BODYWORK’S POWER w/ Kaycee Joy, Embodiment Coach

Kaycee is BACK for another interview. This time though I’m interviewing her as the powerful coach and holistic counselor she has become in the past few years. Kaycee’s so powerful that she’s even been coaching ME over the past few months and the transformation I’ve received is life-changing. Tune in today as she teaches YOU how to use your body to heal and grow.

BODYWORK’S POWER w/ Kaycee Joy, Embodiment Coach

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“The simplest way to define bodywork is using your body to heal your life.” – Kaycee Joy

Last week on the show, I introduced you to my client, Kaycee Joy. Kaycee was one of my first group coaching clients 6 years ago and we recently began coaching again in another group program of mine called, Living the Dream (my program for on-going clients).

Her story of transformation is beyond inspiring. If you missed that episode, listen here now.

This week, Kaycee is BACK for another interview. This time though I’m interviewing her as the powerful coach and holistic counselor she has become in the past few years.

Kaycee’s so powerful that she’s even been coaching ME over the past few months and the transformation I’ve received is life changing. (The teacher has become the student in many ways!)

Kaycee Joy teaches her clients how to heal so they can activate who they were born to be. She’s trained in many modalities that she uses to help aid her clients in their healing, but all of them point back to the body.

She believes we can use our bodies to heal our minds, which in turn heals our lives.

I consider Kaycee a bottom-up healer (using the body to heal the mind) and I’m a top-down healer (using the mind to heal the body). You may think because of that difference we’d be sworn enemies, but Kaycee and I believe by using BOTH ways of healing, we create even MORE powerful results for our clients together.

(I believe this so much that Kaycee even coaches MY clients now for special sessions.)

This interview today with Kaycee will teach you how YOU can start to use bodywork to heal so you can attain more goals in your life while feeling better than ever.

You don’t want to miss this episode. Promise.

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Full Transcript

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 111,
Bodywork’s Power.


Welcome to the Become An Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fearfacing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife,
mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived through
enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear the fire, we
must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join me as I
challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman you were
meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hi there, my friends. Welcome to another episode of the show. Today, I have Kaycee Joy
back on the show. If you missed last week’s episode, then you’re missing out, because
Kaycee was on the show as my client, and she talked all about her coaching journey with
me. Kaycee was one of my very first coaching clients in a group, gosh, six years ago now.
We have been coaching together the past few months in my Living the Dream program,
which is my program for ongoing clients, and it’s been awesome, so you will want to go
listen to that.

Today, I’m interviewing Kaycee as the powerful coach and healer and holistic counselor
that she is. In many ways, Kaycee has become my teacher. Yes, she has been coaching me
over the past few months because she has learned some things that I want more of in my
life. When I was coaching her, I would see her tap into her body and I thought, “Man, I want
some of that in my life.” I just see these big shifts in her, granted we were doing shifts with
our coaching together, but she was doing some other stuff and I was like, “Yes, yes, give
me some of this. Teach me those things, Kaycee.” I have seen such transformation in my
life just by working with her in the past few months.

Today, Kaycee and I are going to talk all about bodyworks power. Now I consider Kaycee, a
bottom-up healer, which means she’s using the body to help heal the mind. I consider
myself a top-down healer, so I’m using the mind to help heal the body. You would think
we would be sworn enemies because of that difference, but we both view it as it’s a
partnership. It’s a really great way for us to use what we’re both good at and help people heal.

I believe so much in this that I have brought Kaycee in in my business. She does
special sessions with my clients. She works in my Living the Dream group program. They
have special sessions with her every single month.

It’s just been a really powerful partnership. I am so grateful to have her as this coach role
in my business now. It’s been so fun because many, many years ago, I even taught Kaycee
how to coach. We talked about that story, I think on this episode, maybe the last one too,
about how I did that. It’s very cool to see how not only does she know my work inside and
out from being a client for many years, but that I was able to teach her some of the basics
of being a coach. It just feels like a very full circle moment. What’s so cool is when I asked
Kaycee to be on the show, she said, “Yes, absolutely, but I want to be Episode 111 when
I’m a coach.”

