Curious what it takes to build a multi 6-figure coaching business? Listen in as I walk you through my journey to building my business, including the mistakes I wish I didn’t make.


“At the end of the day, you need 3 things to grow a coaching business to multiple six-figures. Belief in yourself, belief in your product and belief in your abilities.”

I’ve had a coaching business for seven years now.  I love what I do, but it’s been a journey to get to the place I am today where I make multiple six-figures.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way that, had I avoided, could’ve gotten me to the six-figure mark much sooner.

If you’re someone who is building a coaching business of your own or are curious about what it takes to build a business like mine, you’re going to love this episode.  


  • The top 3 investments to make in your business to give you the best ROI
  • Why the first $100k is the hardest money you’ll make
  • What I love and dislike most about being a coach
  • All the details about my 7-year journey, including how much money I’ve made per year
  • My biggest mistakes that cost me years of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions)

…and so much more

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Full Transcript

How to Start an Online Coaching Business

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 101
Build a Coaching Business.


Welcome to the Become An Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting,
fear-facing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston.
I’m a wife, mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world.
I’ve lived through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better.
We can’t fear the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to
do just that. Join me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient,
and powerful woman you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hi there, my friend, welcome to Episode 101 of the show, we are past 100 and now
looking forward to the next 100. I can’t believe it.

I intentionally wanted to start off these next 100 episodes by talking about my
business. And, kind of, you know, pulling back the curtain and letting you see what it’s
been like the past seven years, as I’ve built my business. If you are someone who is
interested in building your own coaching business or you’re just curious what goes on
in my business, this episode is for you. I am going to walk you through my journey to
building my business, and share all the mistakes I wish I didn’t make, we’re going to
talk about things like what’s going to be the hardest money you’re gonna make, what
are going to be the best investments that you make, and all the things in between

Alright, so before I start and get into it. I want to give a shout out to two people who I
follow heavily who have heavily influenced me particularly since 2019 in my coaching
business and that’s when my business has shifted a ton. And those people are Brooke
Castillo with the Life Coach School, no surprise to any of you who are familiar with life
coaching. She is kind of the big one for a lot of us and then Stacey Boehman, who
Brooke actually has mentored. And both of them combined have allowed me to create
multiple six figures in my business from 2019 on, and now I’m recording this in early
2021, so I highly encourage you to follow both of them. I’m going to be giving them
reference to a lot of things that I share with you today, because it’s been things that
they’ve instilled in me that have worked extremely well for me, I have followed a lot of
people and those are the two that have moved the needle the most for me in regards to
making money in my business. All right.

Okay, so let’s talk about. First off, why coaching is so awesome. Okay, because I’m going
to talk about some things that have been a little bit of a struggle over the years, but I
always went back to why I love coaching, so much. I’ve said often that I would do this
profession even if I wasn’t getting paid. In fact, I feel like the money is just a cherry on
top to me. I love what I do, so much, I feel like I was born to do this. And, yeah, I just I
love everything I get to do in my business for the most part, like I love getting to help
people in a very deep way and transform their lives. There’s never a question that I’m
not making an impact on somebody’s life more so the question is how much impact did
I make today or in this one minute or in this one hour. You are heavily just making a
difference in this world when you are a coach, and I love that. I also feel like I get to
use my strengths, every single day like this is the best of the best of me. So many
people think that I’m extroverted if they just see me in my coaching business. And
that’s because I love what I do so much. I love being able to listen to people. I love
being able to problem solve and getting them into action. Again, I feel like I was born
to do this. And so it energizes me like crazy. Now small talk and all the other things.
Don’t energize me and that’s what doesn’t make me an extrovert, but I do I light up
when I do my coaching business.

And yeah the money again it’s just this cherry on top. Now of course, money is part of
the game of life like we have to have money to buy the things that we want to buy, and
I’ve had to do a lot of work in my mindset to be okay to charge the money that I do. I’ve
realized that money is a way for people to show up and pay attention. When they are
paying a good amount of money for something, they are going to take notes, and they
are going to treat it seriously. And it’s so funny because over the years I haven’t really
changed what I’ve taught that much but I’ve changed my pricing. And the more I
increase my pricing, the more people take what I have to say seriously, and then
implement it in their lives and get even better results. So it’s just part of the game of it.
Too I am at a very fortunate position in my life where I can go out and I can in essence,
be the best me in my career. I know that not everybody has that kind of opportunity.

And so me making money allows me to then give to philanthropies and charities that
support people who don’t have those opportunities so we can move the needle for
everybody in life, because I feel like people who get to do coaching as a client, they’re
at a space where life is pretty good for them and they’re just trying to make it great.
Whereas other people in life, they’re just trying to get food on the table and get clean
water, or get a roof over their head right? You know if you’ve talked about my base
theory episode I talked about this, we’re not all born on the same basis. And I was born
on second looking at third base, I just had a couple things I needed to clean up to get
me to this place to be able to achieve. And now I’m at a place where I’m hitting home
runs often and I’m able to reach this place called self actualization.

And so, again, I love that I get to make money at doing this kind of thing so I can give
back to that. I also just love connecting with people, I genuinely love hearing people’s
stories, so much. I fall in love with people and not in a romantic way of course but I fall
in love with people, as I’m coaching them, and I’m learning about them. And I think
sometimes my clients think oh I’m so boring to her, never. I love learning about people.

And I love getting to help them as I keep saying, and yeah it’s just a beautiful, beautiful
thing to be able to sit back and listen to people and then help them along the way. One
of my coaching buds Kate Snowise, she has a podcast called Here to Thrive that’s really
awesome, but one time we met up for lunch. And she said, “you know, with my clients I
feel like I take a part of their soul and they take a part of my soul as we coach together
and in our journey” and I’m like “yes it’s exactly how it feels is that we just, you know,
just impact each other’s hearts and minds and souls in a way that forever changes us”
and I love being able to connect deeply with people on that level.

So that’s why I love coaching it’s so much. I also love it just for the money possibilities
and the work life blend that I can create. I make my own hours. I’m somebody who
highly values freedom. And so I love being my own boss and so sometimes I do worry
like I’ve become, you know I’m doing this seven years now is like, if I keep doing this
time and time again, which I hope I get to, it’s gonna be hard for me to take orders from
other people (laughs).

Sometimes even with my husband, you know we’re co parenting our son, whereas my
daughter, her dad and I co parent but he lives somewhere else and you know that’s a
different dynamic. So I really just get to do whatever I want with her most of the time.
But with my son and co parenting it’s like, “oh man I actually have to like listen to
somebody” (laughs.) But I do love being my own boss.

