Goodness, do I have a treat for you. Today on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast I’m interviewing a client from my very FIRST group program in 2015, Kaycee Joy. Kaycee got incredible results from the first time we coached together but we’ve since reconnected and coached again starting in August 2020. Her results now are even MORE incredible. Tune in to hear all about this woman’s powerful journey.


“For whatever reason, I always struggled with my sexuality. What is so important and such a gift, Lindsay, is that I feel like you were the first human being to really see me and let me know that it was safe to be who I am.” – Kaycee Joy

Goodness, do I have a treat for you. Today on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast I’m interviewing a client from my very FIRST group program in 2015, Kaycee Joy.

When Kaycee and I met SIX years ago, she was a single mama of three who used multiple credit cards to pay for my then coaching cost of $597.  

Kaycee was only 28 years old when we met but she had experienced a lot of life already. She was once a teen mom who had already left several serious relationships (including a marriage).  Her career jumped around from place to place too. 

When we met, she was in a place of questioning many things in her life from her career path to her sexuality to her religious/spiritual beliefs.

As we coached together, Kaycee started to own her power more and more while healing deep pain from her childhood and twenty-something years. After we completed our coaching together then, Kaycee said…

“I have been in and out of therapy since I was 8 years old.  Never once did I learn the strategies Lindsay teaches. By working with her I was able to clearly see how to overcome my past and the icky stuck feelings I’ve felt for YEARS.  

As a little girl, I always had big dreams. Now I can actually go out and fulfill those dreams thanks to this work. For the first time in 28 years, I feel wanted, loved, respected and good enough. I didn’t know how I would afford working with Lindsay, but I took the leap and it was the BEST investment I’ve ever made.”

Pretty awesome, right?

But wait there’s more….

Kaycee and I went our separate ways for a few years. We kept in touch from time to time but in 2020, we reconnected in an on-going coaching relationship again when she joined my first “Living the Dream” group program (a program for established clients).  

In the past 7 months, Kaycee has taken off EVEN MORE. She’s establishing a strong and successful coaching business of her own making more in two months than she’s made ever in a year, she’s losing weight (without even trying to!), and she’s stepping into her power every damn 

day more and more by healing blocks that are holding her back. Her power is so strong she’s creating a massive ripple effect in her life, in her family, community, and with her clients.

Kaycee’s journey is incredible. You don’t want to miss hearing her coaching and life story. It’s good.

Listen now via the link at the top of this page.


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Full Transcript

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 110,
Kaycee’s Coaching Story.


Welcome to the Become An Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting,
fear-facing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston.
I’m a wife, mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world.
I’ve lived through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better.
We can’t fear the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to
do just that. Join me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient,
and powerful woman you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hey there, Ms. Unstoppable, welcome to another episode of the show. As always, so
grateful to have you here. I know I say that all the time as I intro these episodes, but I
mean it because I’ve recently found out there’s over two million podcasts. Yes, two
million. I found this cool little resource called Listen Notes. It takes your podcast,
meaning mine, among all the two million or so that are out there and it tells you where
your podcast ranks in regards to listenership, I guess. It says I’m in the top 2.5% of
podcasts. How cool is that out of like two million? I am so grateful you’re here, thank
you, thank you, thank you. I don’t take it lightly that you choose me to help you uplevel
your life, so again, thank you.

Today, I have a special treat. I am interviewing my client, Kaycee Joy, here on the show.
Kaycee and I met a while ago. It was 2015. She was one of my first group coaching
clients. When Kaycee came to me, she was what I consider, this little bud in the dirt
coming out and she was just a go-getter. Even though she’ll talk about her story here
on the podcast, and I’ll give you a little glimpse. She’s a single mom of three and when
I met her, she was just going through this transition of really stepping into this new
role in her life, which she will talk about more here and her episode.

Over the years, I’ve just seen her go from this little bud into this full blossom and
bloom. In fact, recently her and I started working together again, and when we had a
consult to go back in on the coaching agreement, I wrote down on a piece of paper,
“Ready to pop.” I could just see that her flower’s just ready to bloom. It’s just been so
fun to watch Kaycee grow over the years. I couldn’t help but want to bring her on the
show so you can see the long-term impact of somebody who does this work with me
because now it’s been six years, which is crazy. It feels like yesterday that I met Kaycee.
I hope you enjoy her story, it’s a great one. This episode you can probably see is longer
because I wanted her to talk about her story. You will hear too that Kaycee and I are
now working together. I’ve actually brought her into my business as a coach and we
talked about a little bit of that. A little spoiler for you is next week, she is going to be
my guest on the show where she’s going to be more in her coach position and her
expert position instead of a client. We’re going to be talking about what she does as a
coach and how we’re complementing each other now in my business and what she’s
doing in her business and it’s a beautiful, beautiful partnership. I feel like we were just
made to do this right now. I’m so grateful to have her.

Again, I want you to know about Kaycee because if you work with me, you’re likely
going to be working with Kaycee too so buckle up, buttercup, get ready to hear the
Kaycee Joy story. Here she is.

Lindsay: Hi, Kaycee, so excited to have you on the show. I’m always excited to have you
but this is the first time on the podcast.

Kaycee Joy: The first time on the podcast. I’m excited to be here.

