After investing so much in education, it’s important to make sure you’re going down the right career path for yourself. Hear all about how coaching helped my client, Tori, ensure she was doing what was best for her.


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“I actually get frustrated that I didn’t do this work earlier because now that I see the difference and how much can happen, I realize that I didn’t have to be uphill through quicksand for so long. It didn’t always have to be hard. It’s amazing when you see that.” – Tori Hartline

Client interviews are one of my absolute favorite things to showcase on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast. Of course I love to share the powerful stories about what coaching does for the women I work with, but even more than that, I love giving my clients the opportunity to tell their story to the world. Just by talking about their journey, they can feel the sense of power and confidence they’ve developed, and I truly hope that resonates with you.

I also believe it’s important to show you that there are so many different types of women that benefit from coaching. In our most recent coaching story, you heard from Jenn who had dealt with severe childhood trauma that she needed to heal. Prior to that you heard from Ericka, who had so much anxiety that it impacted not only her relationships but her physical wellbeing.

But today, you’re going to hear from my client, Tori.

When Tori and I first met, she really didn’t have any debilitating things holding her back. She had experienced a good childhood, healthy relationships with her family, she knew what she wanted from her career and she was already well on her way to attaining that…

On the surface.

But Tori questioned herself. She wasn’t quite sure how to get exactly what she wanted and wasn’t positive who she was authentically. What did authentic Tori really want?

Being on the brink of graduating school, Tori knew there were two paths she could go down: one where she was working full time, overly focused on her job and not enjoying her life, and the other where she was thriving in what she now knows to be her zone of genius and finding true enjoyment in life.

So Tori took the initiative by investing in herself to ensure that she would know how to choose the path to thrive.


  • How Tori really honed in on her career path
  • Why Tori decided that running her own business wasn’t for her
  • The perfect job that Tori manifested for herself (spoiler alert: she’s working less than half as much as before and making a LOT more money)
  • How Tori’s Enneagram number impacted her coaching journey
  • The biggest thing Tori had to shift to bring more enjoyment into her life

…And so much more.

I absolutely love working with Tori and am so happy that she’s continuing on in my group Living the Dream Mastermind Program. Tori is such a delight and I know you’re going to feel the same way when you hear her story today.

Hear all about Tori’s journey at the link at the top of this page.


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Full Transcript:


This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 134, Tori’s Coaching Story.


Welcome to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fear-facing women who are kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife, mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hey there, my friend. Today, I have one of my clients, Tori Hartline, who is going to be walking you through her coaching journey with me. Tori and I started coaching in December of 2020 and we wrapped up, actually a little bit really for the nine-month process in about August, and Tori has already renewed and she’s in my Living the Dream Mastermind. Before we got really deep into this next year of coaching, I wanted to pause and interview her about how the first nine months went in my one-on-one simple success process.

Tori is a chiropractor, and when she came to me in December, she was about to graduate and she was at a place in her career where she had done some internships. She knew what she didn’t like. She knew what she wanted and she wanted to invest with me to help her really fine-tune what it is that she wanted, which at the time she thought was opening her own practice, but just really fine-tune what that would look like for her.

Too, she wanted to put her money where her mouth is and say, “Okay, I am not going to settle, I’m going to go after my goals and dreams. I’ve come this far, I’ve done all the schooling, I really want to make sure that I’m not going to just pick a job just for the money.” That was so smart. I even asked her on our consult, like,”Are you sure you need me? You have got your stuff together,” but, Tori, I could tell really wanted some time and space to figure out who she was. She was just checking off life’s boxes as many of us do. She had even gotten married and it was like, “Okay, who is Tori on a deeper level?”

As we coached together, she was able to discover that and discover some really cool things in the process, including realizing that owning her own practice wasn’t quite what she wanted. You’ll have to wait and see how that unfolds. I really love this interview with Tori. Tori, so fun to listen to. Tori is actually in the Dallas area and she’s actually now my chiropractor.