I also love that I’m growing all the time in my business. There’s always new things to
learn, if not for a business sake but for my clients sake. If a client is stuck and for
whatever reason we’re just not able to get them moving forward in the way that they
want. You know, it’s up to me to go out there and start to learn, “Okay, what do I need
to do to help this person.” And I love that. I love always having a learning curve. I never
ever get bored, ever, which I love.

Okay, so what do I not love about my business? Well, it’s not that much. At the
beginning, it was very overwhelming, and I’ll talk about more why that was here in a
bit. But now, on, on my sense of where I am with my business I’m not having to do
everything. I have contractors that help me, especially my admin Rachel who I mention
often who is like the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Rachel if you’re listening to
this, you can’t ever leave me. She’s amazing. I also have a podcast editor Erin, and I
have an ads person and a social person and I have a designer from time to time. And so
it’s been nice to take that stuff off my plate and be able to solely focus in what you
know many of us call our “zone of genius,” which is for me, coaching and teaching. So I
love that aspect.

Now at the beginning it was a lot to wear all those hats and even now I still wear hats
from time to time when it’s needed. I also don’t particularly love when a client and I
separate and, you know, granted, 99.9% of the time, that’s in a positive way that we
separate, they just go fly for a bit on their own, or the coaching relationship is just
complete and they’re ready to move on and go do other things, or go learn from other
people. And while that’s such a beautiful thing and it shows that I did my job so well. It
also kind of sucks. You know sometimes there’s a mourning process with that, and you
know in the professional world they’d be like “well Lindsay don’t get attached” but like
I said earlier I fall in love with my clients. I love getting to talk to them every week and
coach them. And it’s sad when I don’t know what’s going on anymore. That’s why a lot
of times I’ll be reaching out to them, even when we’re not in a coaching relationship
anymore. And some of my peers are like “well Lindsay I can’t believe you do that.” I’m
like, because I’m genuinely curious what’s going on.

What are you doing, tell me all the things. And so, yeah, it’s just it’s uncomfortable
sometimes when we separate because I miss them. So, yeah, I mean it’s just it’s just
part of the game right but that’s probably the biggest thing that I don’t like.

The other thing that I’m not crazy about sometimes of coaching is that I have to say
hard things that I know is going to be uncomfortable for the client and it may even
sting a little bit. Now always I’m doing it with love right but sometimes I know okay I’m
gonna say this to this person and knowing some of the thoughts that they have
because I know them so well, they’re going to be triggered by this. And that stinks, and
I don’t like that part of it. It’s uncomfortable for me but that’s also why a client has
hired me. I’m not there to be their best friends. Am I there to cheerlead them and to
root them on? Absolutely. But I’m also there to give them results, and I’m there to show
them the things that are holding them back. And sometimes that’s just uncomfortable.

So it’s part of the game. I’m getting more comfortable with it as I’m growing into this
kind of being, and it’s not the way that I coach the entire process either. The first three
months of coaching there’s a lot of hand holding. There’s a lot of love because we’re
looking at things that are hard, and we’re building that relationship and I’m getting
them to a place of just being able to feel their feelings. So I’m not going to be that
tough on them. Then the next three months of coaching, they’re dreaming big and
they’re planting seeds for their life vision and what they want to be authentically in this
world, and I just let them dream. And granted yes, I will challenge them from time to
time if they get stuck in emotion because I’m like “hey we’ve already been here,
remember this is the process. Here are the things that are holding you back, go use
your tools.” But it’s still very much a, I don’t know how to describe it, but more of just
like it’s not hand holding but just more of like hey, dream big and I’m here to listen to
your stuff and to tell you all the patterns I see of you dreaming big.

But then after that, they are challenged to get into massive action and make decisions
and follow through on all that dreaming that they’ve done. Now granted, they’ve been
taking action the entire coaching process, and I have been you know kicking their booty
a little bit here and there, but after that I really kick their booty, I’m like “hey you know
all the things now you say you’re gonna do all this. Let’s go.” And anytime they’re
getting stuck in that, you know, we come back to coaching of like “hey Lindsay Why am
I not taking massive action? Why am I not making decisions? Why am I not feeling
good?” And that’s when I’m able to show up and be like, “Hey, what about this,? what
about that? What about this? You know you’re playing the victim card,” for example.
That’s not the case anymore or you’re doing this or this is your thought or bla bla bla
bla bla right. And hold them accountable to the tools too. It’s like “hey you said that
you wanted this kind of life and you’re not doing your tools let’s figure out why.” And
digging deeper into that. So it’s a beautiful part of coaching but it’s also uncomfortable
too. So that’s just my two cents on it.

Okay, so then let’s talk about my journey with my coaching business. I have been doing
this for seven years now so my LLC was formed, get this, you don’t choose what date
that your LLC is formed you just apply and then for me the state of Texas just
determines what date. I guess I got to the paperwork, and it was on 4/14/14. So 2014.
4/14/2014. How cool is that? I love number patterns. And so it was just so cool that
that ended up being the date.

Now, I technically started my coaching journey in late 2013. So I signed up to be a
client in September 2013, and I started going through the coaching process and then
by February I knew I wanted to move forward and be a coach. And so I did a coach
training during that time in February. And then from February till September of that
year, I was just taking on free clients and practicing coaching and continually going to
school. We had classes every single week for many months. And just getting constant
feedback from my teachers on how I was coaching and getting better and better and
better. And then by September of 2014, I went to another coach training to learn in
essence, a lot of the coaching tools and process that I still use today. And then from
there after I had that training, I decided, Okay, it’s time for me to start charging money.

