Time for my life update since my ADHD brain scans one year ago. Hear what I’ve learned about myself over the past year.


Oct 26, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It’s time for another bonus episode on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast!

When you see the word “bonus” on my podcast, it means two things:

  1. Unlike my other episodes, this episode is unedited
  2. The content of this episode is extremely personal

Today I want to share some life updates with you since it’s been about a year since I was officially diagnosed officially with ADHD via a brain scan.

If you were listening to the show around that time, you may know that about a year ago was a very tumultuous time for me. I was focused on balancing my hormones, I had some personal stuff going on, and I was entering a big phase of burnout.

On top of all that, I was spending a lot of time on the ADHD brain scans happening in my life, which I HIGHLY recommend (they were life changing). But all in all, I was in a phase of learning about myself and my body, and these lessons culminated in me taking a big break.

So after digging into all these lessons, learning about my ADHD brain scans, what’s happened since? What have I changed in my life? What have I learned about myself? Listen to this bonus episode to find out.


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