a form of hypnosis and it’s powerful. From the sessions I’ve had with Madalyn, it’s how I saw my vision of my future self as a brunette “Elizabeth” and how I was able to see how I’ve been performing since I was an infant so I could finally let that go. I can’t wait for you to experience these sessions with her!!!

Life Coaching Testimonial

Dr. Alexandra Stockwell

Marriage & Intimacy Coach

Known as “The Intimacy Doctor,” Alexandra Stockwell, MD is an Intimate Marriage Expert who specializes in coaching couples to build beautiful, long-lasting, passionate relationships. She is the bestselling author of Uncompromising Intimacy and host of “The Intimate Marriage” Podcast.

For over 20 years she has shown men and women how to bring pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life– from the daily grind of running a household to intimate communication and ecstatic experiences in the bedroom. 

In LTD next year Dr. Alexandra will be teaching you two masterclasses. The first will be on relationships, including her signature concept of “Uncompromising Intimacy” (listen to the podcast we did weeks ago to learn more) and the second will be on embodying more of your AS in your sex life. You’ll get a copy of her “Uncompromising Intimacy” book included too. Get ready for your romantic relationship(s) and sex life to go to the next level!

Life Coaching Testimonial

Nicole Laino

Human Design Coach

Have you ever wished that your life came with a user manual? 

Something that could tell you what your purpose on this earth was, how to lean into your gifts, stop leaking energy into the “shoulds” and expectations of others, and live a fuller, happier life?

THIS is exactly what Human Design can teach you.  It’s an energetic map of who you were designed to be.  Because when you know who you are, you also know who you are NOT meant to be.  This gives you power beyond measure and creates certainty and expansion in all areas of your life.

In LTD next year Nicole will be teaching you all about YOUR Human Design! Human Design is like your birth chart but it’s more focused on practical action steps to take for decision making (including how you manifest the best!). It also shows you your “life path” to help you see what your highest purpose of life is. It sounds woo and it kind of is AND it’s crazy powerful. Learning just a little bit about my Human Design from Nicole has opened up so much flow in my life and trust in the process. I can’t wait for you to learn from her!

By the end of Living the Dream in August 2023, you’ll be living even more in your Authentic Self by doing things like:

DECIDING at any moment what it is you TRULY want (because your self-awareness and intuition will be next level from the growth you have over the year) 
ACTING on your desires and choices with quick, intentional decisions so you can stay in MASSIVE forward-moving, peaceful action (helloooo more goals and dreams DONE) 
OVERCOMING any current or future hard experience with EASE (instead of losing momentum and wallowing in suffering for far too long because of hard circumstances that come your way that you can’t control)
LIVING life in a CONSTANT state of transformation (if you think your life now is awesome, you’re going to flipping LOVE your life even more after these 12 months)

TAKING CONTROL of your health emotionally and otherwise even when hard things happen (because you’re receiving immense support from this container)

SHOWING UP as your best self EVERY day, living life at your highest potential (because you know even more with certainty who your best self is, what her purpose is in this world and exactly how to live as her)

And so much more!

Life Coaching Testimonial


“Living the Dream took my 1-on-1 coaching to the next level”

“When I entered Living the Dream I just completed 1-on-1 coaching. My results were great, but I was in a very hard season of my life. The support and coaching I got within Living the Dream helped me heal even more of the blocks that were holding me back and from that work, I became a woman on FIRE. Within weeks, I got the exact job I desired getting paid what I’m worth while working from home, I moved into my dream house with my dream partner, I’m speaking my truth and I’m receiving more help than ever before. I love my results but I love the women inside this container just as much. This year has been amazing!”

– CHELSEA , Age 37, Mom of 3, Director of Research Development

Coaching Choices

This container has been transformational for person after person. If you’re seeing this page right now, it’s because you’re on my very short list of belief that it’ll be transformational for you too…and I have a hunch you feel that way too (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this).

So let’s talk the two levels of support so you can decide which of the two is right for you.


