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“The energy I want you to have over these next three months in your spring is to move in a slow and strategic way.”

Go-getter women are known for wanting to make big goals and dreams happen in their lives. They love taking action.  

But, many times they skip over the prep work that’s needed for massive growth to feel good. They end up burning out often from exhaustion, they do a lot but their actions aren’t strategic so they don’t maximize their results and/or when they reach a goal, it feels empty because they didn’t prioritize their mental health in the process.

In order to make their goals and dreams happen in a way that feels good prep work MUST happen. So, today on the show, I’m walking you through how to do this vital prep work so things like burn out are an experience you never have to feel again.


  • Why it’s important to take this process SLOW (vs. your natural tendency to move fast)
  • Why the spring season in nature is a great time to do this prep work
  • What needs to happen to ensure you generate more energy so you won’t burn out
  • Step-by-step what you need to be doing right now to prep for massive growth that feels good

…and so much more

I wish I would’ve had this information YEARS ago. It changed the game on how fulfilled I felt about life.

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Full Transcript

Tips for Growth

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 105,
Prep for Massive Growth.


Welcome to the Become An Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting,
fear-facing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston.
I’m a wife, mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world.
I’ve lived through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better.
We can’t fear the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to
do just that. Join me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient,
and powerful woman you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hey there, Ms. Unstoppable, as always, so happy to have you on another episode of the
show. I want to give a quick shout out. I haven’t done this in a while. The show is often
on the podcast charts and recently, it’s been on the charts in Hong Kong. How cool is
that? Let me pull up on my email, if I still have it here, of exactly where it’s been.
In Hong Kong, it’s been on the charts in number 346. Oh my gosh, weeks prior to that, it
was number 46 in Hong Kong. What? That is crazy. It’s also on the charts in Poland and
Algeria and New Zealand again. Oh, my goodness, so fun.

Shouting out to anybody who’s listening overseas, of course. I’m here in the US, in
Texas. I love my US people too, but just want to give you all a shout out and celebrate
that moment.

Today, we’re talking about prepping for massive growth in your life. Go-getter women
love to take action, they love to get moving, but many times, they are moving all the
time, to a point where they are experiencing things like burnout, often. I’ve talked
about it here on the show before. It was such a lightbulb moment for me years ago,
when I heard someone named Laura Casey, go look her up.

She’s not really active on social anymore, but she has a company called Cultivate What
Matters and I love their products, I love their PowerSheets especially. It’s a goal
intentional planner.

Laura’s a big gardener and Laura talked about, at one point, that we are like plants and
flowers. We are not meant to bloom all year. We are meant to have the seasons of
growth and the seasons where we’re a little bit more dormant.

I remember that being so revolutionary to me at the time, because again, I went and
moved forward in action, all of the time, over and over and over and over again. Even in
my early 20s, I was already experiencing a lot of pushback from that. My body was in a
state of anxiety often. I’ve told this story before, but I went and got a massage once. I
was laying on the massage table and the therapist said, “I’ve never seen anyone’s body
shake like that,” and in all these years that I’ve done it, because I just was going all the

I was very common to have a job and then I had a side job and I would be working
pretty much 24/7. It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I slowed down a little bit. I’m
working and then I’m momming, and when I was momming, especially when she was
little, I went all in. That child was so well documented. I had pictures for days and then
I was blogging and then I would take the pictures and I’d organize the pictures and
then I’d scrapbook the pictures. It’s like I just could not stop.

Again, I know what it’s like to be in that phase where you’re just wanting to grow all
the time. Our society doesn’t help with this, especially with the patriarchy. It’s like men,
they can go all the time. They’re not as cyclical as women are. We’re all taught of like,
we need to go and move forward into massive action all of the time. It’s just not true.
Like Laura says, “We are like flowers. We bloom during certain seasons and we don’t.”
Now, I’ve talked about this on the podcast, in a specific episode called Find Your
Seasons. I’ll link it in the show notes if you haven’t listened. That’s a good episode to
listen to before this, because I’m talking about how to find your seasons. What I’m
going to talk about today is really you and your spring season.

Here in the US right now, we’re entering spring. It’s a late March, as this episode is
going live.

Many of us are like nature when we experience it and it’s our spring season as well.
We’re starting to pump up some action, we’re starting to get moving and for many of
us, we’ll go to summer next. In summer, we’ll be in that massive growth period.
Where you’re at with spring right now, again, you’ve got to start prepping for massive
growth. That’s what we’re going to cover today, is how do we prep for that? What are
the things you need to be doing in essence, in this spring season of your life, so that
your summer, you are fully able to bloom and blossom, as those are the three months
when you are just shining and getting the most results possible in your life?

