Mindset coaching can change your ENTIRE life. Just listen to this client story on how she transformed from a hustle career mindset to a place of ease.


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“I don’t think I realized how much I had really lost myself until I took the plunge and we did our coaching consultation. We started to set goals and I realized, ‘woah, this is gonna get real.” – Carissa Ray

It’s been a minute since we’ve had one of my clients on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast to share a coaching story. As you know, I had taken a hiatus around the holidays, and then we’ve had a rebrand and launch and just so many things to share. 

But today I am so excited to share this interview with my incredible client, Carissa Ray.

Carissa started as a one-on-one client of mine and then went on to join my Living the Dream Mastermind group which is still ongoing. So it’s a real treat for me to share a coaching story that’s still in process. I still get to work with Carissa regularly and it is such a joy for me.

The funny thing about me and Carissa is that our working relationship did not begin with coaching. As she shares in the interview, it really feels like our meeting was fated. 

You’ll learn all about Carissa’s career in this interview, but she has an extensive background in the media and journalism world and we were actually put in touch in 2020 when I was looking for a video editor for some marketing materials. 

By editing some of my material, Carissa got the inside scoop on what coaching with me is like through client coaching videos and the podcast. When our working relationship ended, Carissa was extremely proactive in wanting to take the next step towards one-on-one coaching. 

As we started on our journey together, it became clear that Carissa was stuck in the workaholic, go-go-go hustle mentality of her journalism career. On paper, her life looked ideal – she had previously lived in NYC with her husband while pregnant with her first child working a six-figure job for the Today Show. She was prominent in the industry.

But on the inside she felt like she was losing her mind from overwhelm. This so-called “dream job” and the corporate position that followed it, left her with PTSD and a desire for work-life balance.

Prior to coaching, Carissa had taken the first step on her own and left her corporate career behind, but she still felt stuck. She loved her life and family but wondered why she couldn’t be fulfilled by a job without working 60+ hours a week.

You’ll have to listen to the whole story directly from Carissa today, but spoiler alert, she is doing EXACTLY what she set out to do, having found success in her career while prioritizing the parts of her life that bring her joy and peace.


  • How coaching helped her go from a mindset of anxiety to a mindset of ease
  • Why the workaholic mindset left her feeling like she was leaving a part of herself behind
  • How she shifted from pursuing money for the sake of money to actually knowing what fills her up
  • When she realized she was stuck in a masculine flow (and how we shifted that to a feminine power)
  • How Carissa went on to win an EMMY (!) AFTER cutting back on her work hours and changing her “hustle” mentality 

…and so much more

This was a woman who at one time went back to work 8 weeks after a C-section when she had 12 weeks to take off because she felt like it’s what she had to do. The mindset shift she’s experienced from coaching is mind-blowing and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

We learned all the layers of who Carissa is – not just the mom layer, or the career woman layer, but ALL of her layers. Are you ready to hear all about it? Listen at the top of this page.


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