SIDE JOB BENEFITS w/ Forbes Contributor, Kaytie Zimmerman

Is a side job worth it? Should you start one? Learn all that and more on today’s episode with Forbes contributor and creator of the Optimist Millennial, Kaytie Zimmerman.

side job benefits

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I work with women all the time who feel the itch to do something more in their careers.

Some of these women are stay-at-home moms looking for an outlet to earn “easy” money and want to do something more than change dirty diapers all day.

Others are women looking to pay off debt while having some sort of fun in the process.

Many though are women who have a desire to make a pivot in their career but lack the job skills to go all the way into something new. They want a job that can take them where they want to go, while still being financially smart in the process.

With women in all of these situations (among many others), I coach them on the idea of starting a side job.

I’ve been doing this so much over the years with clients that I knew I wanted to talk about it on the podcast.

Then, one of my absolute FAVORITE people I follow on Instagram started talking about side jobs too! And, she was sharing information about it that BLEW MY MIND.

I knew I had to have her on the show.

Her name is Kaytie Zimmerman. She’s a Forbes contributor and creator of the Optimistic Millennial, a career advice blog for young adults.

side job benefits

I love the way Kaytie teaches. She’s full of facts and stats, but she delivers them in a punchy, thought-provoking way. When I read her stuff, she leaves me with ah-ha moments for DAYS.

This interview is no different. It’s JAM PACKED with widom that will make you think and her tips will allow you to take immediate action in your life.

In this interview, Kaytie and I specifically cover…

-How Kaytie’s rocking her side job now and what previous side jobs have opened up for her (including paying off a ton of debt)

-How common side jobs are (spoiler: this stat will SHOCK you)

-Why the opportunities for side jobs are the biggest it’s ever been

-Some side job ideas so you can potentially start a side job today

-Why someone would want to consider a side job (beyond just earning more money)

-Why millennials struggle with jobs that feel unfulfilling & how to overcome that feeling

-My side job experience and what it’s opened up for me over the years (including this coaching business!)

-Why your twenties can be the BEST time to start a side job

-How to use LinkedIn to find the right side job(s) for you

-How you can balance a side job with motherhood (either as an already full-time working mom or as a stay-at-home mom) and why it’s important to be picky about what side job(s) you choose to pursue in this season of life

-What Kaytie thinks about multi-level marketing (MLM) companies and why moms especially need to be mindful about starting this kind of business 

-The impact of MLM companies on your personal life 

-What to do if you lose money investing in a side job/business 

Get ready, my friend…this episode can blow your socks off. Listen via the link on the top of this page!

To connect with today’s interview guest, Kaytie Zimmerman, you can visit her website here, connect with her on Instagram here and find her on Twitter here.

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