it’s so much fun!

strengths soireÉs™

Give me a few short hours and I’ll teach you (and your friends) your greatest gifts!

ready for INSPIRATION, education & fun?

Then a Strengths Soireé™ can be your jam!  In just a few short hours, you and your crew will walk away with a deep understanding of your top 5 greatest gifts.

Here’s how it works…


Before The Soireé

Before attending, all participants will get a code to take the StrengthsFinder® assessment online.  They’ll gain their results within a few minutes and submit their top 5 strengths to me.

After taking the assessment, all the work is up to me!  You and your guests can sit back, relax and get excited for the fun in store.

After getting everyone’s results, I’ll create customized and oh-so-pretty packets for each person.  These packets include details on their top 5 strengths along with a workbook to use during our soireé (plus some extra fun goodies too!).


The Soireé

We’ll start off the day with drinks and snacks.  (I always love a little mimosa action if we start in the morning or margarita action if we start after lunch.)

Then, you’ll take a seat at your beautifully designed table (I have a thing for pretty tables, what can I say?!).  Each guest will find they have a customized goodie bag waiting in place just for them!

We’ll then get to the super fun stuff of breaking down all of your guests top 5 strengths. I’ll break this down in a simple, fun and easy to implement way.  In just a few short minutes, participants will have a deep understanding of who they are!  (#Priceless.)

Once we’re done with the basics, we’ll focus on an activity where you and you guests will gain extreme clarity on how their strengths work together.  (This activity is a fun one!)

Last (but not least), I’ll teach you and your guests how to use their strengths at their highest potential! They’ll no longer wonder what they want to do in the world or how to be their best self.

In typical soirée style, we’ll end with some fun!  We’ll share drinks and snacks in celebration of the beautiful awareness and authentic connection we shared throughout the day.

Soireé Details

Time: 4 hours

Location: I’ll travel to you (as long as you pay for travel cost).  If you’re within the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there’s no travel charge.  The hostess is responsible for securing and paying for the location of the event.  (If you’re within DFW though, I have a wide array of choices for you!)

Price: Depends on size and location.

What’s Included:  Depending on your size and budget, I have a wide variety of what I can include in a soirée.  There’s even an option where all your guests can have a 1-on-1 session with me!

Ready to Book?  Want More Info?  

Shoot an email to:

Be sure and include your event size, budget, and location!