Lindsay: Yay. Okay, so today you are Kaycee the client. I said in the intro that we’re
going to have a Kaycee the client episode and then Kaycee the coach episode, back to
back Episode 110, 111, so fun. Let’s talk about you and where you were when we met,
which I think was fall 2015, six years ago.

Kaycee: Six years ago, it flies by. Six years ago, I was in a Beachbody group, and
somebody else had posted– you were doing a seven-day video for promoting your first
launch of Become an Unstoppable Woman program. It was like, “Oh, let me just keep
listening to all of them.” I looked at Sarah and I’m like, “I have to be in this program.”
Because at the time, it didn’t matter what I was doing with my life, it felt like I just kept
hitting a brick wall. I had three kids, I was battling with my sexuality. Is it okay to be
gay? Is it not okay to be gay? Are people going to love me and accept me? How do I
fully authentically be myself? I listened to your videos and I’m like, “Wow, I think this is
what I need in my life.”

Lindsay: Yes, I remember that moment. I even looked on Facebook today, I was like,
“Did she reach out to me on Facebook?” but it must have been an email and I wish I
still had that email but I remember you saying, “I’ve listened to your videos, I know I
want to work with you.” Me being in my first launch, I had already had some people join
Unstoppable from another freebie I did. I was like, “Well, let me just put these videos
out there and see what happens.” Then you came along and I was like, “This is so cool.
She just saw my videos and she says wants to work with me” whereas the other ones I
had nurtured them for like 30 days.

I remember getting on a call with you, I guess it probably would have been like a miniconsult from what I remember. You saying something along the lines of like, “I have to make this money work.” At that time, it was $597 for a 90-day program, which now we both laugh at.

I remember too, this is silly though, Kaycee, I had an early bonus where it
was $497. I remember feeling so guilty charging you the extra 100. I’m like, “Maybe I
should just give it to her” and I was like, “No, that wouldn’t be fair. I told them it was a
bonus” because I knew that the money was going to be hard for you to come up with
but you did. You came with it.

Kaycee: We came up with it. I almost think we pulled like 100 from the bank account
and then split the rest on two credit cards.

Lindsay: Yes. I remember that now. You did I think payments maybe or something? I
don’t know.

Kaycee: No, I didn’t have to do payments as you let me split it on two cards. [laughs]

Lindsay: Okay. That’s so funny. Okay. What was it about those videos, Kaycee, that
you’re like, “I have to work with the girl”?

Kaycee: At the moment that I got the videos, my mom and I were not talking. I almost
wonder if in the videos, you were talking about the inner mean girl.

Lindsay: Probably.

Kaycee: At the time, it was a lot– for women, the inner mean girl voice tends to be the
voice of our mothers, I was like, “Oh, this makes so much sense. I need to figure out this
ego, inner mean girl thing so that I could figure out how to live the life that deep inside
I really wanted to live.”

Lindsay: I’m going back there now. I’m remembering that call again and I remember
thinking, “I love this girl’s energy.” I don’t remember hearing that much about your
story but I remember when you joined at that time was a Facebook community, and you
introduced yourself, again, you showed up with this positive energy. You had stated
that you were dating Sarah. I think you would even say that that’s a big thing for me to
be able to say that. To me, I was just like, “Another day.” I didn’t think that much of it.
Too, getting to know your story throughout the next few months was so interesting.
Can you just tell everybody in a nutshell, the story of Kaycee up until that point?

Kaycee: Up until that point, it was a big deal for me to introduce Sarah as my partner,
like, “This is my girlfriend, and this is my family, and this is who we are.” Up until that
point, it was a lot of inner wrestling with the church. The church saying that it wasn’t
okay to be gay, and I was going to go to hell and I’m like, “I don’t want to go to hell. I
want God to love me.” I had a lot of conversations with people within the church, older
people and leaders in the church telling me that if I was with Sarah, then because I had
children, my kids were also going to go to hell, and I’m like, “Okay.” I remember one of
the goals that I want to work with you on was to figure out, is it okay for me to be gay?

Is it okay for me to love Sarah, and live this life that I really want to live and also be the
amazing mom that I know I can be. At the time it just felt a lot of inner wrestling, and
because of that inner wrestling in that back and forth within myself, it was showing up
in many ways of my life. Like, I was getting really frustrated with my children. Then,
there was this in and out, back and forth between Sarah and I. I think, ultimately, at the
end of the program, I was like, I tried blaming everything possible on Sarah and not
taking, like, I just don’t know. I don’t know if it’s ok to be gay.
I mean, we are married now, so [crosstalk]. [laughs]

Lindsay: I remember that. I remember it was like, the way it was portrayed was Sarah
was not a good fit, and you were leaving that relationship. Towards it, as a newbie
coach, I was just like, “Okay, Kaycee, if that’s what you think I let you do your thing and
we’ll get to what happened between those times. I do want to go back. Kaycee, what
were you doing for work? I know you had Beach body on the side that you were
dabbling in.”

Kaycee: Oh, that was it yes.

Lindsay: Okay.

Kaycee: Because that was the year 2015. Sarah was like, “Yes, just go on in this beach
body thing. Quit your job”. I was working at a chiropractor’s office front desk. At the
time that I had hired you, I wasn’t working, only Sarah was working. It was a family. We
were a family of five. I think at the time she was only making 9.25, maybe 9.75 an hour.
That $597 was a big deal.