I’ve never had a chiropractor before and Tori just really made me fall in love with chiropractic care and, of course, I trust her and I love her, so I get to see Tori now all the time and I’m a client of hers, which is so fun. Enjoy this interview with Tori. I hope it helps inspire you to see what you can do in your own life, especially, if you’re wanting to up-level your career like Tori was and just take in the amazing results that we were able to create together through coaching. Enjoy. All right, Ms. Tori.

Tori Hartline: Hi.

Lindsay: It’s podcast day. We were just talking about it, seems like yesterday we were on your consult, which was December. Now it’s September. I had to look at the calendar, it’s September. I remember I was sitting right here. We had our consult. It was a weekday. You were about to graduate that weekend, right?

Tori: Yes. The graduation was coming up that week. I remember I told you, you said, “Tori, do you want to sign up?” I remember saying, “If I’m going to sign up, it’s going to be within the next 24 hours or I’ll be in graduation mode.” I was like, “I’m going to do it. You’re going to hear from me.”

Lindsay: Yes. I did hear from you. Something else, Tori, I’ve realized that some of my most successful clients, they sign up within 48 hours.

Tori: Really?

Lindsay: Because it shows a decision-making process of like, “I’m in, let’s go.” Anyways, we had our consult, so let’s just talk about Tori then, December 2020, you’re about to graduate school and you’d been in school for a while. How many years at that point?

Tori: At that point, eight years of college, and then, obviously, then the high school process, so a long time, and I was graduating with my Doctorate of Chiropractic, then I had also, during the program, added a master’s onto it, so I was graduating with two degrees after eight years of college. Well, three degrees.

Lindsay: Wow. Your masters is in nutrition, right?

Tori: Yes.

Lindsay: You were coming to me, you’re like, “Okay, I’m graduating and I’ve had some—” I guess it was considered intern experience, right?

Tori: Yes. Your last year in the chiropractic program is considered your clinical internship residency program, so I had been an intern for a year at that point.

Lindsay: Okay. You’d been intern and you were like, “I know what I don’t want, Lindsay. I think this is maybe what I want,” and you were very determined though of, “I want to start my own practice. That’s one of the big things I want to gain from coaching with you over these next nine months.” I was like, “Great. This is perfect timing. She’s ending school. Let’s make this happen.” What else do we need to talk about Tori then? How are you feeling? What else is going on in life?

Tori: I think I just laugh at the fact that I told you, I was like, “Lindsay, I’m going to start my own practice.” You knew nothing about me at that point and you were like, “Yes, Tori, lets go.” I feel like that’s Lindsay the whole way through. Lindsay is always like, “Yes, Tori, you got this, totally,” “But she knows nothing about me, does she really think I can do that?” At that point, I was just really burnt out and I really, honestly, I knew I wanted certain things like freedom or I wanted to be able to make money out of school.

I knew I wanted these things, but I didn’t really know exactly how to get them. That to me seemed like the best route to get to what I was looking for, but just really, honestly, so deep into this school-like bubble that I really didn’t even know, like authentic Tori or anything like that, who even is Tori? What does Tori really actually want? All those things. That seemed like the clearest path to get to where I wanted, and I told you, “That’s what I want,” and you said, “Okay, let’s go.”

Lindsay: It’s so funny. I remember in the consult being something like, “Do you really need me?” “What would you need me for?” You’re like, “I want a mentor kind of like a coach ,on a team and they lead them on the way, and they have these team members,” and I was like, “Okay.”

Tori: What’s so funny about that too, was looking back and rewatching and relistening to my consult, I actually think I got a similar line from your own podcast. I think that I was quoting you back.


Which I always feel like I’m doing. I’m like, “Okay, this is a Lindsay quote. I’m going to quote you to you.”

