Happy birthday to me! In honor of my 38th birthday, I’m sharing 38 life lessons with you in this bonus episode. This is part one.


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Every once in a while I release one of my raw, unfiltered and unedited bonus podcast episodes. These are always extremely personal and offer you a true window into my life and business. 

For whatever reason, you’ve shown me that these types of episodes are your favorite. They get significantly more downloads than my other episodes, so, here I am back for another one. 

This episode is all about my top 38 life lessons!

I’m turning 38 this weekend, which is interesting because I actually feel a lot older than that because my husband is older than me, most of my clients are older than me, and I guess I have somewhat of an old soul. 😉 

So, in honor of my 38th birthday, I am sharing with you these 38 life lessons. 

These lessons come from all aspects of my life, from marriage, to parenthood, to business ownership and everything in between. Some are recent lessons learned and some are lessons I learned at a young age. 

If only one of these life lessons impacts you in some way today, that will make this whole episode worth it for me (and be such a wonderful birthday gift to me!)

Listen to PART 1 of my 38 life lessons at the top of this page.


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