Lindsay: Yes. No joke.

Lindsay: Yes, yes. Oh my gosh, that’s crazy. Okay, so you were doing beach party, you
had your three kids. Do you want to go into the story of your children and how they
came about? [laughs]

Kaycee: Okay, how I had them?

Lindsay: Yes.

Kaycee: Savannah, I got pregnant with Savannah in my senior year of high school. That
was also a big deal. It was a very conservative West Michigan school. I remember being
pulled into the principal’s office. I was highly recommended for me to drop out of the
last three months of high school and go to the alternative education. That was one
option. I was graduating with high honors, I had a 3.8. The other option was I could
graduate, but I would have to order a graduation gown that was three times my size, so
that nobody would see that I was pregnant.

Lindsay: Oh my goodness.

Kaycee: Yes, so I graduated high school, I was the final. Ordered the gown that’s too
big. I graduated high school, had my open house. My parents, my mom and my stepdad
were getting a divorce, so I had to go live with Savannah’s dad and parents. Which is an
hour and a half away from my home. Yes, there was a lot of difficult moments being
pregnant, being away from home. I had just graduated high school. Her dad got really
into drugs.

I remember calling my best friends being like, “Can you guys come get me?” I’m a
month and a half away from having my daughter. All of our money is gone. I’m not
working. It was really big for him to support us. I wasn’t going to work, and that wasn’t
in my nature because I had been working since I was 13. They were halfway from home
to where I was living and I had called and I was like, “Please just turn around and go
home.” Because I had nowhere to go.

It was like, they could come pick me up, but what was I going to do? I had no home to
go to. I asked them to go back home, and three weeks after Savannah was born, I went
and applied at Target. I started working at Target and the human resources manager at
the time, oh my goodness, she was just amazing. She was like, “You should go apply for
WIC.” I’m like, “WIC? What’s WIC?” She just helped me. She was like, “Just go do this.”
There was a lady at the WIC office who just was like, “I’m just so curious about you.
I don’t know what it is. She pulled me into her office and we had a conversation, and
she taught me how to take money from my paycheck and put it in a separate bank
account that wasn’t traceable so that I could squirrel money away to leave my situation.

I did that for three months and I packed up Savannah. Just shortly, well, I guess it was
only two and a half months, but it was just shortly after Christmas and Savannah and I
moved back to our hometown.

My mom then had her own place, and I stayed with my mom for a few months. I started
working in the restaurant and it took about three months living with my mom. I got my
own place with Savannah. It’s this cute little 500 square foot apartment and it’s two
bedrooms and it was tiny, but I was proud of it. I was 18, and then at the restaurant I
had met a man who was significantly older than me and seemingly fell in love with
him. I mean, I fell in love with him as an 18 year old falls in love with an older man.

About nine months into that, I was like, I don’t know, it’s just fun. I got pregnant again
with Paxton, and this man’s MO, I mean, the first things out of his mouth were, I don’t
have money for an abortion today, but in two paychecks, I will. I’m like, I don’t– there
was also the wrestle of like, I don’t know. I really don’t know that I could give up my
child. There were moments where an abortion was scheduled and then I cancel and I
schedule and I cancel.

Ultimately, I’m like, “I just feel like my choice is to keep the baby.” I remember finding
out he was a boy and I was so scared. I’m like, “What am I going to do with a boy? I
don’t know how to be a boy mom.” When he was born, I got two extra days in the
hospital with him. I just remember looking at him and being like, “Oh my gosh, this is
love. This is love between a mother and a child.”

I was so proud of myself in that moment of just knowing, just trusting my inner wisdom
that I was going to be able to make it work. We could do this and we chose each other.
I have Paxton and Savannah and they’re two under two. I think Paxton was probably
about nine months old when I met Sarah. She’s been in Paxton’s life for 12 and a half
years now. That was right around—

Lindsay: Well, pause Kaycee. What happened to Paxton’s dad after you were pregnant?

Kaycee: After I got pregnant with Paxton, his dad was just totally in and out. He was
with other women. He ended up dating another pregnant woman. Ultimately, he just
was not interested, so he didn’t show up for the birth. It was just Paxton and I.
Savannah’s dad and I were back together. He intended on adopting Paxton and then
just never showed up at the hospital. The cool part about that I’ll get to, is Paxton is
not going to be adopted.

It feels like it’s just like this really unique story for him. Then I meet Sarah, it’s like, “Oh,
am I gay?” Like, “Yes, maybe. I don’t know, this is new.” I didn’t know anybody in my life
outside of people within the restaurant. I was open to it and very curious. Then Sarah
and I had been in the church and that was when we had learned how bad it was to be

Lindsay: Please, a question.

Kaycee: Yes.

Lindsay: Did Sarah know she was gay at that point?

Kaycee: Totally.

Lindsay: Okay.

Kaycee: She had been married to a man before.

Lindsay: Oh, wow.

Kaycee: Once they got divorced, she was like, “Maybe not.” [laughs]

Lindsay: Okay, Interesting. How did you two meet?

Kaycee: We met at the bar.

Lindsay: Oh, cool. Then were you friends at first or what?

