ROCK YOUR RESUME w/ Fortune 50 Recruiter, Katharine Underwood

Learn how to create and maintain a stand-out resume from Katharine Underwood, a Fortune 50 company Manager of Employment and University Relations. 

rock your resume

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Let’s face it…searching for a job feels just plain awful most times. Doesn’t it?

It can feel so awful in fact that we’ll stay at our current mediocre jobs just to avoid it.

It’s scary to step out of the familiar territory of our current job (or to search for a job while dealing with the emotions of being forced out of a previous job).

Our jobs mean so much to us. We spend so much time with our co-workers and invest so much in our employers. The income we gain from our work is something we rely on for our families to survive and thrive.

The stability our jobs seemingly provide along with the discomfort of the job search is what is keeping a lot of women stuck in mediocre positions.

But, what if searching for a job could feel easier?

What if when you hit submit button on a job application you knew that your resume represented you in a strong and authentic way so much so that if you didn’t get an interview you knew it was because the job wasn’t a good fit vs. questioning if you did enough on your resume to represent yourself in the best way?

Imagine what could open up for you if you “rocked your resume” by creating a compelling and persuasive document.

You’d likely be applying for more jobs because you felt confident in what you were presenting…and because of that confidence and number of applications you’d like be getting more interviews….which means you’ll probably get more job offers….and more job offers means your opportunity for growth just expanded in a whole new, big way.

And to think….it all began with that one little document – your resume.

Having a strong resume is the key that can open the doors to what’s possible for you in the job market.

This is why I brought my friend, former client and POWERHOUSE recruitment manager Katharine Underwood on the “Become an Unstoppable Woman” podcast this week. I wanted her to teach you how to rock your resume so you can stand out from the crowd in a powerful and authentic way.

Katharine knows her stuff when it comes to resumes. She’s seen tens of thousands of them at this point in her career and hired over a THOUSAND people.

(Fun facts: Katharine used to work for Walt Disney where she interviewed students to work at Disney World! She’s now the Manager of Recruitment & College Relations for a Fortune 50 company.)

Katharine’s straight-forward, action-oriented tips will give you the clarity you need to create (or update) your resume even if you aren’t currently looking for a job.

rock your resume

Specifically, in this interview Katharine and I cover…

-Why it’s important to rock your resume

-How a resume serves as your professional foundation

-Why it’s important to have an updated resume at all times and how often to update it

-What things you should and shouldn’t put on your resume to “rock your resume”

-How to tailor your resume to tell a powerful story to a recruiter

-Why quantifiable data is important to include on your resume and how to maximize that data  

-The impact of lying or over-embellishing on your resume 

-How many pages your resume should be

-Things that should naturally fall off your resume as you grow

-What to put on your resume when you have little experience (including what recent college grads should do)

-What to do if you have a gap in your resume

-How to find out who could be recruiting for the job on LinkedIn and what to say to that recruiter

-The power of networking AND having a strong resume 

-Why it’s important to apply for a job even if you aren’t completely qualified 

 -Where to put your most important parts of your resume and how to draw extra attention to them

Be sure to listen to the “ROCK YOUR RESUME” interview in the player at the top of this page.

If you’d like to connect with today’s interview guest, Katharine Underwood you can find her on LinkedIn here.

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