Discover 6 ways you could be blocking yourself from accepting abundance & learn how to fix it so you can up-level your life with ease.

Accepting Abundance

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Do you ever have those moments when something great happens, but then something else starts to fall apart?

Like you get a fantastic job opportunity, but then your anxiety creeps in out of no where. Or, your personal life is taking off, but suddenly your career is at a standstill. Or, your kids are thriving, but your marriage starts to feel tough.

Some people say the wave of good followed by bad happens because “it’s the yin and yang of life.” It’s just the way life works. When something goes great, the shoe will drop, and something will go wrong to balance it all out.

I disagree with this belief.

The reason why we start to thrive in one area of life, but something else falls apart is because for many of us unless our brains are trained, we can only accept so much abundance.

Our brain likes to stay safe within the confines of it’s “normal” way of being. When we leave the walls of what’s normal (even if it feels good), we can naturally self-sabotage to bring us back down to its typical state.

I know all too well how this can happen, because, my friend…I’ve been the QUEEN of self-sabotage at times in my life.

I did things like attract my crush in school only to then act like a witch toward him because I was in too much shock that he liked me.

In college, I was the “golden girl” of my sorority slated to be President my Senior year, only to sabotage it all by gossiping about members behind their backs so much so that I was blackballed and felt forced to quit.

Even now, things are GREAT in my life. I have the career I’ve always wanted, the family I’ve dreamed of, and financial abundance that’s in the top 1% of my age range.

I’ve done a lot of work to get to this place for sure, but I STILL find instances where I’m blocking abundance with self-sabotage. Luckily, now I’m aware of these self-sabotaging/abundance blocking patterns and know ways on how to overcome these blocks before it turns into problems.

Learning how to spot these self-sabotaging patterns was what changed the game for me and I’m hoping it’s a game-changer for you!

So, I’m sharing my top tips on today’s “Become An Unstoppable Woman” podcast episode.

Specifically, in this episode, I’m talking about six ways you could be blocking yourself from accepting abundance and giving you tools on how you can start to fix it.

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