If you are not following me here on the season thing again and you’re like, “What is she
talking about these seasons?” you may need to pause this episode and go back and
listen to that Find Your Seasons one, because I talked about all of that in depth.
I’ve also talked about the winter season in an episode called Cut the Clutter and what
you need to be doing in winter. If you happen to just feel like, “Oh, Lindsay, I’m not in
my spring season.” I know on the other hemisphere, like my friends in New Zealand and
Australia, you guys are starting to enter fall and you’re going to be entering winter
soon. You may be like, “Lindsay this spring doesn’t apply to me.” Again, you don’t
always have to follow the seasons as they come to you. I know many people who
they’re blooming and blossoming in the winter, when they’re experiencing winter.

Again, you’ve got to find your seasons, go to the episode if you need to find yours. As I
keep saying, today is about spring and prepping for that massive growth. What do you
need to be doing right now, if it’s your spring season?

The first thing is, you’re likely going to start feeling more energy right now. The birds
are chirping to you, either physically or mentally or both. There’s an energy with feeling
like there’s more sunshine coming in, you just have a little bit more pep in your step
after your winter. Remember, in the winter, you are cutting so much. That’s why I called
that episode Cut your Clutter. You are getting rid of physical things, you are getting rid
of a lot of mental things of, what is all this stuff in my head that I need to let go of?

If you have done that well in your winter, your spring, again, is likely going to feel like,
“I feel lighter. I feel like I’m boosting some energy. Let’s start moving.” You want to
take this period slow still. It’s just like if you’re getting back into a hobby or working
out especially, you don’t want to go from not having run for a couple of months, if not
longer, to working out hardcore every day, right? You want to start moving in a slow
and strategic way. That’s the energy that I want you to have over these next three
months in your spring season.

Now, of course, month by month, it’ll start pumping up a little bit more. Don’t think
here, in this first season of spring, like, “Let’s go all the way out.” No way. Take it slow.
The other thing that I want you to be doing is to be shedding any remaining layers. We
did this a lot, as I said, in the winter, but now as you’re starting to move and groove,
start asking yourself, what are some things that still need to go? Maybe you need to cut
some relationships that are just still not serving you or distance yourself from them.
Maybe there’s still just physical clutter you need to get rid of. Maybe it’s some weight
that needs to be shed. Maybe it’s the mental stuff that needs to be shed.

As I’m recording this episode, it’s the end of February, I know it’s not going to go out for
another month, this episode, but I’m already starting to feel this a little bit of, “Okay,
I’m starting to get where I’m wanting to move, just a little bit faster in my life, as I enter
my spring here soon.” It’s like, “What are some remaining layers of things I need to
cut?” I’m looking at things of some anger that I have towards certain people and certain
things and just some overall feelings of sadness that I need to fully process.
Two, looking at my master closet and thinking, I really want to get this cleaned out,
because I don’t want to go another spring of looking at this stuff.

I want to feel, in essence, my garden, clean and ready to go for the blooms to come in
and start blooming. That needs to happen in my physical space.

I’m also looking at things I’m following via email or on social and saying, “Are there
still some people that aren’t serving me anymore? Do I want to continue to take this in,
as I move into a bigger phase in my life?” That’s the second thing I want you to do, is
shed those remaining layers.

I also want you, as you’re starting to cultivate this energy slowly, is to start putting
yourself out there a little bit more. Maybe cultivating some relationships again that
you’ve distanced yourself from in the winter. Start to reach out to people, maybe start
to see people. I know right now we’re in COVID and so maybe it’s just seeing people
virtually or seeing people outside, because the weather may be a little bit better or just
sending an email to people or on social. I’m already starting to think about this of like,
“Okay, what are some relationships I want to start cultivating again, especially
professionally?” of “What are maybe some networking groups that I want to reach out
to?” If you heard that big thing, that was my watch. I just got an Apple watch and so I’m
not used to having this thing around me.

Start thinking about those relationships you want to be cultivating, that you want to
see blossom here in the next coming months.

Also, I want you to start to prep your body. When you’re in your summer month, you’re
going to be out there a lot and you’re going to be needing a lot of energy for that. It’s
just like plants. If we’re going to plant something, we’re going to put nutrition in the
soil, as those plants are starting to bloom. We’re going to really nourish those plants, as
they’re starting to bloom here in the spring. We’re not going to push them, we’re not
going to not give them water, we’re not going to put a bunch of junk in the soil.