Kaycee: Yes, I mean, there was an instant connection. She says I made eye contact with
her and she just knew. I was just trying to ask her a question to make sure, I don’t know,
I was safe. [laughs] It was like, there wasn’t an instant connection of like, “I think this
woman is going to have my back and protect me.” She was like, “Ooh, there’s something
about this woman.” We were friends back and forth for, I don’t know, maybe a month
and a half just chatting back and forth. Then it was like, “Oh yes, this could really work.

Lindsay: I didn’t know that part of the story.

Kaycee: A lot of drama. She lived where Savannah’s dad was from, and I was back in
Grand Rapids. It’s just like, there’s so many connections. Paxton’s dad, while he didn’t
show up at the hospital, he was around a little bit for the first three and a half years of
his life. It took about six to eight weeks after he was born before he saw him for the
first time. Then it was just an in and out back and forth story. Then one day he just
stopped showing up. Sarah really, truly, has been his second parent this entire time.

Shortly after getting into the church though, Sarah and I were like, “Yes, it’s fine.” She
just honored me. I didn’t know that Sarah ever believed that it was wrong to be gay. I
had the inner wrestle and she just wanted to honor me. Sarah and I decided to break
up. She honors me. I then shortly after start dating Lyla’s dad. We had worked together.
We had dated about six months, got engaged, got married, did everything the right way
according to the church. Get pregnant on our honeymoon. I have her, I don’t know, nine
months later.

We weren’t married long. We got married in October of 2010 and our divorce was final
in April of 2013. I knew immediately that I wanted out of the marriage, but again, a lot
of church hurt within it. Like you have to stay married, it’s bad to get a divorce, give it
your all. I did, I was like, “Okay, I’m going to give it my all, I’m going to give it my all, I
can’t be gay. I can’t be gay. I got to stay married to a man.” Head down, read the Bible.
Ultimately, I ended the marriage.

Lindsay: It’s 2013 now.

Kaycee: 2013.

Lindsay: Then what happened?

Kaycee: 2013, what happened after that?

Lindsay: You got three years until you meet me.

Kaycee: Oh my goodness.

Lindsay: When do you and Sarah get back together?

Kaycee: I don’t know.

Lindsay: Sometime between there.

Kaycee: Yes. We stayed friends the entire time. She was the first person that knew I was
pregnant with Lyla. We talked all the time so I lose track of time of when we actually
got back together. I would have to say it was sometime in 2014, she finally moved in
with me. Because I was working at the chiropractor’s office and we had been together
probably about nine months, living together at that point. She fully supported me
trying to quit the office, going 100% into Beach Body. There’s not much excitement
between getting divorced and that moment.

Lindsay: Then that’s when we come together, we coach.

Kaycee: We come together.

Lindsay: You’re accepting you’re gay. You were stepping into things of motherhood. I
forget how we worded the goal at the time, but it’s just being a better mom. I don’t
know how to word that.

Kaycee: Yes. Being better, being present, and yelling more.

Lindsay: Yes. Oh, that’s right. That’s right. Then after those first three months of
coaching, I remember you had decided at that point you wanted to be a coach.

Kaycee: Yes. I took the strength finders quiz and I’m like, “Wow. A lot of this makes
sense.” Because growing up a lot of my friends always came to me for advice and then I
had kids first so then when my friends were starting to have kids, they were coming to
me for advice for that. There was just something powerful about coaching. Then like,
“Oh, I feel like then based on my strengths, this could be a really good fit for me.”
Plus I have an entrepreneur mind. I was in beach body coaching and so I reached out to
you and asked like, “Hey, based on my strengths and what you know of so far about me,
do think it would be a good fit?” You’re like, “Yes. I do.”

Lindsay: I was looking back through our Facebook messages from forever ago, Kaycee. I
was sending you stuff of like, “Hey, Kaycee, go listen to this podcast. Hey, Kaycee, go do
this.” I’m like, “Oh, I forgot I totally did that.” Then I remember at that point, you knew
you wanted to be a coach and there was this part of me that I knew that when you pay
the 597, but that was big. I really wanted you to do the next coaching process. I went to
you and I think I said, “Let’s barter.”

You did some admin hours for me and I was like, “Just come in Authentically Awesome.
I will coach you and I’ll help you start building your coaching business.” I started
teaching you how to coach on the side which blows my mind we did that. Because at
the time I had gone through coach training two years prior, and then I had also been
trained to train coaches from my coaching school. Then I ended up never pursuing that.
If anyone thinks I’m training coaches, I’m not. I pursued it with you. I was like, “Well, let
me just see how this goes.”

I remember creating PowerPoints for you. I remember it being a weekday. We would sit
down and I’d be like, “Okay, Kaycee, here’s how you ask questions and here’s how you
create space and here’s how you do all the things.” Then after Authentically Awesome, I
remember you starting to step into this role as a coach and then you and I parted ways
for a while. I got consumed with getting married and I had my own mental drama going
on with the up-level I had seen with you all in that group and that I was just focusing
on getting new people through the system. What happened during those years, Kaycee,
when we weren’t in touch as much?

Kaycee: I think it was like, I knew the tools that I could use. Oh, let’s go back though. I
start stepping into this coaching role and then I’m like, I had so much drama around not
knowing if I was doing it right or not having the certification and I don’t know how to
get clients. I had a lot of mind drama around it. I was like, “Yes, I can’t do this. It’s not
for me.” Sarah and I, we were working on selling our house. There was a lot of like, “let
me just take care of that stuff”. Sold our house, moved into our new home, renovated
this home.