I could charge money from the get go. I chose not to but at that point I started charging
money and I did not charge that much. And at the time, I had a day job. And then I was
also a single mom. And so I couldn’t really take on a ton of clients, and I didn’t really
want to take on a ton of clients because I wanted to just go in with a few clients and do
the coaching really well with them, versus having clients everywhere. And so I opted to
just start with three clients, And I was charging $125, a month. So not that much. And
one of my first clients was Femi who was on the show, and I had known her from we
actually met at coach training but one of my first co trainings, and she didn’t know any
of the tools that I was using otherwise. So I knew I really really wanted to coach her
because I knew she was like my ideal client. And so I offered her a discount. And she
only paid $75 for a month so in essence we had three sessions per month. She only
paid $25 a session. And I was totally cool with that I just wanted to cover my basic
expenses like my babysitter for example so I would coach in the evenings after I put my
daughter to bed, but I’d have a high school student come and just sit in the living room
and watch the monitor, while my daughter slept in case she got up which she like never

But I needed that reassurance that I wasn’t going to get interrupted when I coached.
And so again, I really loved that part of my coaching experience, I feel like those
months, I did it really well and I would not go back and change anything about that.
And so then when 2015 hits, I was still finishing up coaching the clients that I had
because I signed them in September. And typically, it was a six to nine month process
at the time and I was, again just coaching them one on one. And so I was wrapping up
with them mostly in the spring early summer of 2015. And then from there I was like,
“Okay, I think I’m going to start a podcast, and I’m going to take what I’ve done one on
one with them, and I’m going to make a group program.” And so I opted to just do a
beta program, it was 21 days it was called the life lovers 21 Day Challenge. And I kind
of had an idea of what I was going to teach. But I just kind of put a Facebook ad out
there. I learned how to do Facebook ads. And I ended up getting 150 women signing up
and it only cost me $150, by the way, which is like unheard of now.
Facebook ads. I mean it would be really hard to get leads that cheap, but I only spent

And from there I was like “okay I’ve got these women, I’m gonna start just giving them
videos every day and see what happens.” And it was magical. What I created in those 21
days, and it was magical to see the results that they got with less feedback and
coaching from me. And also at that time I started my former podcast life lovers radio,
and I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I knew just enough to start a podcast and
I just turned on the mic and started talking about my story. And then I started doing
you know little trainings here and there, and I just got lucky that it ended up the people
who were in the life lovers challenge ended up listening and so it shot my podcast up
to the new and noteworthy list. Which again is so much harder to achieve these days
now it’s really just, you know, “famous people” who get on that list. And it was on the
charts and I just had this quick little boost of momentum to take me to the next step in
my business.

And I thought, “Okay, great. This is awesome.” And as I said you know I didn’t charge
those women for the first 21 day program but then after that I had this group of about
15 women who had just really rocked it and wanted more. And so I said okay well I’m
going to create another group program, and I decided to just charge them $497 each.
Some of them it was $597 based on when they signed up. And I coached them for 90
days in my unstoppable woman program which is the program that I still have today.
Now it’s been updated, but it was that basic program and every week we had group
coaching calls, and they would go and they would listen to the videos and do their
workbook, and then we would get on the call and I would coach them. I even had them
submit me their workbook every week, just because I really wanted to make sure that
they were understanding things on their own.

I didn’t know what I was doing right I was just figuring it out so I needed to see all the
things that they were doing, because I had just been trained on how to do one on one
coaching and that’s all I had experienced. So they got a lot of value for that $497 and
some of them even got one on one calls based on when they signed up. And again, it
was just like, I wasn’t there to make a lot of money, I was there to learn and to figure
things out. And to get better.

And then after those first 90 days in that program they were ready for more. So then I
developed my Become Authentically Awesome program which I still have today. And
then after that I was like, Okay, I don’t have anything else, and it had been drilled in me
and coaching or at least this is how I interpreted it was don’t coach your clients long
term, you do not want them to get codependent on you. And so they go through the
process of, you know, whatever your process is, and then you let them go. And so I
made it very clear to them after we were done with authentically awesome was like
okay you go fly now you have the tools. See you later. Reach out if you need me. But
otherwise, you know, you’re on your own kind of thing.

And from there, I then like I said earlier in the show of when a client leaves there’s this
mourning process right. And so I have this group of clients. At that time it had gone
from like 15, and then you know 10 ended up going on to the next thing. And it was
like those 10 clients I transformed their life. I had never had so much power in one
room in essence of being able to help so many people at one time, which I know is 10
people but that’s a lot right. And so, I loved that experience and I just felt this huge
wave of sadness and I felt this huge wave of what I now know is an upper limit
problem which is in essence like going beyond your normal feeling. And I felt so much
joy and pride and confidence that it was like too much for my system. And I started self

And so when I wrapped with them. This would have been early 2016. I just needed
some time to process of what was going on and also at this time, I was about to get
married. And if you know my story you know this was a big deal, like I had just gotten
out of a divorce in 2013, where he was living a double life with another woman. And
then I had met my husband, and we had just this beautiful dating experience. Now it
wasn’t all perfect, but it was beautiful. And then this beautiful engagement, he gave me
this amazing ring that I’m still wearing today. And it was just too much. It was just, it
was just too much for my system to take. And so what I opted to do was slow down.

Now it’s early spring 2015, or 2016, I’m slowing down, getting ready for the wedding
because I had so much to do with a wedding that I had put off to the last minute,
including like getting my dress. I had to rush that crap and do all that stuff. And from
there I was like okay well I’m going to do this other offer now. And I called it breaking
barriers, and it was a free five day challenge and I was like, then I’ll just do that
challenge and then I’m going to make life lovers a paid thing now, and it’ll be $97 and
then I’ll get people into Unstoppable, and I’m going to bump it up to $997, or I’ll give
them these different levels, based on how much support they want they can do self
study at $997, they can do group coaching at $1997, or they can do one on one
coaching where they get one on one sessions every week at 2997.

And that’s where I got a little bit off the train. When I look back on this time, yes, I was
taking in a lot. I was doing a lot, there was a lot going on in my personal life because of
the coaching I had had as a client, and something that I wish I had not have done that
I’m going to walk you back on is, okay so 2013, remember I start my own coaching, as a
client. And then I have my coach until about mid 2014, and she had been trained like I
had where as when we’re done. We’re done you move on. See you later and maybe we
have maintenance sessions and so her and I would have a maintenance session maybe
here and there. But I grew so much as I said, but then too I was still wanting to grow,
and I ended up not having that mental support anymore, and not knowing what was
going on in my mindset anymore, because I was just new at this whole thing. I didn’t
know enough yet. And so I started self sabotaging. And looking back. That’s one of the
biggest mistakes I made was letting go of my one on one, in essence life coach.
Because I grew so much when I had her that had I kept her on, I would have kept
growing and I would have been able to push through some of the blocks that were
starting to in essence feel like they were caving in on me.

And so I’m going to talk about this here in a bit later but that’s one of the biggest
things that you need in your business is to have an ongoing one on one coach, if you
are a coach, especially, you need it. Period. I’m not gonna sugarcoat that and you
probably heard that last week on the show and my bonus episode that was one of the
biggest mistakes that I made. Because what happened is, so 2016, as I said I’m about to
get married. I get married and then I’m kind of soaking in, you know, being married and
all that because we get married in the fall and I had some clients. It’s not like I wasn’t
making sales. But it wasn’t growing, it was kind of maintaining and I ended up
spending more, I was like okay well I’m supposed to be growing right now so let me
spend more on Facebook ads and let me spend more on this little thing and this little
thing and this little thing.

