THE POWER OF INCLUSIVITY w/ Dr. Kristen Donnelly, Social Science Researcher & Founder of Abbey Research

Get ready because we are back with a brand new episode today! I’m interviewing Dr. Kristen Donnelly on the very powerful topic of inclusivity and what inclusivity means to her.

THE POWER OF INCLUSIVITY w/ Dr. Kristen Donnelly, Social Science Researcher & Founder of Abbey Research

Feb 14, 2022 | MINDSET, Uncategorized | 0 comments

“I had to understand my privilege to understand oppression.” – Dr. Kristen Donnelly

I’m so excited to finally be back with a BRAND NEW interview for you today! And we are back in full force, kicking it off with an incredibly powerful interview about inclusivity with Dr. Kristen Donnelly.

Dr. Kristen is a social science researcher and a founder of Abbey Research, a company that educates and empowers inclusive communities. She is one half of “The Good Doctors” duo with her business partner and best friend. Together, they educate people to be fuller humans and build inclusive communities through speaking, podcasts, workshops, and other content.

I was so moved by a TEDx Talk Dr. Kristen gave that I just had to bring her on the show. You’re about to hear just how powerful her speaking is.

On this NEW Become an Unstoppable Woman episode, Kristen discusses the concept of inclusivity in a way that feels so simple and so complex at the same time. She covers far beyond racial inclusivity to talk about each of our individual selves and how we can be inclusive in our own lives on so many different levels. 

Her idea of inclusivity is that everyone gets to show up on their own terms. Nobody assigns what people are going to be and they get to bring whatever they want to the table, without the weight of moral judgments.

Makes so much sense but sounds so difficult, right?

This was such a fun interview because even though the work Dr. Kristen does is different from the work I do with my clients, it all relates in such a big way. We are both striving to get humans to a neutral place, free of judgment.


  • What is inclusivity?
  • How can we start to fix unconscious bias
  • How changing the definition of diversity can lead to inclusion
  • What informed choice is versus assumptions
  • The difference between being “othered” and oppressed
  • What a truly inclusive life could look like

…and so much more.

This interview will challenge you today to get neutral. Get curious. When feeling any judgment about someone or something, question it. Look at it differently and ask yourself what caused that feeling. How can you shift to a more inclusive place?

I hope you’re ready for this one today because it is going to make you think hard about your life. 

Listen at the top of this page.


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