Lindsay: Did you and Sarah break up at one point or did you stay together?

Kaycee: We may have broke up before we sold the house.

Lindsay: I thought so. Because I think after Authentically Awesome, you were like, “I’m
going to be a coach. I’m going to break up with Sarah.” I was like, “Okay, Kaycee, if you
need me, reach out.”

Kaycee: Yes.

Lindsay: I was like, “Okay, go do your thing.” Because that was at the time too and I was
like, “Okay, everybody go fly. ” I was so worried everyone was going to be codependent
on me. “Go fly. Don’t come back, but if you need me, email me or something, we do one
off sessions, but like, I’m not here to support you long-term.”

Kaycee: Right. Yes. We did break up shortly after that.

Lindsay: Then it was like, “What’s Kaycee doing?” I remember then you were selling hair
products and I’m like, “Why is Kaycee selling hair products?” I saw you from afar just
not step into that power. Even when you’re like, “Oh, Lindsay, I want to be certified and
get the certificate.” I’m like, “Kaycee, seriously, you went through the whole thing that
we would give someone a certification for.” I remember even you coaching other
people and I would listen to the recording of it and then I’d be like, “Okay, Kaycee, do
this.” You would coach me and I would give you feedback. You just had a lot of mind

Again, I was so new in the game, I was like, “Okay. She’s got to figure this stuff out.”
Versus continually coaching you, but let’s do go back to those first six months. They
were messy on my part when I look at it as a coach, but they were powerful.

Kaycee: Super powerful.

Lindsay: I was going back and I was looking at your testimonial from that time and it
was along the lines of as a little girl, I had gone to therapy

Kaycee: Absolutely.

Lindsay: Is that right, Kaycee.

Kaycee: Yes.

Lindsay: I remember too, you saying something of like, “This is the first time I’m really
starting to believe in myself.”

Kaycee: Yes.

Lindsay: It changed the game for you enough to start living in a bit of an authentic life.

Kaycee: Yes. Because it was something that I could always bounce back to. If I got stuck
in my patterns or the way that I was thinking, I could like go back and be like, No, I can
do this thing.” Sarah used to be like, “Do you need a weekend to go have a release? You
just seem really sad. Do you just need a release?” I just remember her calling back in
the tools because they work and she could see the difference. The sad part is, is that
yes, after Authentically Awesome, Sarah and I did break up and there was still a lot of
mind drama. Ultimately, I just decided because I was still so wrapped in the church that
it wasn’t okay and acceptable for me to be gay.

I think then what happened, why I didn’t fully step into the coaching role was because
then I couldn’t be authentic. I remember telling you, I didn’t ever want to coach
somebody who is wrestling with their sexuality because it felt so hard. I could never
tell somebody that it was wrong to be gay. It was like, I knew that, but I couldn’t tell
myself that it was wrong to tell myself that it’s wrong to be gay.

Eventually, I left the church, and then I thought that when Sarah and I had sold our
home and moved into this home, and we thought that we had found this beautiful
church that was LGBT inclusive. They really claimed that they were. At that point, Sarah
and I were butting heads, but it had nothing to do with wondering about our sexuality.
That was the first time, so this would have been 2018, the summer of 2018, Sarah and I
split up for the last time and she moved out.

It was the first time that we had broken up, not based on our sexuality or my inner
wrestles. It was just like, we didn’t have the tools and figuring out how to be okay
together. She moved out, I got hired as the kids’ pastor at this church. I was so excited
because I love kids so much. Kids bring me so much joy. Give me a baby to hold and
coo over and I’m just in awe.

It just felt so powerful. This is an amazing church and I get to teach these kids and I get
to teach them how to live their authentic life. Teach them these really cool lessons in
life of how to just be, how to be themselves. I was really excited about this role and
this position. It took about two months and Sarah contacted me and I’m like, “Oh, I miss
this woman.” I just miss her so much. We were talking and it was right around
Thanksgiving. I was like, “I think I’m ready to tell the pastors that you and I are back
together. Maybe you can start coming to the church with us.”

Then something deep inside me was like, “Don’t do it.” The way things unfolded, I’m so
glad I didn’t, because I really think that I would have been talked out of being with her.
In 2019, the Methodist church decided to say that leaders and pastors in the church
that were gay could no longer have their positions. In that moment, I had decided to
post on Instagram, speaking up for these leaders being like, “I’m so sorry that this has
happened to you”. Because I’m finally okay with my sexuality and God and the church. I
know I’m loved by God and the universe and fully accepted and I can accept myself and
I love this woman.

Because this church said that they’re LGBT friendly. They have like five handfuls of gay
people within their congregation and so I immediately get a phone call stating that I’m
only allowed to post truth on Instagram and it’s my own personal Instagram, first of all,
but also I’m representing their church. I was really confused because I’m like, “Why am I
the kids’ pastor? Why am I the kids’ pastor, if you don’t actually believe that LGBT
people can be leaders and pastors within churches. I’m totally blown away by this.” I
remember being like, “I’m the B. I am bisexual.”