When 2017 came around, I was investing a lot, thinking like, Okay, this is how I’m going
to grow it and this is where I want to go. And I just sort of flopping like I wasn’t making
my money back on my Facebook ads. I was attracting people who weren’t quite the
right fit. And the reason why was because I wasn’t quite in the right mindset. And so
that was being reflected back to me. And it was just like I couldn’t quite get it together.
And too, I was still mourning that first group of clients that I had. I did not know how to
process the intensity of that experience and get through, as I said, this upper limit
problem because I didn’t even know what an upper limit problem was at the time. And
so, 2017 was a flop, big time. Not only that but in the spring of 2017, my husband and I
decided we were going to start trying to have a baby, because he was about to be 40.

And I was like oh my god, I gotta make this happen. And I just I worried that we weren’t
going to be able to get pregnant and they say you know it takes a year of consistently
trying for them, you know something else to get involved. And I was like oh my god
then he’s gonna be 41 and like we got to get this moving right. So I ended up,
removing my birth control which I had an IUD, and it was like so crazy what my
hormones that next like I just felt like I don’t even know how to describe it, it was like, I
had woken up from the slumber in some ways hormonally. And it was really rough for
about a month of just feeling whatever I was feeling from my hormones and I won’t get
into all the things but there was a lot of blood loss involved.

It was a lot, and then I’m taking in is like okay I’m gonna be this mom and we’re gonna
try and do this thing and it was just again like I had hit this upper limit problem and I
could not bust through it and so I was self sabotaging. And the one way that I had the
most control over which was my business. So, again, still pumping money in the
business like okay it’s all gonna pay out it’s all gonna be fine. I’m just gonna keep
pumping money in it, and, by the summer of, the same year 2017, I got pregnant. So,
obviously, such a blessing right and we got pregnant pretty quickly. And then it was
taking in like whoa okay i’m going to be a mom and then soon after that it was major
nausea. And from there I decided, you know what, I’m done with my business for the
meantime I’m just going to take my pregnancy off, and I’m going to just, you know, take
care of me and, in essence, take care of the baby.

I just opted out. Really when I look back on this time again it was like, I felt like so
many things were caving in on me at that time. Again so much abundance. It’s so
interesting how that work. You’re growing so much but yet feelings wise, it was so
intense for me of like, Oh my gosh, I met this person that I love deeply and who loves
me. And we got married and we had this baby, and you know all these things that were
coming at me and I just could not bust through the feeling of discomfort that I felt from
that much abundance.

And so again, it was like “okay I’m just gonna say goodbye to the business for a while,” I
had had some people who were on payment plans and so they were paying me very
little money, but to just keep the business afloat, in some ways, but I also had business
debt because I kept just pumping money into the business and I wasn’t making that
money back right away. And then when I decided to just, you know, like give up in
essence throughout the pregnancy, then it was like I was carrying on this credit card
debt, which was not comfortable for me or my husband. We don’t like carrying debt.
And so during the pregnancy, it was just a lot of this, “oh god like there’s the business
stuff again” and it just felt very heavy and dreadful and hard kind of feeling.

And then my son is born in early 2018, and again I’m like, I’m just gonna nurse him, and
go all in with him because with my daughter I had my dance today at the time and so I
felt very torn a lot with her in her early months. I was like you know what i’m just going
to take my business off the table still and just work on him. Now at the end of 2018, I
did do some stuff with a couple of old clients but I didn’t really charge that much
money if any money. And I just was trying to get them back engaged. And then, 2019
hit, and I ended up weaning my son at about a year old, and I was like ready to go. I had
had this conversation with my husband of this is the year where I am going to make the
business work and I’m gonna make decent money at my business because otherwise,
what’s the point? Because I can make more money at this point going to the gap. I’m
going to walk you through all the numbers that I’ve made year by year to so you can
understand what I’m talking about here. But I had not made really any money. Granted,
I had pulled some money out here and there to, you know, pay myself but on paper I
hadn’t really made that much money.

So 2019, I got my booty in gear. I ended up just being a part of a course bundle that
somehow fell into my lap and I ended up getting a good 10 clients from that. I didn’t
charge that much still. I went back to my old pricing. It was actually cheaper than my
old pricing. I charged them $997 to do group coaching with me. Before that I charged
$1997. I just wanted to get my feet wet again and just do this coaching thing and
figure out how to coach again because I felt like I didn’t really know anymore, which
was silly.

So I did that. I also opted to take on a small handful of what we call “influencers.” So
people who were going to be a part of that group program, and they weren’t going to
pay me anything, but they were going to share week by week about their coaching
journey on their social media, in an effort to get more eyeballs on my work for later in
the year.

Looking back, not sure, that was the smartest decision, either. I could have easily just
done some mindset work to start charging good money. You know what I consider good
money right out of the gate because I was giving a lot for a little amount of money, a
lot, a lot a lot. It is what it is. I got my feet wet. I realized pretty quickly I’m coaching
way better than I thought I would be at this point. And I started getting a little
resentful at myself for thinking that I wasn’t going to be as good as I was. Because then
I had these influencers on there too, that I was giving a lot to, who were just taking a
manageable schedule and making it more than that.

And I wasn’t seeing an ROI from that right away. And so I was like, oh, Lindsay you
made such a stupid decision. I just beat myself up about it for so long and I was talking
to myself how I’m such a horrible business woman and all this stuff which allowed me
to open my eyes to the crappy self talk I had about me as a business woman, and do
some work around that.

Also what happened during this time is I was getting so rundown. Because I was still
healing too from having my son and from nursing him for a year, because I nursed him
solely from my body for a whole year he would never take a bottle and I just put up
with it, which is silly. I’m getting really worn out. And I called my old life coach
Danielle. And I said, Danielle, I need some help, like I need some self care, I don’t really
need you to like kick my booty that much in coaching which she’s not that kind of
coach anyway. I just need, you know, to show up for myself every few weeks and you
hold space for me. She’s like, no problem. Let’s do it.

As we got into the coaching, again, I started to see even more how some of these
things in my life had snowballed because I hadn’t been doing consistent mindset work
especially having a coach. And so we had a lot to clean out. There was some stuff with
my marriage, there was some stuff with me and my daughter, there was some stuff,
obviously with my business, and we had to kind of dig through the weeds in essence of
me not tending to the garden of my life, if we want to look at it that way.