I had a Note doc on my phone and I sent her a picture of it and I said, “Oh my gosh, Kaycee,
I put you down as Episode 111.” Kaycee and I are just so fun at this point too, because we
just seem to be in this similar headspace all of the time, where we’re just like reading each
other’s minds in many ways. I love it. It’s so fun. Kaycee’s amazing. I can’t wait to share this
episode with you. I hope you love it as much as I do and you have some great takeaways
so that you can start using bodywork in your life, because my goodness, my friend, is it
powerful. Enjoy. Kaycee Joy. Welcome back to the show.

Kaycee Joy: Hello.

Lindsay: Hello. Today, you are Coach Kaycee.

Kaycee: Woohoo.

Lindsay: Yes. We’re going to talk about bodywork, which I’m so excited to learn all the
things about this and that you have brought this into my world and modeled it for me. I
can’t wait to share the story of all these things. Let’s start with the basics. Define

Kaycee: The simplest way to define bodywork is using your body to heal your life.

Lindsay: Okay, let’s sit there for a minute. Using your body to heal your life. What does that
mean? How can you use your body to heal your life, Kaycee?

Kaycee: If you have shoulder pain, being able to look at the shoulder pain, what does it
feel like, what sensations are within the pain, what was happening at the moment that the
pain started? Just getting really curious about the actual pain itself, the timeline around when it happened, trailing it back to either a core perception or core belief. Getting that, changing the mindset around the belief, healing it, and almost always, the pain goes away.

Lindsay: I hope everyone followed that. It’s in essence– I mentioned on this show recently,
I think it was on understanding trauma, about the book The Body Keeps the Score. In that
book, the author talks about there’s two types of healing. There’s top-down healing,
bottom-up healing. That was the first time I really had been introduced to that, whenever I
read that book. He went into depth about each one of, sometimes we go from our head to
our body, sometimes we go from our body to our head. I didn’t think much of it. I was just
like, “That’s interesting.” From an intellectual perspective, that’s interesting.

Then, we’ll get into this in a bit, but I started to see you use this, in a way, but really, what
it is is that I’ve always worked from the head down of what’s the belief? Let’s go. I brought
in a little body stuff, like I brought in Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. If you’re having
certain body issues, then go look and see what the beliefs could be for that. I have to give
a shout out, because the person who introduced me to even that was Judy who has
actually been on the podcast. Kaycee and I both know her. She’s in Living the Dream.

Judy introduced that to me because after I had coached you in that group, and then I was
going to get married, I had a huge upper limit problem. I didn’t know it at the time. I could
not pull myself out of bed, felt super sick. I was having a ton of stomach issues. I reached
out to Judy, I was like, “Hey, I need you to coach me. I don’t know what’s going on.” As Judy
is coaching me, I keep saying, “Judy, I’m having these stomach issues.” I went into the
nitty-gritty of it.

She introduced me to Louise Hay. She’s like, “Well, here’s what Louise Hay says.” I think it
was something like you feel off track or you’re not able to take in abundance or something.
I was like, “Yes, that’s exactly it.” We were able to use that to start to find what the beliefs
were. She was able to coach me through that. I remember I was like, “This is really
powerful stuff.” Even when I introduced it to clients, I’m like, “I know it sounds woo-woo of
different pains in our body and different things we’re experiencing come back to beliefs,
but just open your mind to it.”

Most clients are open to it, but why do you think it is that some people think that’s woowoo of, “Okay, I’ve got a shoulder pain or a knee pain or a foot pain,” and us looking at,
“Okay, it’s coming likely from your mind that’s causing that pain”? Why do you think that
that’s an issue for people?

Kaycee: If the question is why do we think that that’s an issue for people, it’s because then
they would have to take responsibility for the pain itself.

Lindsay: Which to me seems like so much easier than going and medicating it and being in

Kaycee: Yes. Some people don’t want to admit that their thoughts cause the pain itself.

Lindsay: They’re swimming in the victim pool a little bit.

Kaycee: Yes.

