IS YOUR WORK ENVIRONMENT TOXIC? w/ Melanie Pump, Author and Advocate for Healthy Workplaces

We often feel like we work in a toxic environment, but do you know for sure? In this interview you’ll learn the exact qualities of a toxic workplace.

IS YOUR WORK ENVIRONMENT TOXIC? w/ Melanie Pump, Author and Advocate for Healthy Workplaces

Mar 14, 2022 | CAREER GROWTH, Uncategorized | 0 comments

“We all have talents. We all have something that can help us grow and learn. But we need to be comfortable to try new things. If we’re in a toxic work environment, we’re much less likely to find that talent.” – Melanie Pump

Career happiness is by far the most common thing I coach my clients on. More often than not we get into coaching and realize they are in a toxic workplace.

So many women think they are the problem – they’re not good enough at their job or they’re insecure at work. Sometimes there’s just a feeling in the air that something isn’t right.

And as women, we often negate these feelings, telling ourselves it’s in our head, or even worse, it’s our fault.

But the fact is, toxic work environments are far too common.

That’s why today I am so excited to share this interview with Melanie Pump, author and advocate for healthy workplaces. 

You shouldn’t have to question whether or not you’re working in a toxic environment. After listening to this Become an Unstoppable Woman episode today, you will know once and for all if your office falls into this category.

Melanie has a great story behind where she is today, having dropped out of high school and then starting in the corporate world at only 21 years old. She was lucky enough to have a leader in her very first job that gave her the support she needed and allowed her to thrive in a healthy workplace. 

You’ll realize listening to this interview just how important it is to have a leader at work who promotes a healthy work environment and who encourages you rather than makes you feel small and insecure. 

If you are a leader, you will also learn a lot today about how to make sure you are running a healthy workplace for your employees.


  • The specific qualities of a toxic work environment (and how these qualities appear in the employees working there)
  • How Melanie can tell if a work environment is toxic just by walking through an office
  • How authenticity relates to being a great leader
  • All about Melanie’s new book, Detox
  • What causes people to procrastinate

…and so much more.

I wish toxic workplaces weren’t as common as they are, but as Melanie shares in this episode, there is hope in the future.

Find out right now if you’re in a healthy or unhealthy workplace. Listen at the top of this page.



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