I realized during that point of, you know, not only do I need a coach, just so problems
don’t snowball and create these weeds, but I also started to see how much I was
growing from having her again. And I started just massively growing. And so by the end
of 2019, I had gotten to where I had consistent 5k months, where I was pretty much
you know pulling a lot of that out of the business and actually paying myself which I
was like oh my gosh this is what I wanted for so long. And then in 2020. I ended up just
making more investments in my business.

Now 2020 started off rocky like it did for many of us with the coronavirus and stuff like
that. I had a really good january month. February was crappy. March was really crappy.
Then April started to pick up and I took some of that money and I invested it in Stacey
Boehman’s 2k for 2k program, which I’ll talk about more here in a bit but one of the
best decisions I ever made. And I also invested in Brooke Castillo’s self coaching
Scholars Program, so I could get another level of consistent coaching because in that
program you get a 20 minute session with a random coach every single week.

So I was like I just want a ton of coaching because I’m seeing how it’s making this
impact of I’m making massive change again like I did when I started in 2013 and 2014,
and I had a coach. And so from there my business just skyrocketed in June and I had my
first I think it was 11k month and then it just kind of went up from there, boom, boom,
boom. August of that year I had almost a 60 k month of business that I closed. Now I’m
at a place in my business here this is the end of February 2021, where I’m leaning
toward 20k consistent months. And again, it’s just going up more and more from there.

As I mentioned earlier in this episode I have my admin Rachel, who I’m just bringing on
for more hours and she’s exceptional. And I have other contractors in my business and
I’m able to pull, you know, a decent amount of money every month from my business. It
varies month to month based on spending, but, you know, now I’m stepping in this
place of like, wow, I’m making really good money. It’s taken me a while to get here and
while it’s been seven years on paper, when I look back on it and you’re gonna hear me,
shuffle through my notes, but I really view 2013, and even 2014, as year zero. I was just
a student that year. Granted at the end of 2014 I had taken on, as I said, a couple of
clients. But at the end of that year I think I had made like $750.

I remember going to an accountant and saying I just want to make sure that I’m going
to file my LLC taxes the right way. And her asking how much did I make and I said $750
and she laughed. She couldn’t even hold it back. It was so gut wrenching. But I just
kept saying to myself that I really loved my reasons for why I made the choices I did
that year. Again because I was getting consistent coaching too so I was very much
checked in on that reason. But it really hurt when that woman laughed. Because too,
here’s the thing with coaching, it’s a newer profession. And granted, it’s becoming more
and more known and a bit more accepted, but when you go tell the average person
about coaching, they think it’s a bunch of shit. They think it’s like this Foo Foo you
know Kumbaya kind of bullshit. Especially when you go into the finance world,

I’ve had so many people laugh at me, throughout the way and I’m like fuck you
motherfucker. That is true I’m like you’re gonna you’re gonna eat your fucking words.
You’re gonna see how sassy I get sometimes. But you’re gonna get your fucking words
for what you just said to me or the tone you just gave to me. But it also played into a
lot of my shit of “Oh my god, am I gonna make money at this?” because in the coaching
industry, especially where I was, or what I was surrounded with, there was a very big
coaching graveyard. And that means that there are a lot of people who are going out
and getting certified as a coach or just running around calling themselves a coach
without getting certified, which is fine I’m not judging that, but then they weren’t
making any money at it. Especially those that were in my school and I was like, “Oh my
gosh, I can’t be around this energy,” because I am going to make a successful business,
no matter what.

And so people laughing at me or just seeing everyone around me who was struggling
to make money, it was like holy shit like what am I going to fucking do to make money
at this shit. But again, going back end of 2014, made $750, super happy for my reasons
for doing that. 2015, I guesstimate because this is the point when I’m not really using
QuickBooks and stuff. I was just doing stuff on a spreadsheet which I can’t find for
some reason. But at the end of 2015, I believe I made around $7,500, and most of that
came from the second part of the year when I had launched my group program
Unstoppable Woman. Before that I was just finishing up with my one on one clients,
and then I had taken a little time off to develop what was I was going to do next. As I
said with life luvers I didn’t charge anything. And so, again at the end of 2015, I wasn’t
that upset about how much I had made I felt like I was making forward moving
progress. And so this is what I really consider as my year one.

Now, I want to touch on something really quick. At the time I really loved my decision
to go into group coaching and to start the podcast. Looking back on this, especially
from what I’ve heard from Brooke and Stacey now, this was not a smart move. What I
should have done is I should have just taken on more one on one clients and upped my
rate, and continued to coach, one on one. That would have been a faster pathway for
me to making money faster because I started spending a lot of time making content
and trying to get people in group program when I didn’t quite have the audience yet to
have a huge amount of people in a group program for it to be something that was
highly profitable for me.

When I have coaches sometimes come to me because I do coach coaches now. And I’ll
talk more about that in a bit. But when they come to me and they’re like okay I’ve had a
couple one on one clients and now I want to do group and I think group’s gonna be
easier and I can make more money I’m like no, it’s a misconception. It’s not necessarily
the case. I would highly encourage you to just keep doing one on one because also
with one on one, you’re going to fine tune your skills, even better. And you’re going to
even get more copy ideas and more ideas for your own unique processes from your one
on one clients. When you’re coaching one on one, you can give them better results. I do
think you can get great results from a group program. But if a client is coming to you in
a one on one setting and saying like, hey, I want to lose this amount of weight, or I
want this XYZ thing to happen in a one to one setting, you can better ensure that those
things are going to happen because you’re giving them so much one on one attention.

Again, you just create better results for the client, you’re getting paid more and so
you’re gonna have a better ROI. Looking back, 2015, I wish I would have just taken on
more one on one clients.

2016 is what I consider year two in my business, and I’m looking at my notes for it. But
this is where I said I started with my continual group clients the first part of the year
and then I just the rest of the year didn’t really do that much. I signed some clients. It’s
not like I didn’t make progress but I wasn’t getting bigger, I was just maintaining. This
is when I started using QuickBooks and so it looks like in year two I made an income of
$18,600, and I had $22,500 in expenses so I had a loss of almost $4,000 that year.
Okay, so you can see year prior made $7500, the second year made $18,000, like, not
that much difference.

Then 2017 is when I said I was investing a ton of my business and not getting an ROI
back. And I just, you know, ended up, you know, getting pregnant and all that stuff and
so I gave up most of the year. But that year I made only $13,000 in income and had
$23,000 and expenses so I had almost a 10k loss that year. And so that 10k loss was
what I was carrying on throughout most of my pregnancy, which was stressful. That
was not enjoyable at all.

