WHY ABORTIONS MATTER w/ Amanda Kingsley, Certified Feminine Life Coach & Doula

No matter what position you take on the issue, abortions matter. In today’s controversial episode, my guest and I are sharing why we chose abortion and how it’s shaped us.

WHY ABORTIONS MATTER w/ Amanda Kingsley, Certified Feminine Life Coach & Doula

Aug 1, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

We get to believe whatever we want to believe and anyone can find a belief that works for them. But we don’t get to pick what we believe and then force someone else to believe it. That’s not ok.” – Amanda Kingsley

I want to start this one by asking you to take a deep breath.

Because today’s episode is controversial and it’s very possible you may find it triggering. 

On today’s Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast episode, I have certified feminine life coach, Amanda Kingsley with me chatting all about the importance of abortions, why abortions matter, and our experiences with our own abortions.

Like I said, take a deep breath. I know this is an intense topic.

But the controversy and intensity of it is no reason not to talk about it. Because what’s in this episode today absolutely needs to be said. 

If you’ve been listening to my podcast closely, you already know that I had an abortion many years ago. It’s not something I’ve discussed in detail here, but it has come up from time to time. Today I’m digging deeper into why I chose abortion at that time in my life and how it impacted me.

You’ll also hear Amanda’s own abortion story, which contrasts vastly from mine. 

Both our experiences are important and exemplify why abortions matter so much, not only in our own lives but in the context of society as a whole.

No matter what view you hold on the issue, I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind today. But whichever way you lean, these stories matter. These stories shape us, and these stories shape the issue. 

Get to a place of peace and calmness before listening to this one. You can hear it at the top of this page. 


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