For those who like to end their year with a 3-day long celebratory retreat

It includes:

  • 3 group calls a month in your selected pod (that will be determined based on availability and commonality) with a guaranteed 10-minute hot seat each time ($20,000 value)
  • Unlimited group Voxer support with voice and text messages between our calls to get on-the-go coaching for when things come up in life (and they will). ($10,000 value)
  • Access to the Living the Dream advanced training recordings that cover money, relationships, cycle tracking, the Kolbe assessment, finding your zone of genius and DEI trainings ($10,000 value)
  • 8 NEW live advanced trainings/experiences with our 3 guest experts on Human Design with Nicole Laino, uncovering what’s holding you back most and what needs to happen to live in your desires more via RTT sessions with Madalyn Scipione and on relationships and sex with Dr. Alexandra Stockwell. ($8,000 value)
  • A ticket to the Living the Dream 3-day live event in Miami, Florida in April 2023 where you’ll be celebrated and pampered so you can soak in all you accomplished for the year! All costs are covered for the long weekend outside of your travel to/from the event. ($10,000 value) See all the yummy details here!
  • VIP BONUS: A 90-minute 1-on-1 call with Human Design expert, Nicole Laino to learn the ins and outs of your chart (A $1,000 value)



12 payments of $750


For those who don’t desire to have an ending retreat

It includes:

  • 3 group calls a month in your selected pod (entrepreneur, daytime or nighttime) with a guaranteed 10-minute hot seat each time ($20,000 value)
  • Unlimited group Voxer support with voice and text messages between our calls to get on-the-go coaching for when things come up in life (and they will). ($10,000 value)
  • Access to the Living the Dream advanced training recordings that cover money, relationships, cycle tracking, the Kolbe assessment, finding your zone of genius and DEI trainings ($10,000 value)
  • 8 NEW live advanced trainings/experiences with our 3 guest experts on Human Design with Nicole Laino, uncovering what’s holding you back most and what needs to happen to live in your desires more via RTT sessions with Madalyn Scipione and on relationships and sex with Dr. Alexandra Stockwell. ($8,000 value)



12 payments of $500

These different levels are available to offer a wide array of support at a variety of price points. Regardless of what level you’d choose, you’ll have a wonderful Living the Dream experience!


I believe so strongly that you’ll love your Living the Dream experience that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee in the first 30 days (minus the cost of services used).

Keep in mind I keep the invite list to this mastermind small for a reason. The only reason you’re seeing the info to join this container is because I believe you’ll love it and be massively successful in the program. However, if you don’t feel it’s a good fit, you’ll have 30 days to change your mind.

Success Story

Life Coaching Testimonial


“This program is a gift to women.”

“What a beautiful year with you beautiful humans. Thank you Lindsay Elizabeth for creating this space for us to thrive by being unconditionally supported and celebrating each other. I feel so inspired and calm yet I accomplished so much this year. I had my beautiful baby boy, I am for the first time in my life DEBT FREE, I asked for what I wanted at work and GOT IT and I processed new layers of crap that needed to go. I am truly living the dream.”

- Kristin, Age 41, Mama of 1, Teacher Coach

You need to


Coaching with me in Living the Dream is NOT for everyone.

I’d prefer you figure out NOW if coaching with me is NOT for you so you don’t waste your time. So, let’s cut to the chase…

Coaching with me in Living the Dream IS for women who are: 

Coaching with me in Living the Dream is NOT for women who are:

“TODAY is the only day we’re given to make our dreams happen, tomorrow isn’t ever guaranteed, so why wait?”

Why make yourself, your family or the world wait for ALL you have to give?


You can fit in the time to make this happen (if you really want it) and as we coach together, we can work on making back your money investment (and more).

If you could make your goals and dreams happen on your own, you likely would have accomplished them already.

You’re reading this information for a reason. It’s a sign. Don’t take that sign for granted.


Take action instead

Have Questions?

How much time per week is this commitment?

You’ll have one 60-minute call per week for 3 weeks each month with your pod of 5-6 women. You’ll have one 60 – 90 minute masterclass a month with an expert that you can attend live or watch the replay. 

Of course, it’s asked you use your coaching tools on a near daily basis (wins, gratitude, brags, journaling, do you time, mantras, etc) but how often you use those is on you.

What are the LTD calls like?

We’ll start every call with a dance party (you read that right) unless there’s an energy NOT to start that way. By starting with a dance party we get into our bodies and pleasure before each woman in your pod reads off her weekly “good stuff” (brags, gratitude and wins) while they’re cheered on in the Zoom chat and gets coached for their 10-minute hot seat. The first call of every month we’ll coach on current goal progress. 

What’s expected of me as a member of LTD?

To show up to your 3 times a month calls as much as possible ready to read your good stuff, cheer on other members and get coached. It’s asked you use your coaching tools on a near daily basis, you prioritize your health (getting good sleep, eating well, moving your body) and you apply the coaching that’s given to you. It’s also asked that if/when things come up between sessions you use our group Voxer chat to get coached on it. Any additional support you give in our group Voxer to other members sharing celebrations, coaching requests and witnessing requests is extra. 

I’m worried I won’t show up and give this my all. What happens if I do that?

