MAKE LIFE MAGICAL w/ Elyse Santilli, Life Coach & Oracle

Ready to manifest your already good life into a beautiful one? Listen to this interview with Elyse Santilli about manifesting a life that’s magical.

MAKE LIFE MAGICAL w/ Elyse Santilli, Life Coach & Oracle

Nov 29, 2021 | GOALS, MINDSET, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I hope you’ve been loving the Become an Unstoppable Woman throwback series. Today I am so excited to re-share an interview with one of my absolute favorite people, Elyse Santill, who I consider to be the queen of manifesting. She’s going to be talking about what it takes to live a beautiful life.

What I love about sharing these episodes again is that I also get to re-listen to them, and I haven’t heard them in a long time. At first I wondered if they would still be relevant, but when I listen to gems like these, I am even more blown away at these conversations and just how relevant they are to my life, the lives of my clients, and my coaching business. 

You’ve likely heard me talk a lot about a “good on paper” life. That’s one of the key characteristics I see in the women that contact me. They’ve checked off life’s boxes and their life is “pretty good.”

But what we want is a life that’s more than “pretty good,” right? What if we could have a life that felt magical?

I am so lucky to be able to help these women get their lives to a beautiful place. I’m also lucky because along the way, I get to meet other passionate female business owners who are also helping women live beautiful lives. 

One of those women is the incredible Elyse Santilli. Elyse is a life coach who inspires women to manifest their wildest dreams. In this episode, she talks about taking a mundane life and making it a magical one. 


  • How she used to experience social anxiety and shyness
  • What Elyse realized when she was only 5 years old
  • The key moment when Elyse had a realization about life
  • How Elyse stays connected in her life every single day 

…And so much more.

If your life is pretty good, get ready to open your mind up to the possibility of so much more. I want each and everyone of my listeners to live a beautiful life, and this episode right here is the first step to doing that.

Listen at the top of this page.


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