HELP YOUR BABY SLEEP w/ Dr. Sarah Mitchell, Baby Sleep Consultant

Tired of being tired? Sleep training your child is no easy task. That’s why we have a baby sleep expert here to give you some tips.

HELP YOUR BABY SLEEP w/ Dr. Sarah Mitchell, Baby Sleep Consultant

Feb 28, 2022 | PARENTING, Uncategorized | 0 comments

“Helping your baby have better sleep patterns is all about habits, consistency, timing and setting them up for success.” – Dr. Sarah Mitchell

Imagine being promoted to CEO of a company that you know very little about, where you have a very small team of support, and little to no hands-on training for the job. But, it’s also your dream job. 

Welcome to parenting your first child. 

Then factor in a surrounding community of conflicting opinions and resources, and a thin line of judgment. 

Talk about piling it on, right?

There are endless questions, concerns and conflicts you will run into, but one of the absolute most important issues you’ll run into with raising your child is sleep habits and sleep training methods.

Because sleep is so important.

Sleep is important not just to your child, but to you. And the trickiest part of all is that these two things are dependent on one another. You can’t sleep if your baby doesn’t sleep. And if you’re tired all the time, you can’t possibly be the person you want to be.

This is why I’m so excited to have Dr. Sarah Mitchell on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast today. Dr. Sarah is a baby sleep expert and consultant. She is the creator of “The Helping Babies Sleep Method” and author of the book of the same title. 

I know sleep and babies is not something I usually talk about, however, I hear from SO many women that they want to live better and feel better (and are even looking to work with me to help them do/be those things) but they are so darn exhausted from lack of sleep due to a child.

No more!! Sarah’s here to help.

If your baby isn’t sleeping, this episode is going to change your life right now (keep in mind when we say “baby” we’re really talking about a child from four weeks to four years old). I encourage you to listen too if having a baby soon is on your radar so you can get ahead of the game.


  • How old her kids were when she started the process of sleep training with them
  • Why sleeping is a learned habit
  • Why it’s ok for you (and your baby) to feel uncomfortable in the sleep training process
  • How to start to set your child up for success with sleeping right now

And so much more…

Don’t worry, Dr. Sarah is not here to tell you how to parent. She’s just going to show you what’s possible.

It all starts with the belief my friend! So believe it. Your child CAN sleep through the night, and it starts today as you learn about sleep training methods. Listen at the top of this page.


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