Are you feeling a desire to do something different with your life? Listen in to hear if you’re living a life that will leave you full of regrets from life coach, Ellyn Schinke, MS.

letting go of should

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Are you feeling a desire to do something different with your life?

It’s not that you’re unhappy. Instead, you feel like there’s something else (something BIGGER) that’s meant for you.

Your life is good though so you tell yourself not to rock the boat. You SHOULD be happy and content with what you have.

Yet, you can’t shake the feeling there’s something else you could be doing that would make life even BETTER.

You may even keep yourself up at night thinking through what a different version of your life could be like if only you had the opportunity to jump on it.

Let’s face it though…these thoughts and dreams scare you. You’ve invested FAR TOO MUCH to change things in your life now.

Life is settled for you. Settled feels good. Why rock the boat?

For some women, where life is right now IS the best it can get. But, for others, you may be selling yourself too short. You may be caught in the pattern of a “SHOULD LIFE.”

Living a “SHOULD LIFE” is going to leave you dying with regrets.

Living a “SHOULD LIFE” is going to cause you to do things that harm you more than help you (without you knowing it).

Living a “SHOULD LIFE” is costing you your happiness and limiting your growth more than you may realize.

On today’s podcast episode, life coach Ellyn Schinke, MS is going to reveal to you if you’re living a “should life.”

Ellyn’s energy is electric and her story will amaze you with what she gave up in her “should life” to go after her dreams instead.

In this interview, Ellyn and I specifically cover…

-Ellyn’s “should life” story (including how and why she left her PhD program)

-How to know if you’re living a “should life”

-The cost of living a life that’s just “checking off the boxes”

-What happens when we listen to others about who we are vs. building the self-awareness for ourselves

-How to learn when you’re on the right track with your life (especially with your career)

-What happens when we avoid our feelings

-How to find courage when it’s time to make a big change

-How the death of a loved one can be a wake-up call

-How a sh*t storm in your life could be a spiritual awakening

-What “getting the call” for more feels like and what it means

-How to know if you’re too far into your life for change

-How to get unsupportive people to support you (and how to handle it when they still won’t)

-3 big things that keep us from living the life we want

….And so much more. Listen via the link on the top of this page!

To connect with today’s interview guest, Ellyn Schinke, you can visit her website here or you can connect with her on Instagram here

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