It was the first time that ever really came out of my mouth and he’s like, “Oh, well, we
just assumed that Jesus has saved you because you and Sarah broke up in the summer.”
I just remember being so mind blown that I didn’t like catch it, but rather than falling
into the church’s drama about my sexuality, I said, “I’m done.” They said that I couldn’t
have the role if I was going to be gay and I just chose Sarah in that moment. Well, I
chose myself, but ultimately, I can be with this woman. It didn’t take long before I had
went and purchased a ring so that I could propose to her and we got married.

Lindsay: Pause, everyone. At this point, we had parted in early 2016, I went and did my
own thing. I had a baby, took off time. You were doing your own thing. We came back
together. You and I did around this time. It was, I think, Spring 2019. It would’ve been
three years later. God, that went by fast. That seems like a blink of an eye. You came
back to me and you said, “Lindsay, I’ve been working at this church.” I remember
getting on a call with you, because I was trying to get my business up and running
again. You had a lot of tears.

I remember that call, Kaycee. I remember I had Kleenex and I was wiping the tears
because you couldn’t see me because you were just telling me like, “This is what I’ve
been through the past few months.” It was intense. Now you talk about it like you’re
past that. At that time, it was deep and it was even deep for me of holding space for
you of like, “Oh my gosh, I cannot believe you’ve been through this.” Then you were
accepting it even more.

Then that’s when a few weeks later, I think you posted on our community or something,
you were like, “I just proposed to Sarah.” I remember the pictures and you were like,
“I’m so glad I got this coaching that helped me get to this place.” Of course, it was your
own doing right. The coaching just got you in alignment. Then I was like, “Wow, this is
a different Kaycee.” I remember thinking of that as like, “Kaycee in a different head

You then went back through the programs, self-study. We would do a couple of one-onone calls here and there from that and so we were starting to get in contact more
again. I want to fast forward to summer 2020, but what else do you want to say in
there, Kaycee?

Kaycee: No. You can fast forward to 2020. Well, what is so important and such a gift,
Lindsay, is that I feel like you were the first human being–I live in the Bible belt of
Michigan. For whatever reason, I just always struggled with my sexuality, but I feel like
you were the first person to really see me and let me know that it was safe to be.
Even if in those years I still wrestled, it was like, I knew I could trust you and I knew I
could go to you and I knew as heartbreaking as it was for me and I knew it would be
heartbreaking for you, that you would be able to hold that space for me to be able to
be like, “I made the right decision. Let me process the emotions that have happened
from the church so that I could fully step into making the decision of marrying Sarah
and not having to look back.

I’m so grateful for you and for the way that you just are inclusive and you loved going
back to like, “You are a life lover.” You love and you show up and it’s received in such a
beautiful way and I’m grateful for you for that.

Lindsay: Kaycee, girl.

Kaycee: Then we can fast-forward it to 2020.

Lindsay: Let’s go back to that because it’s so funny because you told me that just a few
months ago, it was like, “You were the first person that made me feel safe and sane.” I
think you wrote it on an Instagram post. I was like, “I had no idea.” Because to me,
when you were coming in and you were wrestling with your sexuality, you have a lot of
mind drama about it. To me, I was like, “What’s the big deal? So what? You’re bisexual.”

At the time I wasn’t as well versed in the tool, the model that I teach on the podcast
and teach my clients a lot of it’s just our thoughts, creating our feelings and seeing it
that way. Going back to it, it’s like, that’s what I was doing. You were swimming in this
pool of all this drama. You wanting to pull me in the drama in some ways, because so
many others are like, “Yes, Kaycee, it’s so bad. It’s so bad and I’m like, “Okay. You love
Sarah. You want to marry Sarah. Knowing that that made such an impact on you, like
for me, it was just like another day, like moving on. I was just like, “Man, that’s so cool.”
I think two, knowing– Because I’m in Texas, I’m in the Bible Belt, for sure, and we have
that commonality in a way of, we’re surrounded with it.

I have to go back on something because when we coached the very first time, I
remember you sent me this beautiful card, and I had it on a board for a long time. You
said something like, “Not only have you have you impacted my life but the lives of my
children.” I remember taking it, pasting it, and looking at it every day. I was like, “Wow.”
Again, you were in my first group of clients. “Wow, I’m making this impact.” Also, in that,
you had sent me a book, and it was called the Circle Prayer or something, Prayers

Kaycee: Oh. Jesus Circle, Jesus– I don’t know.

Lindsay: Something– I don’t know. Basically, this book—

Kaycee: Oh, The Prayers Circle?

Lindsay: Yes. I remember when we were coaching, you were very much into the religion
and stuff. When you sent me that book and stuff I remember thinking at the back of my
head, “Why is Kaycee trying to make me religious?” [laughs] That’s how you were indepth in it. It was a lot about prayer you would talk about, and then when you sent me
that book, I’m like, “Kaycee, I’m not into that world. That’s totally cool but–” [laughs]
It’s just so funny now.

Kaycee: Yes, The Prayers Circle.

Lindsay: It’s so funny now because you’ve evolved in a different way. Then at this point,
it’s summer 2020. I guess we had worked together in 2019. In 2020, I came to my old
clients, and I said, “Guys, girls, really, gals.”

