FEATURE: The Creative Entrpreneur

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FEATURE: The Creative Entrpreneur

Sep 23, 2022 | CAREER GROWTH, COACHING INFO, Feature, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I’ve known Valerie Rocio for a long time. She’s local to the Dallas area and we’ve followed each other on social media for quite some time. I finally met her in person in the summer of 2021 when she and her team filmed and photographed my Living the Dream Mastermind event. Her presence for the weekend was calming, professional and overall fun with all the positive vibes, and the quality of her work was next level. Several months later she rescued me when I was in a bind and needed some last minute branding photos. So when she recently launched her podcast, I couldn’t wait to come on and chat with her.


Of all the podcasts I’ve been on, Valerie is the only one who has firsthand seen the results of the work I’ve done with my clients. She was in the middle of it all as we recapped their years, they shared their wins and results, the laughter and the tears. So when I say she gets it…I mean she really gets it, and it was fun to rehash some of those memories. On top of that, she’s an incredible entrepreneur and awakened woman in her own right. We have a great business-woman-to-business-woman conversation that covers hustle culture, burnout, the ups and downs of running a business, and so much more. 


Valerie and I chatted a lot about the women in business culture and our experiences in our own businesses. You’ll hear us discuss:

  • A real-life example of one of my clients and how her life changed drastically by coaching with me
  • Exactly what it means to be “awakened”
  • The specific transformations I see amongst my clients, especially in their business lives
  • Mine and Valerie’s own recent experiences with burnout 
  • Questions to ask yourself if you’re stuck in a career that doesn’t fulfill you 

…and so much more.


Valerie is the CEO & Creative Director of Lumos Creative, a full service marketing agency that offers social media and content creation, web design, photography, videography and more. She is a multi-talented social media & marketing specialist and videographer.  


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