Instead, we’re going to nourish that, and so we need to do the same with our bodies.
Start thinking about the things you’re eating as like, “Do I want to be eating this much
sugar or any sugar? Do I want to be drinking this much alcohol? Maybe I need to
incorporate more veggies. Maybe I need to start moving my body more.”

Again, you’re not going to go full out and just fully workout unless you’ve already been
doing that and you’re ready to take it up a notch. Wherever you are, just take it up a
notch a little bit.

For me, what I’m doing is, I haven’t been working out the past year, at all, which has
been driving me crazy, but COVID. My son just got back into a Mother’s Day Out
program two days a week. That’s given me some more space to work, so I’m not doing
this whole mom work thing all the time or side by side.

I’m just starting to move my body just a little bit. I’ve signed up for an online dance
thing. I’m going to start dancing a little bit, walking a little more, because we’re going
to be outside. I’m starting to look at my diet. Last year, I cut sugar for the most part. I
wasn’t eating any sugar and I really cut my carb intake. I just did that on a whim.
People kept telling me how great they felt when they did it and I’m like, “I love sugar
so much. I don’t know if I could do it.” I tried it and I really loved how my body felt on

This year, I’m like, “Okay, I want to get back to a place where I’m taking in less sugar
and taking in less carbs.” I’m not really drinking alcohol at all anymore, so that’s not on
the table. Again, because I’m prepping for that summer of when I’m going to be out
there, fully exposed, and exposed in a good way, high energy and I’m going to need to
be pulling from something for that energy.

Start thinking about that, how you’re going to prep your body. Also, sleep is a big one. If
you’re not getting enough sleep, which most people do in the winter, they usually
hibernate a little bit more. Just make sure you’re really getting good quality sleep.
If you are having trouble sleeping, there’s an episode we did on the show. What did we
call it? Mollie McGlocklin was my guest. Sleep Skills, that’s what it was. We’ll put it in
the show notes, but that’s a great episode for you to start to sleep better. There’s no
need for you not to be sleeping well.

Also, when I coach with people, getting better sleep as part of it because we start
cutting some of the crap that’s keeping them up at night.

We got that, prep your body, start generating more energy as I said, of just moving it
more, feeding your body what it needs, getting that sleep, cutting that stuff that’s not
serving you. That’s going to generate a ton of energy alone. Cutting those relationships
that are draining you. Also, with that, setting some stronger boundaries if you need to,
of like, “Hey, I don’t want to keep doing X, Y, Z habits. I don’t want to keep putting up
with A, B, C thing and so I’m going to set a boundary there.” That’s going to allow you
to generate more energy.

Also, if you have not been doing any kind of mental health stuff, which I would doubt, if
you’re listening to this podcast, but you’re doing at least something like listen to a
podcast. This is the time when you can boost it up a little more. I see this with my
business every year. My winter months are always my slowest months in my business.
No matter what I do or don’t do, always the slowest. Then spring, it starts trickling in
with more clients. Summer, boom, I just have an influx. Fall, it’s like my spring and then
we go to that winter month. I bring in clients, but it’s not that many. Again, it’s like,
you’ve got to just be starting to generate this energy and prepping yourself for what’s
to come.

The other thing is, you’ve likely already planted some seeds in the winter. Again, this
makes more sense if you listen to the clutter episode where I tell you, “Okay, what are
the things you intentionally want to be planting over this next year?” That’s usually the
time we’re making annual goals and stuff.

I already know I have some seeds that I’m planting. One is a money goal, one is a
relationship goal with my husband, and feeling some feelings is another goal. I’ve got
all those that I’ve been planting and I’ve really prepped the soil for that of different
things I’ve set up, but I’m looking at it more of, what could I be doing more to prep
these seeds that are starting to bloom soon? Do I want to plant any other seeds? Is
there anything else I want to add that maybe I’m missing? For me right now, I don’t
have anything I want to add.

I encourage you, if you’ve already come up with one to three goals for the year, then
you probably don’t need anymore. Less is more. I always talk about that. Less is more
with goals, but just, this is the time to ask yourself, is there anything else? You do have
just a little time to start to prep that, when you get into your summer month and you
want to be just, again, out there exposed, taking massive, massive action. We’ll get that.
The other thing is, as you’re taking things forward, and I keep saying slowly, start to just
become more aware of what you’re feeling and start to intentionally cultivate more joy.

Just waking up every day and saying, “I want to feel more joy today.” For you, it may not
be joy, it may be peace. You may not be at a place yet where you’re ready to do joy. You
want to do more peace or more neutrality. Say whatever it is you want to feel and then
say, “Okay, what do I need to think throughout my day to feel that more?” We call this
intentional feeling.