Lindsay: Do you think there’s any societal beliefs of like, “That’s just weird”? Because that’s
how I feel about it. It’s like, “Well, that’s not scientific. We haven’t fully proven that.”

Kaycee: Right, because it’s not Western medicine.

Lindsay: Yes, it’s more Eastern medicine. Yes, Kaycee?

Kaycee: Totally.

Lindsay: How were you introduced to this kind of work? Because you obviously didn’t learn
it from me.

Kaycee: You had to have somewhere along the way introduced me to the How to Heal your
Life book by Louise Hay.

Lindsay: Okay, maybe I did.

Kaycee: Because I definitely have it on my shelf. I can’t imagine anybody else in my life
who would’ve introduced me to that book. [laughs]

Lindsay: I want it to be a Lindsay book.

Kaycee: Yes, that’s a Lindsay book. I remember referencing it all the time. Then, shortly
after I got fired, I had hired a holistic counselor and she really just helped me get in tune. I
was having really bad panic attacks. That’s what was happening. I began to stutter, I would
break out in hives so bad from my chest up, and just full-on panic attacks and I’m like, “Oh
my word, what is happening to me?”

I had reached out and hired a holistic counselor and she just really helped me dig
underneath the surface of like, it was stemmed from the church and all the church wounds
and I couldn’t use my voice. I couldn’t say like, “This is wrong.” I had had such a hard time
my whole life claiming my sexuality and who I am and I was totally sold, because it took
maybe three sessions and the panic attacks were gone.

Prior to seeing her, I had gotten on an anti-anxiety medication and while it was working, I
would have to take it at night because within minutes, I was sleeping. Then the panic
attacks did still come during the day and I’m like, “I cannot function like this. I can’t work
full-time and take care of three kids and live my life.” When Julie had helped me look
underneath the hood of going in my body and seeing like, “What’s going on here? Let’s get
really curious,” I was totally sold. I’m like, “This is really good stuff.”

Lindsay: Yes, like, “This is the piece of the puzzle I need.”

Kaycee: Yes.

Lindsay: Then from there, you found a school?

Kaycee: Yes. Julie had actually recommended. She was like, “I know you have a little bit of
drama around not having this certification. If you go through this school, I promise you
won’t care anymore.” I was like, “Okay.” Part of the curriculum was the holistic counseling
piece of 2020, and I was like, “If holistic counseling is part of the curriculum, I will go.” It
was not part of the curriculum and I’m like, “hmm, okay.” I still had a conversation with the
instructor and I was like, ultimately, “Yes, I’m going to sign up.” He expressed that it wasn’t
absolutely necessary to do the holistic counseling training.

Then the pandemic hit. I signed up for the school, and I remember being super hot
afterwards and him being like, “What’s coming up for you? I was like, “It’s a lot of money.” I
think it was $3,500 or $3,700 and I had a month and a half to pay it. I was like, “It’s a lot of
money, and so I’m just worried what if something comes up financially?”

Lindsay: Like COVID? (cross laughter) But, had you just paid it?

Kaycee: I had signed up and I had paid the $1,500 deposit.

Lindsay: Oh my gosh, how funny?

Kaycee: I’m pretty sure that was on a Wednesday and that following Monday– We shut the
dentist’s office down that Friday, and then that following Monday, it was done.

Lindsay: Kaycee, I want to back up on something, because my mind is questioning. You go
to Julie, correct?

Kaycee: I go to Julie.

Lindsay: You’re like, “Okay.” She tells you get the certification thing. At this point, do you
think, “I’m going to be a holistic counselor?” or do you think, “I’m going to be a coach and
just add in this aspect”? What’s going through your mind?

Kaycee: Oh, I was just thinking that I wanted to learn as much as possible to be able to
help heal people’s lives fully. It was like, I had the mindset coach training and now there’s
got to be something– Well, for myself, there’s something so powerful about this body
training or this body modality, bodywork, and so how could I blend the two?

Lindsay: That clears that question for me. Then go back, the pandemic hits, and it probably
really Tests of like, “Oh my gosh, I just made this investment,” but then what?