So then in 2018, most of that year I did not work at all so I take that year off the table,
even though on paper, my business was open that year, I wasn’t really asking for
business that year. And so then 2019, I consider my year three repeated. Because my
first year three of 2017, as I said it was like me just spending money really I made some
offers but it really wasn’t that much. When I went in 2019 I was like okay I’m here, I’m
here to make money, let’s go let’s make this happen. And so, that’s when I started as I
said, working with more clients, I did those influencers, which, you know, later ended
up having an ROI, but at the time wasn’t much of an ROI, and for whatever reason I
don’t have how much I made in 2019 on here. For some reason, but I think it’s because
I didn’t fully pull the number. But, but from what I remember in 2019, that’s when I had
collectively hit through all the years I had my business, 100k. So I want to say I made
like 60k in my business that year.

So I’m just making money and I was also having to pay back the debt and things of that
sort, so I didn’t make that much on paper, but I generated good income in 2019. And
again, that’s when I hit that 100k mark which I’m going to get to why that was
important here in a bit. And then in 2020. I upped my pricing, as I said, and I started
making really good money and that’s where I started listening to Brooke and Stacey a
lot, and taking their advice on what to do. And so what I ended up doing in 2020, to
give you a little more detail is I ended up going back to primarily focusing on one on
one coaching and going all in with that and saying I’m going to guarantee results for
people. I’m going to charge, what I should have been charging this whole time because
I’ve always been giving these kind of results to people. And so I upped my prices a lot,
and I just started doing the mindset work to be okay with charging that kind of pricing.
Because before that, I had just a lot of drama around that. And again, I’ll get to why that
was in a bit.

So at the end of 2020, I closed out right around 100k that I had made and I had spent
most of that in 2020, and I did that intentionally. I went in and again I’ll get to why did
this in a bit, but I went in that year and I said, “Whatever I make in my business this
year I’m reinvesting and I’m reinvesting it well this time.” That is going to lead me to a
very fruitful 2021 and beyond and that’s what’s already creating. Even though on paper
in 2020 I made right at 100K, I had actually closed in business close to 200K, but
because I accept payment plans, you know on paper, it was 100K. So I had a really big
year in 2020.

Now for 2021. You know, I’ve got basically that 100k that’s you know guaranteed from
payment plans. And then from there on paper if I’m continually hitting the goals that
I’ve set for this year I’m going to close out making about 500K, or it might be like 400k
I haven’t looked at the spreadsheet lately, but I’m going to make in my pocket, about
250k, actually right now it’s a little bit more than 250. It’s like 350 almost that I’m
gonna be pocketing. But that’s giving me some wiggle room because my goal for this
year is to make 250. And so, I’m okay with that. Because that shows me on my
spreadsheet of if I don’t hit all my goals, there’s this wiggle room.

That’s me, breaking down the timeline. I’m gonna break it down one more time for you
because I just really want you to understand how much time it took me to make the
money that I’m making now. And what I would do differently. Because again, you’re
probably somebody who’s starting a coaching business or you want to and I want you
to fully understand what this timeline looks like because I get a lot of coaches who
think they should be making money sooner. It’s like girl, no, it takes a little bit of time.
2014, as I said, I felt right on track with what I did, charging the little that I charged
because I was really just wanting to learn. 2015, what I should have done is just bring
on more people at one on one, but at a higher price. And what Stacey and Brooke
suggest is to start charging at that point $100 an hour. Looking back, I wish I would
have done that too. I still was under charging. And I wish I would have charged $300 a
month at that point. And just on one on one for a couple months like that until a point
where I was getting maxed out. You decide what maxed out is for you.

At the time too I had a day job, and I was still a single mom at this point. My husband
ended up moving in once we got engaged and stuff so he took off some of the financial
pressure off of me. But I wish I would have just focused in on that one on one, and then
gotten to a place where I max out on a certain number of clients that I had determined.
If that was 10 clients great and then up my prices and then continued up from there.

The only thing I wish I would have done in 2015, is because 2014 and 2013 was really
me learning about my craft and learning how to coach, but in 2015, I had gotten this
handle on coaching, and I was looking to these little kind of cheapy programs to teach
me how to make more money. And they were things like stuff Amy Porterfield puts out
there which Amy’s great, but it was just like, develop an online course or develop these
freebies or develop a podcast. Instead I wish I would have just focused on selling and
selling on consults. Because consults are a really powerful place for a coach to sell and
to create connection. And I think selling on a sonsult is so much easier than selling
generally online, be it ads or in blogs or on podcast, what have you. I think once you
get somebody on the phone, man, it’s powerful what you can create. And it gives them
a taste too of what the coaching experience is going to be like for them. And so again I
wish I would have had enough sense to know of this is where I need to focus next is
selling and selling on consults. And then in 2016, I wish I would have just continued to
up my price, continued to focus on one on one and keep investing in my mindset which
I said I did not do and keep investing in selling.

And then 2017, I wish I wouldn’t have taken that time off. I wish I would have had a
mindset coach who would have coached me through my pregnancy and the hormone
changes, and I would have been able to just keep making money throughout that year,
and in 2018, I would have not had so much mindset trauma about being a mom and I
would have just kept doing what I was doing in a way where I wasn’t necessarily
growing a ton, but I had developed at that point a consistent one on one practice and
had upped my prices enough to be able to have made money during that time.

I see Stacey coaching other moms on this during this time in their life. She coaches
them so well and I wish I would have had somebody like that coaching me during that
time. And then 2019, I would have just repeated because then I would have gone more
into my business and had more spaces. Then 2020 was when I would have up leveled.

And I did that right so I kind of came around full circle. I just wish that I would have
just focused in on one on one, for a lot longer. And I would have made a lot more
money, and I would have not wasted so much time on all of these things that didn’t
really matter at the end of the day. Because what happened is not only did I not make
money but I wasn’t out there serving my clients in the best way during those years.
There are clients left on the table who didn’t get the results that they wanted during
those years, because I wasn’t available to them. And that to me is a very big detriment
to this world.