Lindsay: I love that, Tori, because I too wanted to see your psyche of it, of like, okay, because too, you say, “Oh, that’s just Lindsay, she just believes in you kind of thing.” I just want to throw out that’s Lindsay believing in Tori. There are sometimes people coming to me and they’re like, “I want to do that,” I’m like, “Okay, let’s just step by step,” but you were right there, you were ready to go. I was like, “Yes, of course, you can do this. Tori, of course, this is a no-brainer.” I remember you saying on that consult, (video 4:55) you wanted to invest too to make sure you were going to follow your bigger dream and not settle. Do you remember that? (8:00)

Tori: Oh, my gosh, yes. Which is amazing looking back on it. I think I was so worried. I was like, and I said this in the consult and I was like, “You know what? There are two paths you can take,” especially fresh out of school when I haven’t chosen one yet and I was like, “Lindsay, I’m either going to be 20 years down the road and be like, ‘I hate my life, I’m miserable,’ just going in the same job, full time, just working, or I can be thriving and I can be really what I now know to be my zone of genius.” I was like, “Lindsay, I see this path and I just don’t want to end up there. I know at this point that I just cannot, and so I need to do something to determine the trajectory of where I’m going.”

Lindsay: Yes. I totally agree. When I’m thinking about Tori on the consult too, I remember thinking, “This girl’s got it going on,” but your confidence wasn’t there, and you can even hear it in your voice on the consults of like, you were little and versus now it’s like Tori, like, boom. It’s just so interesting because I remember thinking like, “Oh, she just really needs to be heard and seen and really deeply understand herself.”

Then, of course, when I got your all about me page, which is something you do right at the beginning of coaching, you’re an Enneagram nine, I was like, “Oh, well that makes sense, nines are known to really need some deep self-awareness to find themselves.” We started to do that and so then we go through unstoppable Tori, and so anybody out there who doesn’t know, we go through three different parts of the process, the first 90 days as the unstoppable course where we’re shedding beliefs and this inner mean girl voice, and we’re feeling dealing and healing and all that fun stuff. Tori, talk through what that experience was like for you?

Tori: You’ve said it before that, well you go through a timeline of the things that, I want to say most traumatic, but the most impactful things that have happened to you thus far that have shaped some of your beliefs, none of the things that have happened to me were awful and terrible, but yet there are things that happened that are still significant. You can think, “Oh, well, I’ve had a fairly normal childhood,” and like, “Oh, well, well, I lived in a perfectly normal home.”

Even drawing back on situations like being called fat in third grade and then how that changes the trajectory of where you’re at. I think it was so amazing because I started diving into it. We got to a point where my biggest bullet hole theme was I wasn’t good enough, and I was like, “No wonder I don’t have the confidence on the consults.” Just really see that and be like, “Oh my gosh, I really feel that. That’s really where I’m at and that’s really why I can’t show up in the way that I really want to show up.” (11:05)

Lindsay: Yes. Because of that, you kept bringing on these jobs that just weren’t a good fit. At the time they were internships, then you kept thinking like, “Okay, now this one’s going to be better, now this one’s going to be better,” and then you got into another one when we first started, it quickly just became like, “Oh, this still isn’t what I want.” Can you just briefly touch on how that went down, Tori?

Tori: Yes. I think that it’s so interesting because, especially when it comes to manifesting and manifesting personality types. We laugh all the time because I had a knack for manifesting strong personality types and particularly Enneagram 8s but it’s interesting because it’s like I always saw it, “Okay, this one will be better,” but it was always just like the structure or the environment, it wasn’t the environment for Tori to thrive, especially in, a little bit into the chiropractic world, is there’s so many different styles, especially just how long you can see a patient, or what the office culture is like, and a lot of those things.

I would end up in offices or places, and it just was like I was forcing Tori to be someone or at someplace that I just didn’t fit. Then I’d always think, “Oh my gosh, maybe I’m just bad. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I would be able to do well if X, Y, and Z versus being like, ‘Oh, Tori, let’s shift our focus. Let’s find a different environment. Maybe this is just not where you thrive.'”

Lindsay: Yes. I want to take that in for a moment. It goes back to really because you didn’t have a very deep sense of self yet too of like, “Okay, it must be me,” versus when we started developing that deeper sense of self, it became, “No, this was just who I am and it’s not the right environment,” right?