Lindsay: “I’ve had this download. I want to start this program called Living the Dream
just for old clients.” I remember when I would write those emails it was like I was on
fire. This is what I’ve wanted, and I had wanted it from the very beginning when I’d
started coaching. I was like, it starts with Unstoppable Woman for 90 days,
Authentically Awesome for 90 days, you go into this Living the Dream, and that’s what
we do forever and ever and ever.

I didn’t feel like I was ready to hold that space yet. I didn’t feel like y’all were ready yet,
and so, again, I pitched this. Again, you and I had been in contact, it was really casual
though. Then I had this dream about you one night. Do you remember this?

Kaycee: Is this where Paxton and Izzy were at a dance?

Lindsay: Yes, it was something like that. It was like I was at this place, I saw Paxton,
and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, Kaycee is here. Kaycee is here.” I’m, in my dream just– I
think I was crying maybe. I was just like, “Where is Kaycee? I’ve got to see Kaycee. I’ve
got to see Kaycee.” I woke up and I was like, “Man, I haven’t had an intense dream like
that in a really long time.” I was like, “Why do I feel so called from a soul level to feel
like I need to feel this connection with Kaycee?”

At the time, like I said, I was pitching Living the Dream, you hadn’t signed up for a
consult yet, and there was this part of me that I was like, “Come on, Kaycee, come on.
You would be so good for this. Come on, Kaycee. Come on.” I think you got one of the
last spots for a consult, and I remember us getting on that consult and you had told me
what you had been up to more in detail because I knew at that point you were going to
go to– What’s your school called Kaycee? Remind me.

Kaycee: The Vitalist School of Psychospiritual Transformation.

Lindsay: Yes. You had also gotten certification in what?

Kaycee: I got certification in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, which is like past life
hypnosis, and then holistic counseling.

Lindsay: Yes. That point, you had already gotten some of that?

Kaycee: Yes.

Lindsay: Right? You came to me on that consult, and you were like, “Okay, Lindsay, I’m
ready to step into this.” I remember, again, thinking on that consult, I even wrote, I have
to show you the note one day. I wrote, “Ready to pop.” You were like, “I want to do this
business,” and you had some money thoughts. Do you remember this?

Kaycee: Yes.

Lindsay: You were like, “I just can’t charge that much.” I’m like,” Are you kidding me,
Kaycee? Do you know how much I would pay for some of this stuff? I would fly to
Michigan and pay you $1000 to do XYZ.” Again, I didn’t think that much of it because I
was just coaching you. We got off the call, and I remember you being on fire, is what
you said. You joined Living the Dream, and I was like, “Cool, this is going to be fun.”
Let’s talk about what’s happened over the last six months since that happened.

Kaycee: Yes, we could do that. I definitely waited, I think, waited until the very last day
to sign up for a consult because I was like, “I can do it on my own.” I have made so
many investments already this year and don’t have FOMO. I don’t have to have FOMO. I
don’t have to join this group, but definitely, something deep within was like, “No, you
really need to go through Living the Dream. I get off the consult, and I’m on fire, and
like immediately, somebody hires me for me to coach them, and then another
participant reached out. I think there were three people before the first Living the
Dream call, and I was like, “What the heck?” [chuckles]

Lindsay: What had happened before then? Had you had any clients yet?

Kaycee: No, not since like 2017, so like three years had gone by. When I was going
through the trainings and stuff for holistic counseling and in quantum healing, I had to
work with like three clients to practice, but paying clients, no. Even so, I was still just
thinking I would start the business at the end of Living the Dream, or like halfway

Lindsay: Yes, because that was your goal. It was like, “I’ll leave by spring, and I will have
made by the end of the year–” I think it was like what? 30-40K?

Kaycee: Yes, 30K, and then you were like, “Well, if you do another 6000, you’ll have
taxes covered, so you can at least have 30K.” 36K and then your—
Lindsay: Then you joined Living the Dream, and from what I gathered from the ladies–
because I had a welcome video, I was like, “Listen, the coaching style is different. We’re
going all in, this is what it means.” You took that seriously. You took of like, “I’m going
all-in seriously.” You have done everything I’ve asked and more to the full extent.
Describe to us what’s happened, Kaycee. [chuckles]

Kaycee: Yes. You said to treat it like a million-dollar investment, so for me, I’m working
full-time, and now all of a sudden, magically, I’m seeing clients, I have three kids, I
worked first shift in a dentist, Sarah worked second shift, so we’re on opposite
schedules. I come home from work, and it’s just the kids and I, and I’m like, “All right,
I’m committed. I’m going to do this.” The going all-in, I’m so thankful that you have the
material on the podcast because that saved me. That was a game-changer. I’m like, “I
can listen. I can listen on the road,” and sometimes happen to take in this stuff multiple

What has changed in the last six months? Sarah and I are– It just feels so good to
finally really embrace her as my wife. This is my person, I am proud of her, and I am
proud of the way that she loves me. She’s going to be adopting Paxton. Just so many
beautiful, authentic decisions have been made. I’m leaning into her, and I don’t have to
be so controlling, I don’t have to call the shots. I can listen to her, let her take the lead,
and then I can take the lead when I need to, so it’s like this beautiful dance.