Kaycee: Then the holistic counseling piece with Dr. Moshe, he sent out– I’d started getting
on his email list when I found out it wasn’t going to be in the curriculum, and he had
offered, due to the pandemic, that the level one of the holistic counseling was going to be
available online. I’m like, “Well, I have time now.” I signed up for the holistic counseling
course because it was March and school wasn’t starting until August. Then there was that
uncertainty of like, “Do we know that we’ll have school, because it’s in-person and will the
world still be shut down?” I’m like, “I’m home and I’m going to maximize my time and I’m
going to learn all of the things.”

I went through the holistic counseling course, and that’s really truly like looking at a
physical ailment and getting super curious around it, finding the belief, healing the belief,
healing the illness or the pain of that ailment. Then shortly after that, I saw that Quantum
Healing Hypnosis Therapy was available online, and so I took that training, and I was like,
“Oh my goodness, so much bodywork all at once.” The way I explained it to you I think was
life coaching on steroids. It’s like being able to take this deep dive. Then I got the
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy training and then I started school in August.

Lindsay: Yes, and that’s when we started Living the Dream. Which we already talked about.
Here’s what I saw next from you. When you came back to my world with Living the Dream
and we were coaching on things, I would see you, I would tell you something, as we were
coaching, you would close your eyes, like you still do, you take this deep breath, you’ll
check in with yourself, I immensely see you do it, and I’m like,

“That looks lovely. I like that.” You were also just easily tapping into your feelings and I was like,

“I like that too, I want some of that.” [laughs]
I was just observing you as you were doing that. It was taking what I was doing and just
amplifying it, of this deep healing you were doing in your body. I just kept spinning at my
head, I was like, “I’m feeling really drawn to whatever Kaycee’s doing.” I compared it once
to like in the Harry Met Sally movie, where she’s like, during the orgasm scene, it was the
same, like, “I’ll have what she’s having,” kind of thing.

I think it was November or December, Kaycee, that I reached out to you and I was like,
“Hey, I know I coached you, but I just keep getting this call that I would love for you to
coach me. Would that be weird for you?” You were like, “No.” We got on a consult. You had
me do some exercises before, you guided me through a couple of different things. Again,
the way that you coach, Kaycee, I would consider it slow. We’re doing lots of breathes, and
who knew that just sitting there breathing could be so powerful.

At my consult, I was breathing. I think that’s when I was saying, “Oh, I have this neck pain,”
that was coming up for me and you were just teaching me how to breathe. We were
talking about different things that I wanted to get from coaching with you. Then I left that
session and I was like, “I don’t know what just happened, but I felt really different.”
[laughs] I remember I had to go run errands after that and that was just like– I even saw
my parents later that day, which always still brings up some stuff, and I’m like, “Whoa,
something really big happened today.” Then I was like all in. I was like, “We’re doing this,
this is going to be awesome.”

We’ll talk more about what I’ve seen, but I want to know more from you of what results
have you seen as a client of the sort? Because as you’re getting certified in this stuff,
people don’t realize it’s hard on you, because you are coaching yourself, and you’re getting
coached a lot, and you’re getting a ton of feedback, and they’re bringing out all the things.
What benefits have you seen there, Kaycee?

Kaycee: If you won’t mind, first, if I can back up to the breathing, the power of breathing is
simply just neutralizing the nervous system, regulating the nervous system. If we look at
the vagus nerve, it’s connected to the body and the brain, but the way that the biggest
nerve works is that 80% of this nerve is the body talking to the brain, and 20% is the brain
talking to the body. It’s like the body is constantly and consistently trying to regulate itself.
If you’re up here with a little anxious energy or you could be completely shut down and
not doing anything. The trick is to then use your breath to come to this neutral state.

Just being able to breathe and regulate your nervous system is so powerful because if you’re
feeling anxious, you can just take a moment and check in with yourself and find your
breath. [exhales] You just slowly calm your nervous system down.

