From trauma, to health issues to career and everything in between, Steph’s story is proof that the coaching process works.


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“When I think about the next 5 years, it’s hard to make plans because so much has changed just in the last year. I couldn’t imagine where I am today so it’s hard to imagine where I could go.” – Stephanie Beard

I’m excited to share another client coaching story with you today on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast. And today’s story encompasses ALL the things…from career, to health, to trauma and everything in between.

Steph and I met almost 3 years ago back in fall of 2019. Life had been hard for her for many years but she knew there was more to life and she wanted to get back there. 

I remember on our very first call I could feel how low her energy was and I even questioned if I could help her. 

I wish I could say that it was all rainbows and butterflies the moment we started working together, but Steph experienced more hardship after we began our coaching journey (we all know now what was coming in 2020…)

But still, she got through it with the support and tools from coaching, and she is now thriving in an amazing season of her life. 


  • Her very personal story about suffering a major injury while in the military
  • How she went from a bakery job paying barely minimum wage to a leadership position in less than two years
  • What it was like being a caretaker for her mother when she was ill
  • How she’s transformed SO MANY aspects of her health
  • What she loves most about being in my group mastermind, Living the Dream

 …and so much more.

Steph went from feeling very hesitant about life and not knowing what she wanted to a place where she is thriving in her zone of genius and finally feels appreciated in her career and life. 

You’ll hear Steph talk a lot about group coaching today because she’s a member of my Living the Dream Mastermind group which is only open to clients who have been through my one-on-one process. But I recently started offering group coaching for new clients! If you want to experience the magic of group support that Steph talks about, just click below to apply.

Listen to Steph’s story at the top of this page.


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