When I have coaches that I’m coaching again I am coaching them through this of, let’s
focus on one on one and let’s do this and Stacey and Brooke back me up on this. And
some of the things that they talk about specifically is, you know, your first 100K is
going to be the hardest money that you make, hands down. It’s going to bring up all
your shit. It’s going to bring up all the things that you need to deal with, especially if
this is your first time being an entrepreneur. But I will say, because I’ve been an
entrepreneur, I had a dance studio, but I was selling dance. I even had an event
planning business briefly, but I was selling event planning. When I was a coach, it was
like I was selling me and I was selling this thing that society really hasn’t understood
yet and really hasn’t accepted yet. And so, it brought up a ton of shit for me.

And again, I should have had my mindset coach along the way to help me through all
that and I just did not right. Just know, and you’ll see it even with my growth. I said in
2019 is when I hit 100k collectively my business. And then after that, it was just like
rocket fire, it was just like boom boom boom. And I’ve been able to scale and scale and
scale in a very fast way, because again, that first 100k was so much shit that I needed
to work through, but once you work through that shit, you’re just frickin unstoppable.
Brooke and Stacey back me up on this.

The other thing that Brooke and Stacey talk about is reinvesting that first 100K. Going
into your business and saying, “Okay, the first 100K, I’m not really going to make any of
that.” Now I can maybe pull a little bit here and there, if I need it. But going in with a
mindset of “I’m just going to reinvest that back in my business.” They suggest investing
in three ways and I completely agree with them. Anything else is just a waste of time.

Those three investments are, the first is your mindset. You know, again if we look at
what I talk about often on the show is our thoughts create our feelings which drive our
actions which create our results. Our thought line always becomes our result line at
some point and if we’re not constantly looking at our thoughts, then we’re gonna create
some shitty ass results. I’m getting real sassy today. We are. We’re gonna create some
shitty results. And so it’s really important that we’re constantly looking at our mindset
and we’re having somebody outside of ourselves, even if we know how to coach
ourselves, outside of us to see our mind in a different way because we’re not going to
always see the things in our mind because we’re too close to it. It’s so important that
we’re getting that.

Stacey also talks about how being in a constant state of breakthrough is huge. It’s so
huge because when you’re in a constant state of breakthrough, and you’re getting
results from your own coach and coaching, you can go sell that so easily. And that’s
why now I’m just on fire because I am constantly getting coached, I’m constantly
making changes from coaching. I am living in the magic of coaching so it’s so easy for
me to be like, “don’t you guys want coaching? It’s amazing. Let me tell you all the
things that I’ve done, in just this week, from being coached.” I do this with my clients
and my online community I’m like “look at all my wins from all the coaching that I’ve
gotten this week isn’t that awesome?” And then it generates in them, it’s like, oh okay
let me see more of the changes that I can make right.

The second thing to invest is in your business. And really that’s in selling. And so I
mentioned Stacey’s 2k for 2k program was one of the best investments that I made, I
made it in early 2020, and I grew. Again, I fully back that claim up hardcore I’m not an
affiliate for her program, I’ve already sent a ton of people there. She’s made a good
amount of money off of me, not for her because she makes millions. I’ve sent sent like
1000s of dollars to her but I highly suggest everyone get in 2k for 2K.

I mentioned some other people that I followed along the way, the Amy Porterfield
types. And David Siteman Garland was one, Melanie Duncan who’s no longer in that
space. James Wedmore. All of them. Their stuff is good, but it’s more so of generalized
marketing. If you want to go out and create a course. It really is just like a lot of fluff
that’s gonna take a lot of time, and get you out of making money immediately. Stacey
talks about this so well, she has a podcast called Make Money as a Life Coach. Oh my
goodness. Amazing stuff. She was the first person that I was like “yes finally,
everything’s making sense,” and just listening to her podcast, is what allowed me to
start making consistent 5k months. Amazing content. I encourage you to listen to every
single episode. She talks about in some of these episodes, these three big investments
and she goes, specifically into what that entails making these two big investments in
your mindset and then in your business.

Then the third one is your craft. So, you know, like a certification or, you know, just
doing different coaching programs. For me I’m in self coaching scholars as a client
where I’m getting coached on my mindset there, but I’m also listening to other coaches
coach, all the time in there. So I’m constantly hearing how other people are coaching
and I’m working on my craft while I’m in there as well. If you are somebody who’s like
“Lindsay I know I want to be a coach, I want to be certified,” I highly suggest going to
the Life Coach School. I did not get my certification there. I may end up adding a
certification there at some point. Is it going to be one of the most if not the most
expensive certification you get? Absolutely. it’s 18K, last time I checked. But it’s
incredible. They call it, like the yell of coaching kind of thing. From what I’ve seen, I
would completely back that up. Brooke creates a community for coaches where you’re
constantly learning and constantly getting better, and you just get different milestones,
with different awards, and she has live events everywhere, every year for her coaches
and just an amazing support system you’re gonna get there. And the coaches in the Life
Coach School make money. And that’s something they really celebrate is when you hit
your first 100K and then when you hit your first million and all that.

As I said earlier, many coaches are in the coaching graveyard and these schools that
just do not know how to sell marketing and tell you how to sell. And that’s why their
coaches are really skilled at coaching but they can’t get anyone to buy coaching. I
highly suggest working with them.

And so, again, these are the three big investments, your mindset your business, your
craft. I invested in a lot of bullshit, along the way. I invested as I said in online courses
with people like the online marketers of the world. I invested a lot in branding, which
really was because I wanted this pretty external thing to happen like this pretty
external world “Look how pretty Lindsay’s business is.” Because deep down I didn’t
fully believe in myself yet or in coaching quite yet. Even though I had experienced
great results, I was still unsure about it. The branding fluffed me up and made me feel
better, whereas if I would have had a mindset coach, I would have not been spending
money in that area.

I also spent money on Facebook ads. Now granted, when I first spent money on
Facebook ads in 2015, I didn’t spend that much. And so it wasn’t that big of a deal
actually that was 2014. But now Facebook ads are expensive, and I have a very very
small budget that I use for Facebook ads every month and I really don’t get an
immediate ROI on it, and all that stuff. But looking back I wish I would not have spent
any money on Facebook ads and Stacey talks about this too, don’t waste your time on
Facebook ads during those years, just worry about going out, meeting people telling
them you’re a life coach, making offers to help them, and then getting them on the
phone for a consult. And in that 2k program she walks you through beautifully how to
do a consult. That process of knowing how to do a great consult is what changed the
game for my business, big time.

I would have just had one simple offer along the way. I would not have done a lot of
low cost offers. Because here’s the thing too, because I didn’t know quite how to sell, I
felt uncomfortable selling a bigger ticket item. and so I was like “oh it’s just $97. Oh,
it’s just this amount of money,” and then I didn’t have to overcome objections because
it was such a no brainer price to a lot of people. If I would have just known how to sell,
then I would have made a bigger offer and stuck with one on one for a longer time.