Then we’ll coach on why you aren’t showing up and giving it your all. There likely WILL be times when you don’t give 100%, that’s expected in the process and doesn’t mean something has gone wrong. It will simply be an opportunity for us to see what’s stopping you from giving it your all so you can figure it out for now and in the future.

I also know that accountability is huge for some people and you may be that person who needs something external to show up. I’ll know that early on in the game and I’ll give you that accountability so you WILL show up and I’ll teach you how to give that accountability to yourself in the future.

What can I expect to gain as a member of LTD?

You can expect to gain a whole new level of success and an Authentic Self way of being. Even if next year is an integration year for you, you’ll still experience massive growth you didn’t think was possible. 

You can also expect to gain a few…or a lot of new friendships among the members as they are there to support and witness you in ways very few circles of women achieve. 

What if I get into the group and don’t like it?

I don’t see that happening as you’re seeing this sign up page for a reason, but just in case I’m wrong and you don’t like the group, you can leave within the first 30 days. (Keep in mind though the first 90 days will be the hardest…even for old members as we start working through new goals). Come in expecting to give this container a year as we can coach on anytime the program is feeling off to you (like it’s bringing up new levels of healing). 

How different is LTD from 1-on-1 coaching with you?

1-on-1 coaching is focused primarily on the Unstoppable and Authentically Awesome coaching processes with me supporting you in those processes. LTD is focused on those tools you learned and continuing to apply them in your daily life to up-level even more. LTD requires a whole new level of growth, the biggest being regulating your nervous system to others witnessing you in your fullest Authentic Self. 

What will I miss if I don’t do the year-end live event in person?

You’ll miss a chill but epic 3-day celebration to honor your success for the year and space to plan for the next year. It’s a life-changing experience, but also honoring the limits of your nervous system with your budget is powerful too so if it’s not in your budget for this year, don’t let it stop you from joining this group. If you don’t attend in person, you’ll be Zoom’d in for 2 hours per day of the event to do our coaching focused exercises. 

Can I sign up for the live event later?

You’ll have until 10/31 to decide if you want to join us for the live event. The 12-payment plan $250/month option (September – August) is only available now though. If you decide after LTD closes, your option will be 6 payments of $500 month (November – April). 

Can I pay in payments other than $500 for basic and $750 for VIP?

No. I ask that you stick to the payment structure as it’s the best way for us to support you throughout the year.


What if next year isn’t a growth year for me?

We’re always growing. Even if you aren’t growing on the outside, you’re growing on the inside. We call those years “integration years.” For some they can be even harder than growth years! 

When will the live masterclass calls be held?

It depends on the availability of the teacher and the availability of the group. I’ll have the final schedule in late August/early September.  If you can’t attend live, you can ask your questions before/after the event. You’ll have access to the recording too!

Will we have calls with all the members?

Yes, during the masterclasses. You’re also welcome to attend all the LTD calls that aren’t your pod to listen.

Can I coach with you in other ways besides LTD?

Starting September 1, 2022 I will no longer be doing 1-on-1 sessions on demand for former clients unless you’re in LTD. This is 911 coaching. Coaching is like working out…it requires you consistently showing up to get great results.

 Should you not want to join LTD though,  I will be offering 1-on-1 Voxer only coaching at $250 a month with a 6 month minimum. I’m also offering quarterly VIP weekends where you and I meet at a beautiful location and spend the weekend together working on YOU (planning, healing, celebrating, etc). The first weekend is coming in Fall 2022. Pricing begins at $5k. Email me for more details.

If you still want 1-on-1 coaching, you’re welcome to take one of my remaining 1-on-1 spots for the year. We coach 3 times a month for 60-minutes each time and you have 1-on-1 Voxer access between calls. Price is $1335/month for 9 months. Email me for more details.

 These are your only options to work with me moving forward. 

Can we do a free consult to ensure I’m a good fit for LTD?

I’m not offering free consults for LTD this round as my schedule is too tight. Voxer me or email me and let’s chat about your questions and concerns. 

I’m worried I won’t get enough support in LTD. Can I get more if I need it?

Yes, as an LTD member I WILL do random 1-on-1 sessions for you if you need to dig deeper into something. These sessions are $375 for 60-minutes. 

Keep in mind though that you’re going to get A LOT of support in LTD, so don’t let the lack of 1-on-1 calls scare you. You’re going to be more supported than you think and if I ever feel like you or others aren’t getting enough support in the container, I will adjust to ensure you do. 

Of course, should you ever feel you aren’t getting enough support in LTD, I ask that you let me know too as I want our line of authentic communication to be always open. 


We’ll see you on the inside….