Learn how to stop feeling the same shitty emotions over and over again so you can diminish the problems you have in your life.

stop feeling shitty

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Every week I have free 1-on-1 discovery calls with women who tell me that one of the biggest reasons why they’re interested in life coaching is because they’re tired of feeling shitty.

It’s not that their life is bad. Instead, there’s a level of on-going “shittiness” that’s lingering in the air around them.

They’re feeling emotionally triggered and moody often. They imagine a better version of themselves in their mind, but they don’t know how to get there. They feel stuck.

When I’m on these calls with them and hear how they’re feeling, I feel their pain. I was once a woman who felt shitty and stuck too.

I thought therapy was the answer to solving my “help me feel less shitty” problem and while it helped a little bit, I needed something more.

Luckily, I found the tools and principles I needed with life coaching and I’m fortunate enough to share those same tools and principles with my clients today.

On this “STOP FEELING SHITTY” episode of the “Become An Unstoppable Woman” podcast, I’m teaching you how to use one of the principles that’s helped me (and my clients) over the years to not feel as shitty anymore.

This principle is called: MESSAGES = LESSONS = PROBLEMS.

This principle is so basic, you may not even understand what I said there so I’ll break it down a bit for you here….

They’re on-going MESSAGES you’re receiving in your life every second of every day. Most of those MESSAGES aren’t anything to pay attention to. They flow in and out of your world with ease.

Every so often though, you get a MESSAGE that stings. It’s something that triggers you in a negative way.

Most times, the MESSAGE seems random and silly like someone said or did something you know logically is small and unimportant but, you can’t shake it. It bothers you!

It really doesn’t make sense why you’re so bothered by it though. So, you’ll likely blame your emotions on a biological issue.

You’ll say things like you’re just tired, hungry or PMS’ing.

You’ll eat, sleep or stop your period and everything will be fine again.

The emotion will go away and you’ll think nothing of it because you decided it was nothing.

Until there’s a day when you can’t blame your emotions on biology anymore…

You’re fed, you’re rested, and you aren’t on your period. Yet, you find yourself feeling “negative” emotions more and more.

As much as you try, you can’t shake them.

People are starting to notice more that you’re “emotionally unbalanced.”

Your relationships are suffering,….your work isn’t as good as it once was…. your health may even be declining.

You went from feeling shitty sometimes, to feeling shitty a lot more of the time.

When you’re in this phase, you’ve reached what I call the LESSONS phase.

This is the phase when most of my clients hire me as they’re finding that they just aren’t themselves anymore.

They’ve done well fixing their own problems up until this point in their lives, but now they’re feeling like they’re encountering a territory of emotions and issues that they don’t know how to fix.

It’s a smart phase to invest in a coach because if you don’t handle your emotions and issues in this phase, you’ll likely enter the next phase which is a FAR harder place to be in.

That next (and final) phase is called PROBLEMS.

Those are the “shit hitting the fan” moments of life when you lose a job, you have a breakup, or something bad happens (like an accident or bigger illness).

These are the moments that shake us up at our core.

We either cave in and let the problem “eat us alive” or we rise to the occasion and say once the problem is manageable, we’re no longer going to create this crap in our lives anymore.

Problems can be life-changing for sure, but, they also take a while to recover from. They can drain us financially, mentally, emotionally and physically. They can set us back from our goals and dreams for years, if not decades.

A big goal I have for my life and the lives of my clients is to help them stay out of the PROBLEM phase of life.

Believe it or not, you CAN have a life that isn’t full of ups and downs anymore. You CAN have a life that feels pretty flipping awesome most of the time. You CAN go out and have an on-going momentum with your goals that feels easier than ever before.

The way you CAN create this way of living is by learning how to listen to your MESSAGES and LESSONS so you no longer create PROBLEMS in your life.

So, today I want to teach you how to start to stay out of the PROBLEM phase in your life too.

Tune into today’s episode (link at the top of this page) as I teach you how to stop feeling shitty in your life by learning how to understand your MESSAGES and LESSONS so you can further avoid PROBLEMS in your life.

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