I hope this episode helped you. Really at the end of the day, the big things that you
need to be able to have to have a multi six figure coaching business is belief in
yourself, Belief in your product, and belief in your abilities and your coaching. That goes
back to those three top investments of mindset, business and craft. When you’re
working on your mindset you’re really working on the belief in yourself. That’s why it’s
so important to have a mindset coach and that’s where I come into play. I am a mindset
coach for a good amount of coaches now. I have, gosh I think about 10 coaches that I’m
coaching on their mindset and helping them build their business from the mindset
perspective. Granted I’m giving them mentoring tips and advising them and things like
what I’m giving you today. But I’m really working on the belief in themselves.

I have one coach right now that I’m working with and she’s had some stumbling blocks
along the way as we all do. One client quit on her, and she started immediately her
brain went to, “oh it’s because I’m a bad coach” or this or that and I’m like “no no no no
here’s a different way to think about this. What if the, the actuality of the situation is
that you’re such a powerful coach that you gave her such amazing awareness it freaked
her the EFF out?” Which, when we went back and looked at it that’s actually what
happened. She had an amazing session with this client. It scared the client. And
because she’s a newer coach she didn’t quite know how to finesse that yet, of being
like “we did something really powerful today just know after we get off the phone. This
may happen, and you may feel this way.” And so because of that lack of finesse, then
the clients are gonna freak out, but the reality was I was like “look at how powerful
you’ve become as a coach. This is incredible. I didn’t have this for years in my business
because I was too busy hand holding clients too much. This is awesome.”

And it’s that mindset shift that may seem small, but it allowed her to go from
snowballing in one direction of not being able to continually have a successful
coaching business to shifting that into snowballing toward “this is a good thing and
here’s where I’m going to go and I’m going to continue to keep moving forward with
my business.”

Okay, so I’m here for the mindset work of any coaches out there. I love doing this stuff.
It’s so fun to help my coaches grow. For a while, I must admit, since I wasn’t really
making money and I hadn’t fully stepped into this role of me owning myself as a coach
and as a businesswoman, I would get a little, what’s the word, I would get a little, not
intimidated, but nervous coaching other coaches, because I was like I haven’t made
money at first, I didn’t feel like it was an integrity for me Granted I made money but
like really made money.And I was like, “Oh my gosh, well they’re gonna go out and
they’re gonna take all my clients and then I’m not gonna have clients so why am I
going to build them up?”

And it’s so silly because now having such a very specific offer that I offer in my
business, I know that it has to be a specific kind of woman that I work with, which is go
getter women, which believe it or not is pretty specific. I’m not the right coach for
everybody, I’m not. There is a specific magic between me and the clients that I work
with, that other coaches are gonna have a different kind of magic with different kind of
people. And also, I only work with 36 women a year in my one on one practice. There
are billions upon billions of people in the world, if not trillions. I don’t even know
anymore but there’s so many people in the world and I love building up coaches
because I’m a huge fan of coaching obviously I think this is the ticket to having an
amazing life. The more people we can get experiencing coaching, the better our world
is going to be.I love, as I said, being a coach. I love what it creates for my work life
blend, especially when I’m working with other coaches who want that, this is such an
amazing profession to be able to have that. To be able to show up as a mom you want
to and the wife you want to and then still rock it in your professional career.

This episodes is long. It’s over an hour long but I had so much I need to share with you
today. I hope you have some nuggets here that you’re taking away with and if you have
some thoughts that you’re like, “oh, Lindsay you didn’t address this question or based
on what you said this is what I’m starting to think about my business” let’s hash that
out. Go to my free community. The link is always in my bio, or in my show notes but it’s
Lindsayepreston.com/community, join there send me an email, you can always send me
there. I highly suggest you follow Stacey and Brooke. They’re amazing people to follow
in regards to building a coaching business, and then bringing me on board as your
mindset coach to help you as you grow your coaching business. Because again, too,
sometimes I get coaches and they want to be a coach so bad, and they have never
experienced coaching as a client. That is to me very much out of integrity that you need
to go out and you need to experience coaching as a client. You need to get your butt
kicked a little bit in coaching. You need to experience the results of that because it’s
otherwise going to be kind of probably tricky for you to sell.

One last thing I do want to say though, is sometimes when we’re building a coaching
business we can judge our journey, based on other people’s, like, “she’s going so much
faster than I am.” Stacey for example. Stacey and I started our business the same year,
and Stacey now is making millions upon millions of dollars and she has this huge
following and all this stuff. But here’s the difference, Stacey had Brooke as a mentor
which Brooke knew her shit. My mentor knew how to coach but she didn’t really know
marketing so there’s that difference. But Stacey also knew how to sell. And that was
something she was very good at. Very very good at. That was her background. And so
once she knew how to coach, she already knew how to sell. And then she knew,
because her mentor told her, keep investing in your mindset, and so that’s what
allowed her to just skyrocket much faster.

Sometimes when we compare our journey we’re like well she’s going so much faster,
it’s like well, because she knew how to sell or she’s had a ton of mindset work for
many, many years. When I started my business I had had a little bit of mindset work. I
knew how to coach, a little bit, and I knew nothing about selling. I was starting
basically from ground zero. I needed to learn all three of those skills really really well.
And so it took me more time.

Just know that. I have coaching clients right now who are coaches, and they’re moving
faster than I was because some of them know how to sell or some of them have even
better mindsets than what I had. You can’t judge the journey and compare it to
somebody else. You will get what you want at some point. You will have if you want a
multi six figure coaching business, you will get it at some point as long as you don’t
give up. As long as you keep investing in these three things. Again, the mindset’s, the
most important of course, of you continually looking at your mindset and saying “what’s
going on here for me not tell the result that I want,” but it will happen. I promise you. I
promise, promise, promise. I thought so many times it wouldn’t happen for me, and I’m
so glad I didn’t give up there are so many times I wanted to quit. And that was one of
the biggest hinderances is sometimes I’d be like, “oh yeah I’m in. Oh no I quit. Oh no
I’m back in, no I quit.”

You got to be all in on this, and be ready to make it happen and just believe it’s gonna
happen. And that, whatever, you know, the journey is supposed to look like it’s gonna
be the journey but keep believing that you’re going to get the result that you want.
Okay. All right. I know I’m talking your ear off so much to say about this. So hope it was
helpful for you again reach out if you need me, but I will see you next week on the
show my friend. Bye.


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