Tori: Yes.

Lindsay: You got that really quick, Tori, I will say. Typically that’s after six months, after three months, you were making changes, you knew what you wanted next, and that’s when you are offered around that time, right? a new job.

Tori: Yes. It was so amazing too. A new job that really came out of the total clear blue sky, because I’m at that point still saying like, “Okay, here’s my plan, here’s my trajectory, I’m going to try to start my own office,” and not feeling a lot of peace in that. I kept saying, I was even praying like, “Okay, God, if this is the right step for me, if this is where I’m supposed to go, then I would have peace about it.”

I said this, I kept feeling like at that point all I was doing was climbing uphill, and uphill through a quicksand, and I’m like, “Why is it not?” Then we go through unstoppable and all of a sudden I get offered this job that I was totally not expecting and I was like, “You know what? I actually have a lot of peace about this. This is actually everything I want when I break it down, and everything that I was really seeking owning my own office without the pressure and the stress of having to own my own office.” So cool.

Lindsay: Yes, and the cost, because that was going to be a big thing of generating the cost to start your own office, instead you were just like, “Here’s an opportunity, you get a client base, you don’t have any upcharges, you don’t have to get a staff, you’re ready to go.” I do want to say, Tori, too, for people listening, Tori graduated in December and then you had until, I think was May, right? where you had to wait to– what do they call it? A certification?

Tori: Yes. I took my final board exam in May. In order to be a licensed chiropractor, we take five board exams, and they’re national exams, and my final one was in May. I had this transition period where I was graduated but I hadn’t yet finished my final exam and even that as my own identity crisis, so even who is Tori? I am not a student anymore but I’m not a chiropractor yet, so who am I?

Lindsay: We spent those months of like, “Who is Tori?”

Tori: Yes. [laughs]

Lindsay: Yes because you had been a student for so long and before that, it was a daughter and sister, and all the things, right?

Tori: Yes.

Lindsay: And a wife, I’m forgetting that. Then after Unstoppable, from what I remember you have the offer in your hands and you were starting to transition even though you weren’t fully working there yet until May, and from what I remember, Tori, is Authentically Awesome we really dig deep on who is Tori. We cleared out some of the crap that was holding you back from being that person, and then it’s like, “Okay, let’s look at your values, your way of thinking, all the things.”

I remember us sitting down with your puzzle and you’re already starting to have just some fears about the new job of like, “Oh my gosh, is this going to be the right fit?” We would then take it and look at your puzzle and allow you to really see like, “Yes Tori, this is a good fit.” Because you had had so many experiences of it not being a good fit but of course, your brain was like, “Oh my gosh.” I felt like that was really powerful for us to be able to ease those thoughts using the process itself. What’s your take on it?

Tori: Yes. It was really amazing, especially doing the puzzle. I think back to times, even Tori in high school, for example, and I remember being asked those common questions of like, “Oh, what’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite music type?” Things like that, and I felt like I never really knew what my favorite music was or I’d be like, “Oh, I like everything,” and that’s so nine. It’s so like, “Oh, everything’s good, whatever you want, I won’t stir up any conflicts.”

But then sitting down and being like “who really deeply is Tori and what does Tori want?” and then looking at the job and being like, “Okay, well, if we put it down on paper who is Tori, does this fulfill that?” Then being like, “Yes,” so then where would some of my discomforts or any apprehensions stem? They all came from, I’m manifesting a problem again? Almost like am I even okay with things being good?

Lindsay: Yes. Then once you got in the job, your brain kept going next, next, next, next, which every brain does, especially when you are a driven woman and you’ve been in an environment with so much school because it is next, next, next, next, right?

Tori: Yes.

Lindsay: Then it became, “Tori, just enjoy it,” and having to calm your brain and during this time too you’ve been working on adding more elements of fun and working out and taking care of yourself, and so that was built in, can you describe to everybody that process was like for you?