Lindsay: Yes. I am doing that so much the past week. Let’s touch on that, Kaycee. I’m glad
you took a moment to talk about that, because when I came to you, I said, “Kaycee, I have a
great life. My head is pretty much on board with everything I want to create. Of course, it
has the dramas, but I have this low level anxiety and it just won’t go away.” As you’re
talking about that, it’s like, “Yes, it made sense.” You even said it, you were like, “We’ve got
to get your body on board too.” Just that breathing has been huge for me.

Even this week, you’ve coached me on some things, I just keep breathing. Even when I was
coming to my office tonight for these interviews, I was just breathing in, breathing out, I’m
like, “Wow, this is a totally different version of you, Lindsay.” [chuckles] It’s such good stuff.
I had touched on that in my coaching process. I don’t know if you remember, Kaycee, but I
brought in somebody and they taught about meditation and breath and all that. Again, it
was like I knew these pieces, but you just open the store for me. Going back, your results.

Kaycee: My results in doing this work is the biggest thing. It’s a combination of the
bodywork and the mindset work. In combination of working with you and going through
the school, so my biggest thing is that without exercising, I’ve figured out why I had
gained so much weight and I have lost 33 pounds in the last six months. It was just like I
was energetically holding up a shield to protect myself from the church, and the minute I
realized it, I set the shield down and the weight just started falling off.

Part of, too, a belief system that I had was that I couldn’t go to bed hungry. That was an
old story that was playing in my body since I was three. Every night before bed, I was
eating. I’m like, “I can’t go to bed hungry, I’ve got to eat something.” That I feel like has
been the biggest piece for me as the weight loss. I used to have significant knee pain and I
don’t have knee pain. I had eczema on my right foot and the eczema is gone. I’m sleeping
through the nights. I used to wake up anywhere from five to 15 times a night. I’d wake up
and I’d be like, “I have to pee.” It was this anxious pee. Now I fall asleep, and I sleep until
my alarm goes off.

It just feels so good to be in my body this much to where I can listen. When I feel things,
I’m like, “Oh, let me get curious about that.” I’ll be like, “Oh, yes, I did kind of stuck that
away” Then the other things that have changed is that, because I’ve been able to be in
tune with the stuck, I get stuck trauma, stuck memories in my body, I’ve been able to fully
step into who I am as a human being, as a wife, as a mom. I love teaching some of these
tools to my kids. They get to go be their own cool, little, regulated nervous system humans.
[chuckles] It’s changing my life personally 100% and then my home life is just blossoming.

Lindsay: Yes, so cool. As you’re talking Kaycee, I’m thinking of when I’ve worked with
clients, they’ve come in and have things like. “Oh, I get migraines,” or “IBS,” or random
weird stuff. I know when I started coaching, I had this hormone imbalance. They just kept
saying, “Well, we don’t know what to do about it, Lindsay. It’s just is what it is.” I would
break out, even on my face. I remember one of the last sessions I had with my coach, and
we were talking about my wins, and I said, “You know what? I don’t have that hormone
imbalance anymore. I don’t have that breakout anymore.”

As I’ve worked with clients, they said similar things. I had a client last week that was like,
“Lindsay, I used to have horrible IBS and all these stomach issues. I was working with
doctors and regulating my diet, and it’s just gone now.” I’m like, “Wow, that’s so cool.” I say,
“Well, what do you think it is?” We can’t really place it. It was just something shifted. Why
do I love what you do, Kaycee? Is you’re going into– Because I’ve seen you do this in
Living the Dream as you’re coaching people, is– When you coached me that one day on my
neck, I was looking specifically at that one thing. When you coached me on that neck, it
was like, “Okay–” I think it was like, “Where did this start from?”

Kaycee: Yes, like, “How long have you been having the neck pain?”

Lindsay: Yes. We went back there. Yes, we went back to that moment and it was like, “Oh,
okay, now I remember.” Then it just instantly started to go away. [chuckles] I’m like, “This
is so cool.” Now every once in a while I’ll feel it again, and then I’ll just go back there to
that moment, and I’ll just talk myself through it, and then it just goes away again. Again,
that’s what I love about what you do, is you’re specifically going into the body, whereas
the body, for me, with my clients and what I’ve done, is just like, “Oh, it’s an added bonus,”
kind of thing.

