This coaching client wanted to learn how to get motivated so she could get her spark back in life. Learn how we did just that.


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“I was running on numb. That’s how I was functioning. I wasn’t processing my feelings because they were too scary. Now that I’ve processed that stuff, I not only have my spark back, I have extra candles in there too.” – Chelsea

I can’t believe it has been a couple of months since I’ve done one of my absolute favorite things to do on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast– interviewing one of my clients to share her story.

So today, I’d like to introduce you to my client, Chelsea Crawford.

When I first met Chelsea, she had just undergone some serious relationship trauma (spoiler alert: if you’ve heard my story, her’s may sound familiar). 

She was, understandably so, tired. And I could hear it in her voice immediately. She had no motivation or drive. But even through her extreme exhaustion, she wanted to learn how to get motivated again. I could tell she had a spark deep down in there, we just had to dig it out. 

If you met Chelsea even back then, you’d have thought she had it all together. She’s a great mom with a great career. It immediately impressed me that she had accomplished so much with such a crazy amount of internal crap going on in her life. I wondered, if she could accomplish so much with all that crap, what could she achieve once she dug deep to heal that stuff?

The possibilities seemed endless. I was ready to get her spark back, get her motivated, and get her back on track to feeling proud and confident in her life. 


  • Chelsea’s favorite part about coaching (an experience she calls “magical”)
  • What happened after Chelseas’s first 90 days of coaching that set her back and caused her to experience some deep burnout
  • How Chelsea got back on track at the beginning of 2022
  • How Chelsea not only got motivated to get a new job but also used her strengths that she learned about in coaching to land the perfect new job

…and so much more

Chelsea was stuck in people pleasing and over achieving tendencies, something that is all too common in driven women. She had tried other coaching programs, she had tried therapy, but you’re about to hear what finally worked for this unstoppable lady. 

Listen to Chelsea’s story at the top of this page.


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