strengths soireÉs™

The fun & festive way to learn how to maximize your greatest gifts!

ready for INSPIRATION, education & fun?

Then a Strengths Soireé™ may be a great fit for you!  In just a few short hours, you’ll walk away with a deep understanding of your top 5 greatest gifts.

Here’s how it works…

Before The Soireé Before attending your Soireé, you’ll take the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment online and email your results to me.

After that, your work is done!  You can then sit back and countdown until we see each other in person.

Meanwhile, I’ll be busy working behind the scenes putting together a custom packet based on your results.

These packets include details on your top 5 strengths along with a workbook to use during your Soireé (plus some extra fun goodies too!).
The Soireé When you arrive at your Soiree, you’ll be greeted by me and other new (and maybe old) friends.

Then, you’ll grab a drink, grab some snacks and take a seat in front of your beautifully designed custom goodies made just for YOU!

Then…the transformation begins…

In just a few short minutes, you’ll have a deep understanding of how to start living life at your highest potential.

Specifically, you’ll learn…

-How to best set goals that work for YOU based on your natural talents

-What types of relationships work best for you (and which ones to avoid)

-How to design a business around your talents (if you’re a business owner)

-How your strengths could be in overdrive and hindering you from success

-How to fall madly & deeply in love with your strengths so you can lead your life with the confidence you deserve 

After this event, you’ll no longer wonder you how to be your best self, instead, you’ll have the information in the palm of your hands to start LIVING it.

Soireé Details

Time: 2.5 hours – 4 hours 

Location: Varies

Price: Depends on location

Want More Info?  

Send an email to [email protected]

“I loved everything about the Strengths Soiree I attended!  I especially loved hearing Lindsay’s straight and honest interpretation of my strengths (and others).  It was so helpful to understand who I am on a deeper level so that I can actively apply my strengths in my life every day.  I used to feel like my strengths were things that were holding me back, but just DAYS after my Strengths Soiree, I’m already more aware of my strengths to see how they’ve shaped me into who I am and why I’m unique.  I’m so glad I attended this event!” 

-Monica Martinez