Benefits of doing bodywork. Obviously, healing your body. You talked about some of your
benefits. Tell me some other benefits that you’ve seen that maybe we haven’t talked about

Kaycee: Yes. I’ve dealt with clients with IBS and have it go just really getting curious
looking at it. It’s physical pain, physical ailments, illnesses, but once anxiety has gone
away, it’s– How do I want to word this? It’s like how I explained to you, like, we just got to
get your body on board. We got to get your body on board with the life that you know
mentally that you’re ready to live. It’s like, we heal this piece and then we hear this piece
and the up levels keep happening.

It’s cool to see that the bodywork and the mindset work are working together, of like, “Hey,
we’ve healed this piece, and now we’ve healed this piece, and now we’ve healed this
piece,” and now all of a sudden, it’s like looking back for sessions, and it’s like, “I can’t
believe how bad my anxiety was.” Now clients are finding their voice and speaking their
truth and stepping into their authenticity.

I have one client who was in December making $327 a month to last month making
almost $3,000 in the month. Just because they were in such pain that they couldn’t get out
of bed and they just– That’s such unregulated nervous system and all these aches and
pains. Being able to heal the physical and the body then gets them to really be able to live
this beautiful life.

Lindsay: Yes. If I’m thinking about what I’ve witnessed from people you’ve coached in my
world and myself, and you’re just really getting started, with me, you’re coming into my
realm and coaching some of my clients, which I consider our clients, I’m like, “Go see

Lindsay: You really have to, after a session, almost just take in like, “What just happened?”
It almost just seems so natural that nothing really happened, but yet– Even like the
session you and I had just a few days ago, Kaycee, it was like, “Okay, no big deal. This is
where I’m going next. That’s the end of it.” Then it was just like, “This thing happened to
me.” Then I’m like, “What the hell did we do in that hour, Kaycee?” We created some
massive energy, and that you really have to soak in and take in.

I’ve seen you coach somebody in Living The Dream just the other week. When I was
coaching her, her neck got all red, and I spotted it on the call, because she knows chakra
work, from what I’ve taught her, and I was like, “Isn’t that so interesting you’re talking
about speaking your truth and your chakra?” Then she went and had some time with you
and went even deeper in that. I’m like, “This is so awesome.” Now I can’t wait to see where
she goes with that, but yes, I feel the opportunities are endless with the work, really.

Kaycee: Absolutely.

Lindsay: It’s any result you want, we will create it.

Kaycee: Yes. You just have to come in open-minded, right?

Lindsay: Yes, and believing and just enough of maybe I could live a world and a world
without IBS, or knee pain, or this skin stuff or whatever. So many people are very attached
to that story.

Kaycee: The woo-woo part comes in from like the magic that’s created, it’s just trusting–
What I feel I do is, I can get a client to just tap into their body, which is their power. It just
has to be 0.01% belief and then everything just opens up. Then they feel their feelings,
like, “Oh, I have this emotion. I don’t have to hide from these emotions anymore.” That’s
really beautiful to witness. Yes.

Lindsay: People don’t realize how cool it is to feel your feelings. It’s very underrated. Even
this week, Kaycee, like today, I was thinking about some things I was starting to tear up
and I was like, “What is Kaycee doing to me?”

Lindsay: Because I’ve told you in sessions before, I’m like, all the planets have to align for
me to cry. That was the other thing that’s coming back for me, as we have that session, and
then something big happened with an ex-client of mine or she’s a client, I never know
what to say. We sort of work together, sort of don’t. I was able to be so present for her and
in the moment and feel the feelings of all the things. Again, I was, “This is awesome. I can
feel the depth of the sadness of this moment versus being all up in my head about it.” I
will say it really does wonders for your sex life. [laughs]

Kaycee: It sure does.

Lindsay: It’s like, “Oh, my body. This is nice. Yes, I like this.”

Kaycee: I like the way this feels, yes.