Tori: Yes. It was so amazing because, especially when you do your consult and you start Unstoppable, you rank all these areas of your life and how fulfilled do you feel in those areas. I just remember one of the areas I was really the least fulfilled in was fun or enjoyment or taking care of Tori because my whole life had been designed on like, “Here’s your requirements for school.”

I think seeing that was shocking and being like, “Oh my gosh, I really don’t do anything for Tori. I don’t have fun. I don’t do these things.” Then rediscovering who Tori is in that capacity was just like, “Oh my gosh, wait, Tori could be happy. This is what Tori could be if she was having fun, et cetera.”

Lindsay: Well, and I think too because, Tori is, I said in the intro, my chiropractor now and I get to go to your office all the time and the vibe of your office is wellness, right? Holistic wellness is how I would describe it.

Tori: Yes.

Lindsay: Would you describe it that way too?

Tori: Yes.

Lindsay: I feel like you had to go through the journey you did the past few months to embody the values fully that you knew you wanted to step into by you taking care of yourself and having fun and doing all those things. Would you agree with that?

Tori: Yes. It’s so amazing how me stepping into that actually ended up shaping the practitioner I really wanted to be, and we’ve talked about this before. We’ve talked about being in adrenal fatigue, and stressed out, and working yourself too hard. You then you stop and you say like, “Okay, but I’m supposed to be in a holistic capacity,” and it’s just to serve patients who are in that spot of overworking and it’s like their body’s worn out, and they just want to be rest and digest, they just want her body to be at rest.

I’m supposed to come in the capacity where I’m just there, and what kind of energy even transfer is that for me if people are coming to me, I’m in that same position? I should be a practitioner. I should be an example. Shifting this and then being able to even just build up Tori in a capacity to be like, “Okay, I could actually serve from this capacity and who I am,” and with a lot of authenticity and conviction in saying “Hey, you know what, these are the boundaries you need to set. I set them for my life. This is what it actually looks like to thrive,” et cetera, but so amazing.

Even just looking over the overarching, just the field or– so many chiropractors, especially ones that are in solo practice, like I thought I wanted, had to really push to the grinds and build it up and keep chugging and being like, “Okay, well it’s our office. It’s all on me. All the pressure’s on me, build it up, et cetera.” Then realizing, oh my gosh, so many people are in this place where they’re themselves are in adrenal fatigue and worn out and people come to us for holistic and natural healing, we need the same thing ourselves.

Lindsay: Yes. You stepped into the leadership really. I was just thinking about this yesterday too, Tori, when I left your office because I was talking to Hannah, who’s the front desk person. I left and I just was like, “I wish I could just hang out at your office all the time.”

Tori: You know you’re always welcome to. We do have people that do that and you are always welcome too. [laughs]

Lindsay: I even thought about this morning. I was like, “I would almost just have a baby again, just so I could go hang out at the office and get that support during that time.” Because that’s how it feels is just this beautiful holistic bubble. I consider it too of major feminine power in that of healing and all of that. It’s so fun, Tori, that you embody that now. It’s amazing. What else, Tori, what else have we missed in this journey?

Tori: I think it’s really cool even to say that I’ve been looking a lot back over this year and maybe it’s fall and we always talk about seasons and fall is my season. I’m very like, this is the season where I’m like, “Okay, let’s get really down to the nitty-gritty.” I’ve been thinking a lot about just being in this season and looking back and almost the prep work to get me to this, now it’s like put our head down and not necessarily grind because it’s not really what it’s like but we have seasons that we work hard and we thrive in.

Lindsay: Yes, let’s thrive, is what I hear.