If I want to cultivate more joy, I’m waking up and I’m like, “I have an awesome life. I
have a beautiful life.” I just keep saying that to myself over and over. When I start
getting a little stressed, I go back to that thought, “I love my life. I have a beautiful life.
I feel joy.” All those things. Because again, it’s like we’re feeding the soil here. We’re
feeding everything into our bodies for that big blossom and bloom. We don’t want to
bloom in the summer and not have a solid foundation. We don’t want to be like a
flower with a stem that isn’t strong, because our bloom is going to just burn us out and
it’s going to make the flower go to the side and go over. I think we call that wilting. I
don’t know. I’m not a gardener, but you get what I’m saying. We’ve got to just keep
cultivating that soil as these little blossoms and blooms grow.

I think I covered everything that I want to for this one. Let’s just cover it one more time,
is you’re going to start moving a little bit faster than you’ve been moving in the winter,
but take it slow.

You want to start cultivating some relationships more, especially strategically of like,
“What are some things that I want to be cultivating right now, especially when it comes
back to my goals?” which are those seeds that you have planted.

You also want to be just putting yourself out there more, with those relationships,
sending those emails, connecting on social media, talking about seeing people, sending
the text message, going and actually seeing people. Doing what you need to do to get
yourself out there and then prepping your body, so starting to move a little bit more
with some exercise, looking at your diet of, what can I do to generate more energy,
because I need to be starting to do that now. Now, don’t go cold turkey with things of
like, “I’m going to cut everything and go all in with that way.” For some people, it
works, but for others, it’s like, let’s gradually just start to cut less and less sugar, less
and less alcohol or whatever it is.

Look at too, your sleeping patterns. Am I getting enough sleep here? Just start to
intentionally say, “I’m going to be generating more energy. I’m going to be moving, but
I’m going to be nourishing myself in the process.” Ask yourself if you need to plant any
more seeds. Intentionally think, what do you want to be feeling every day? For me, it’s
joy, for you, it may be peace or neutrality or something totally different, whatever that
is. Then ask yourself, “What are the thoughts I need to think to be feeling that every
single day?” Repeat those over and over again, especially when you get off track. Then
too, ask yourself, “Are there any more remaining layers? Is there anything that’s still
just feeling heavy on me that I need to go?”

If we think about winter, it’s not like it just Instantly comes and we’re in the spring.
Sometimes, you feel a little bit of spring and then we’ll have a couple more cold days
and then we’ll go back and we’ll have a little spring weather and then we’ll have more
cold days. [unintelligible 00:20:10] in Texas right now as I’m recording this. Last week,
we had super-duper crazy cold weather for Texas. If you heard about it in the news, we
were losing power and all the things and then this week, we’re in the ’80s. It’s crazy.

We’re getting this little taste of spring, even though it’s only late February and then
we’re going to go to a couple cold days again, and so we’ll feel a little bit more winter,
then we’ll have more warm days and then we’ll go back. You’re going to be feeling this
too, as the season transition. Again, it’s like when you’re feeling especially those cold
days, that’s nature way of saying, “What else needs to go here? What else do we need to
kill off?” Think about when nature’s killing off bugs and other things, as it’s having
those winter moments. You need to be asking yourself, “What do I need to clear
physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, whatever? What do I need to cut in my

All right. That’s what I have for you today. I’m going to continue to do this series of the
season work as the seasons keep coming. As I said, we’ve already done winter with Cut
the Clutter and then now we’ve done spring with Maximize– What are we calling this?
Maximize your bloom, I think, or something like that. Whatever this one is called. Prep
for Maximum Results. Here we go.

We’ll do a summer one, when summer hits here in the States and then we’ll go onto
fall. This will just be a collective series on the podcast, that you can listen to time and
time again, every year when it comes around.

Now, I do want to add, as women, we also are very cyclical around our cycle. We’ll be
adding in that element here on the shows too and I’m just starting to learn all about
that. Some people, they follow the cycle of the moon and so there’s that element of it.
We’re going through that every month, but for right now, let’s just keep it simple and
look at the seasons of looking at three months here, three months here, three month
here, three months here, right? I think that’s easier to digest and looking at every

All right. I hope you have some takeaways from this one. I loved recording it for you.
Enjoy the spring and all the beautiful things the spring brings. I love the spring. I love
it. So much fun.

Again, if you’re on the other hemisphere and you guys are entering fall, enjoy that
season too. That’s a beautiful season as well. They’re all beautiful. It’s all fun, right?
Anyways, that’s all I got for you today, my friend. I will talk to you next time on the
show. Bye.


Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you
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believe you can be, so believe in yourself. You got this.

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