Lindsay: Versus being in your head. Okay. Somebody wants to start doing bodywork today
on themselves just to say, “Hmm, let me try this out. I’m intrigued.” What could they do,

Kaycee: You can just go ahead and get into a comfortable position sitting down or
standing up, not driving. If you feel safe to close your eyes, the invitation is there to do so,
and just find your breath. See if you could bring your breath to your belly and just witness
the sensations that are happening. If you’re in your head, just come back to your breath.
There’s never anything to fix or to do, it’s just a matter of breathing.

One really cool visualization tool that has been really helpful for clients is imagining
there’s a tube inside of your body, like from your root chakra to the top of your head, and
just allowing your breath to flow and just pay attention. If your breath can’t go below your
belly, just notice it and then see if the next time you can send your breath a little bit
further or notice if your breath gets caught anywhere. Could you just pay attention and just
notice it and then see if the next time you could send in the breath a little bit further. In
doing that, it will help calm your nervous system down.

Lindsay: Yes, just breathing. I remember on that first session, you said something like, if
the breath is getting caught anywhere, take notice of that. That was really powerful. Again,
it’s so simple. You’re like, “How could it be that simple? It must be hard to live an amazing
life and feel great. I need to learn all the things and do all the things and run around like
crazy, frantically, achieve, achieve, achieve.” It’s like, well, people, really just breathe, really
just look at our thoughts. That’s all we really have to do. So simple.

Kaycee: Yes, so simple. I was going to say, as soon as you said just breathe, I remember
actually all through high school that was the thing that I would say to people, even my
best friend a year ago sent me a magnet that says, “Just breathe.” How fitting it comes back
around. It’s like I always knew.

Lindsay: Yes, so cool. I mentioned Kaycee works with me. She teaches, right now, two
classes a month on Living the Dream. For clients who have gone through my nine-month
coaching, then they’re offered Living the Dream and they can work with Kaycee that way.
They also get a session with you during that nine-month process, a surprise that I throw at
them, when we do some bodywork, as I just introduced the bodywork, and you really start
to solidify it for them, but some people are like, “Let’s get Lindsay out of the equation, I
want Kaycee,” which some people have come to me and I’m like, “I actually think you’d be
really good for Kaycee.” Tell us all the things, Kaycee, where can they find you, all that?

Kaycee: Yes. The easiest way to find me is on Instagram, so Kaycee, K-A-Y-C-E-E, Joy, J-0-Y,
Healing. Right in my bio is a way to book a consult, but otherwise, it’s bit.ly/kayceeconsult.

Lindsay: Nice. You got that free consult. They can sit there, you can learn all the things
about them, and then you guys can figure out how to work together. Kaycee, what do you

Kaycee: I offer a six-month coaching package. It’s one-on-one. We meet once a week for
six months. That’s what I offer.

Lindsay: Boom.

Kaycee: Boom.

Lindsay: Boom, mic drop. Six months, one-on-one. Yes. When you and I had our consult, I
think we had talked about six months, I was like, “No, Kaycee, I want a year. I want a full
year. Sign me up.” Follow Kaycee on Instagram. She has great stories and great videos. I
always love seeing your stuff. It’s so fun.

Kaycee: Thanks.

Lindsay: You’re welcome. Okay. All right, I guess that’s it, Kaycee. Our two episodes are
done. Kaycee’s story. Kaycee and the bodywork. Thanks for doing this.

Kaycee: Yes, my pleasure. Thank you.


Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you enjoyed it,
share it with a friend. Send them a picture of this episode via text, via email, share it on
social media, I’m sure they would be so appreciative to know these strategies and tips on
how to accomplish your dreams. If you are ready to guarantee you’re going to accomplish
your goals and dreams, then it’s time to start coaching with me.

In my nine-month simple success coaching system, I am going to walk you every single step
of the way to ensure that you get the goals and dreams that you want. The first step is to
apply for a free 60-minute consult call. Just go to LindsayEpreston.com/apply to get started.
As always, my friend, remember, you’re only as unstoppable as you believe you can be, so
believe in yourself. You got this.

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