Tori: Yes, so let’s thrive. I’m like, oh my gosh. Even looking at Tori a year ago, where Tori was right now and then looking back and being like, “Oh my gosh, I can now thrive with a direction.” I feel like when I am getting ready to be like, “Okay, let’s go,” it’s like I’m like, “Okay, what’s authentic to Tori?” “Is that authentic to Tori? How does Tori want to show up?” All these questions, one, would’ve never known to ask, and two, never known the answer to, because I didn’t actually know those things about Tori. (23:09)

(23:10) I think just looking back at the growth, because it’s amazing how– when it’s happening in the moment, you wonder, you’re like, “How am I making progress? Am I doing better?” Then being at this point and looking back over nine months and being like, “Oh my gosh, Tori is just seeing the progress and the growth and how far, and then also being like how far you have to go.


Just really wondering when you come into the process of unstoppable, and being like, “Okay, it’s a nine-month process,” and you think how nine months is a long time, but like, “Oh, really, what growth do I even really need?” Even to your point of saying at the beginning, you were like, “Tori, do you need me?” and me being like, “No, Lindsay, I need you,” and me being fairly competent. You know what I mean. Fairly competent at the beginning, ending how much could the program really honestly make a difference? I’m I like, I feel like, we say it all the time, but I’m Tori 2.0.


I’m Tori 2.0, but really the difference and how much really can happen and be like, “Oh my gosh,” (24:20) now I wonder what I ever would’ve done without the work. I actually get frustrated I didn’t do it earlier because I didn’t have to be uphill through quicksand for so long. It didn’t always have to be hard. It’s amazing when you see that. (24:39)

Lindsay: Dang, Tori, you just described that so freaking well. You were just such the ideal client. You check off all life’s boxes and you’re like, “What the heck? This isn’t as fulfilling as I thought.” You were at your very last box in many ways, especially for schooling. I describe that all the time too, it’s like climbing up a mountain. I always say mountain with a backpack. I love yours with the quicksand. Then when you do coaching, you’re like, “Oh, yes, I can let go of this crap. It does not have to be hard.”

Tori: Yes, it doesn’t have to be hard. There are opportunities and options even when it comes to manifesting different things, but just that your ideal life could be just right there, right around the corner and I didn’t ever have to– coming from a school perspective of you earn grades, you have to apply to get into schools, you have to earn to get the spot, and then being like, you don’t actually have to earn your perfect life or your ideal life, it can just be right around the corner if you let it be right around the corner.

Lindsay: Yes, for sure. Tell us about Tori’s life now. I was just asking you the other day about your work hours. Tell everybody how much you work, because this is the best part for me.


Tori: I don’t want to admit to it. [laughs] Well, what’s so funny is when Lindsay started coaching, we would coach at one o’clock on Sunday afternoons, and we would coach at seven 30 or eight o’clock at night, sometimes on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Anyways, before that, I was at an internship and I was working 7:45 to 6:30 or 7:00. I had some long hours. It is so funny. Then I end up where I’m at now and I work a casual 20 hours. Well, not that difficult to make more than you make when you’re in school as a student, but [laughs] I am making more than being a student. No, but honestly, financially and personally, having goals and being able to hit those goals and not having to do that within a schedule that’s 40, 50, 60-hour workweek.

Lindsay: You are making a full-time salary for sure.

Tori: Oh, I’m making a full-time salary. With a goal to make six figures within a year. At 20 hours.

Lindsay: At 20 hours a week. Living the dream right there, baby.


Tori: I can’t complain, Lindsay. I feel bad telling people, I feel like my life is so good, I feel bad telling you. (laughter)

Lindsay: First off, Tori, you worked for it and then all you needed was just to get in alignment to make it happen, and you did it. You did it. I love how you said too, is that during the process, sometimes you’re like, “Am I changing? Is this working?” I can’t tell you how many times to even my own coaching, I’m like, “I’m ready to quit.” I’m done. This is too much. It’s not making a difference. Then I have to convince my brain, “No, it is working, stop.” It is true. Then when you do see a bigger picture, holy crap. That’s where I wish too we could almost duplicate people and say, this one’s going to go through coaching and this one’s not. Let’s see what happens in a year.