I’m being able to use some of the coaching stuff with the kids and the things that I’m
learning in school with the kids. I just feel like my whole household is just up-leveling.
Sarah got a $7 an hour raise. I don’t know, I’m just like, this is the life that in 2015 I
knew in my belly I could live. I just feel like rapidly because six months is really not
that long of a time period, I’m like, “Okay, I can just be my authentic self, and I can
show off my wife, and I can show up on Instagram. I stepped into my business, I went
all into my business, I’m leaving the dentist April 30th, and so I’ve been working fulltime and taking clients on as much as I can.

Lindsay: Let’s pause there, Kaycee.

Kaycee: Sure.

Lindsay: How much money have you made?

Kaycee: It’s just under $20,000.

Lindsay: Nice. A lot of that was in one month.

Kaycee: Yes.

Lindsay: The month of January and February, so two months?

Kaycee: Yes.

Lindsay: Yes. So 10K January in essence, 10K February.

Kaycee: Yes.

Lindsay: No big deal.

Kaycee: No big deal.

Lindsay: What did you say the other day? How much money had you ever, like the most
money you’ve made in your life before?

Kaycee: Was $28,000.

Lindsay: It was made, that like two months?

Kaycee: In two months. That’s how I am like, “This work is working.” I’m so in alignment
and in my purpose.

Lindsay: Yes. You are the example of why I have the process, the way it is now of like,
Unstoppable, Authentically Awesome. Living the dream. That’s what was missing last
time. It was like before, it was authentically awesome, you guys are, you know your
authentic self, you know the puzzle of you, you have the dreams you want to go dream,
go dream them, go live them. Right. Then you guys are like, okay, don’t be codependent.

You go do your thing. Then now it’s like, “Okay, now we’re going to live this
motherfucker’. Then it’s like, okay, let’s go. Let’s go. You got the, you’ve got the
authentic self here in alignment. You know what you want? Let’s go. Then it’s just like
massive growth if you’re ready for it. Right. If you go all in, that’s what I’ve gotten on.
Some of the other ladies about the group of like, “Okay, you’ve got to show up for

You’ve got to do your tools. You’ve got to do the thing. Like we’re putting our money
where our mouth is. Again, it’s like, that’s why the process is the way it is. You just had
to wait until I figured it out. Kaycee. So glad you figured it out.

Kaycee: No. Because you’ve done the job. Like the coaching calls, like four calls a
month. I’m like, if I don’t apply, I’m like, yes. Anybody who’s not on, I’ll take their spot.
No problem. Because for me, it’s just like, I’m all in. I feel like for me, it’s like, what I
have to lose is my whole future. If I don’t go all in, the dream, I might as well just set
the dreams aside. I have such big dreams for my life and my children and my family and
the legacy I want to leave in this lifetime. It was just like, it just all clicked. Like last
year I claimed in 2020, it was going to be the year of massive healing and living the
dream program was just like the final piece of the puzzle of 2020. It’s like, that was
massive healing in 2021, is massive growth. I just feel so excited about my life and
where I’m headed and the lives that I get to change. I’m just really thrilled and excited.

Lindsay: Yes. Dang, girl, it’s been a journey to get here. That’s what I want you to go
into your in-depth, we’re going an hour. It was only supposed to be 30 minutes, but I’m
like, people have got to hear this story because, and granted, we only have this
container, but if they knew like the true before and after of Kaycee Joy, it’s been
remarkable to watch you. Like, even just the past six months, I’m like, “Damn, this is so
fun”. Kaycee, look at you like, and that’s, what’s so fun about the coaching relationship.
When a client is all in, it’s like, yes, let’s go. Let’s go. As a coach, it’s like, you can’t help
but get super excited because you know, they’re going to do the work. You know
they’re going to apply the work and you know they’re going to get the results.

Then it’s like, the money just seems like nothing, like piddly. At our next episode, we
are going to be talking about you as a coach, including that I have recently hired you
and you do your own coaching sessions in Living the Dream now because you bring in a
totally other component that I don’t have, which is bodywork. I’m all in the mind, you
have this body elements and you work with my one-on-one clients. Most of them don’t
know that until I get to a certain point, I’m like, “Surprise”, you get a bonus session with
Kaycee. I’m just like this added extra thing. The ones who have already had it, they
come back to me, Kaycee, and they’re like, “Oh my gosh, Lindsay, that was so amazing”.
We’re going to get into all that next week about bodywork and how Kaycee’s even my

How did I forget that? I recently hired Kaycee. The student has become the teacher and
what she has helped me create in just, gosh, like three or four months that we weren’t
going to have her.

Kaycee: Three months.

Lindsay: Yes. Get ready for that one, my friends. Kaycee, thanks for coming on today and
sharing your story in depth with us and your coaching journey. If you had to leave one
message to anyone out there, that’s like, okay, maybe I should do this coaching thing.
What would you say?

Kaycee: Just if you’re questioning it, you should just do it. There’s like trust– There’s
something beautiful about being able to trust your intuition, about being able to trust
that. I call it the small voice within of like, you know you’re meant for greatness. You
don’t know how to get there and coaching will help you get there. Coaching is just like,
here’s the pathway. Let me just open up all the doors. I just believe wholeheartedly if
you have just like the smallest inkling to just do it.

Lindsay: Yes. It’s so true. It opens up all the doors. It gives you all the tools too when
the door is closed and you’re like, “Wait a second, how do I get that door open again?”
Get that and then it’s like massive growth. Thank you, Kaycee.

Kaycee: Thank you.


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