RECLAIM YOUR TIME & CREATIVITY w/ Eve Rodsky, New York Times Best-selling Author

This interview with New York Times bestselling author Eve Rodsky is all about what it means to claim your time as you own to find your unicorn space, or what it means to be uniquely you.

RECLAIM YOUR TIME & CREATIVITY w/ Eve Rodsky, New York Times Best-selling Author

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“As a society, we view and value men’s time as if it’s finite like diamonds, and we treat and discard women’s time as if it’s infinite like sand.” – Eve Rodsky

I can hardly contain my excitement to share today’s interview with a very special guest! Today we have New York Times Best-Selling Author Eve Rodsky on the show. 

In 2019, Eve released her first book, Fair Play, which she calls a system for domestic rebalance. According to Eve, the book is a treatise for why our time as women has never been valued in the same way as men’s time. 

This book is so incredibly eye-opening and I can’t stress enough that you should absolutely order it and read it immediately (link below). If you feel undervalued in any way, this book not only validates your feelings but proves that this has been going on FOREVER and that there IS a way to bring that balance in value back into your life.  

After the acclaimed Fair Play, in December 2021 Eve released what she considers to be the next step in this process of domestic balance – Find Your Unicorn Space, which is all about once you find that domestic balance, how to then prioritize the activities for you that unleash your creativity. 

As Eve states, you can’t have your Unicorn Space without Fair Play.

I absolutely love what Eve is all about. She is dedicating her life to changing the age-old idea of a domestic “partnership” so that it becomes exactly that – a true partnership. She first-hand had the awakening that so many of us have had before: realizing that her relationship at home was unbalanced and that as a woman, there were certain expectations placed on her that were not placed on her husband. 

For Find Your Unicorn Space, Eve Interviewed thousands of domestic partners separately and her findings were so enlightening. Partners would talk about the activities that make them come alive or that they enjoy most in life, and believe it or not, these activities were actually the things that their partner resented the most about them. 

How can we possibly have a balanced relationship and life if we’re resenting one another for doing the things that make us come alive?

Eve will be answering this very question today by exploring the three themes of Unicorn Space: curiosity, connection and completion.


  • How to control decision fatigue
  • How she took back her identity as ‘Eve’ instead of ‘Mom’
  • The three things that the most thriving domestic partnerships have in their lives based on the thousands of interviews Eve watched. 
  • How Eve defines boundaries (and why it’s so difficult for women to spend time on important boundaries)
  • Why systems are so important to give you time needed for yourself

…and so much more

Eve wrote Find Your Unicorn Space so that we as women can learn what it means to have permission to be unavailable from our assumed roles and explore what it means to be ourselves. What does it mean to be uniquely you?

Find out by listening to this enlightening episode at the top of the page.


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