Tori: Oh, my gosh. It’s funny because now I’m like you’ve said several times, you’re like, “Yes, I love nines, I love ones and Enneagram twos.” Now I laugh. I met an Enneagram two the other day and I said “You know what? You do really well in coaching.”


I was like, “I thrived, you’ll probably thrive.”

Lindsay: I do. I love my nines because all they need is just personal development because then you know, nines, they go to threes and their growth path, then they’re on fire. It is so much fun.

Tori: Which is so cool because it’s a three in a growth way as opposed to being this six which is distress and worry. It’s like I get to move towards continuing to do well and thriving without having to pull along as much just constant stress and worry and survival.

Lindsay: Yes, because anytime you have stress and worry, you have coaching to help you along the way. I know other holistic things that you do too to lean on that. Now Tori is in my Living the Dream Mastermind, is what we call it now. That’s my ongoing program for clients. We’re going to work together this next year too, which we’ve already started, which is so fun. All right. Tori, anything else we missed about your coaching journey? I hope we covered it all for the most part.

Tori: That’s pretty much it. Just honestly, I think even just your bullet holes and things that when you recognize and you’re like, “Oh, wow. Now, I didn’t even know I had those, but I’m not good enough.” Then you see where that manifests in other areas of your life with those belief patterns. Even now when I am upset about something or I’m hurting about something and it’s like, “Oh, I’m worried about disappointing that person,” it’s amazing because you look at things from a different perspective.

It’s not just like, “Hey, am I happy? Am I sad? How is this?” You’re like, “Okay, deep down, what is Tori’s psyche actually upset about?” I think that has been one of the most impactful things to do it’s not just like, okay, I’m fighting with a coworker, which I really try not to fight, but [laughs] I’ll be sad, I’ll be very internally sad and I’ll take it on and then not open my mouth as much as I need to.

Then it’s like, “Okay, but why is Tori actually sad? Is it because of something someone said or is it because I’m pulling on that? Like, ‘Oh, Tori doesn’t feel like she’s good enough or oh, Tori feels like she’s going to disappoint,'” et cetera. I think just being able to shift that so you no longer feel like, “Oh, this is the situation,” but you’re like, “Okay, what’s actually happening?” Then having tools to be able to pull yourself out of those kind of situations.

Lindsay: That’s why I say, it’s the unstoppable woman process. You become resilient because you always know what’s going on here? How do I feel and heal this and move on? Instead of staying stuck. It’s so good, Tori.” Okay. I would love for you to give everyone your info so they can go follow you on Instagram because I am obsessed with your Instagram. I know you’re just now amping it up even more, which is like everyone definitely needs to go follow you.

Tori: Which I laugh because I feel like the last time my Instagram looked the way I wanted it to look was last fall. Here we are. We’re in fall again. [laughs] I’m ready y’all. I’m coming to you. [laughs] You can follow me and it’s just @torihartline on Instagram, and @freetobe            chiropractic, but I love sharing holistic health and tips and everything like that. If anyone ever has any questions, I’d love to answer them and submit them. All things, holistic health, organic living, non-toxic, et cetera.

Lindsay: Tori is in the Dallas area, I mentioned earlier. If you’re looking for a wonderful chiropractor, go find her. She’s actually in Addison.

Tori: Yes.

Lindsay: I drive like 45 minutes [laughs] to go see Tori one-way because I love her that much.

Tori: I genuinely feel bad. When you come in, I’m like, “I know she drove so far.” I’m honored, Lindsay. I’m honored.

Lindsay: No. From my office, it’s like 30, so it’s like a podcast. I love it.

Tori: Then when you start hanging out there, it will make it worth it too.

Lindsay: Yes, totally. Well, thank you so much, Tori, for sharing your story.

Tori: Awesome. Thank you, Lindsay, for getting me here.


Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you enjoyed it, share it with a friend. Send them a picture of this episode via text, via email, share it on social media, I’m sure they would be so appreciative to know these strategies and tips on how to accomplish your dreams. If you are ready to guarantee you’re going to accomplish your goals and dreams, then it’s time to start coaching with me.

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