CREATE AUTHENTIC CONNECTION w/ Simone Heng, Human Connection Specialist

Authentic human connection is one of our basic needs, but it’s not always easy to find. Today’s episode will change how you think of human connection.

CREATE AUTHENTIC CONNECTION w/ Simone Heng, Human Connection Specialist

Aug 15, 2022 | RELATIONSHIPS, Uncategorized | 0 comments

“Human connection is the energetic rapport we experience when we can see, hear and discover ourselves in another human being.” – Simone Heng

Are you ready to fan girl out with me today??

Because I am SO excited about this week’s Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast guest. 

Her name is Simone Heng and she is a Human Connection Specialist, author and TEDx speaker. And I just adore everything she is about. 

Simone and I cover so many things in this episode relating to connections, communication and loneliness, and we really dig into what authentic connections are and how to distinguish them from fake substitutes or transactional connections. 

This topic is so important, especially right now, for so many reasons. You’ve probably experienced some feelings of isolation due to the pandemic, and on top of that, living in such a digital world, it can be easy to mix up our social media connections with that of authentic ones. 

But between the pandemic and the internet, the need for authentic human connection has not diminished one bit. It’s just that you may need to pay more attention to it and understand exactly what type of connection you’re needing as an individual.

Well you’re in luck because that is exactly what today’s episode is all about!


  • The 3 different types of connection humans need 
  • Why non-reciprocal connections can make you feel even more lonely
  • The difference between social isolation and solitude 
  • Why people in leadership positions often feel lonely 
  • What kind of connection you may be missing in your life to feel truly fulfilled and connected
  • Why it’s common to become more introverted as you get older

…and so much more.

I can’t stress enough the importance of this episode. You’ll hear from Simone how loneliness can impact not only your mental health but your physical health too, so I’m encouraging you to take action today if you feel like you’re missing authentic connections in your life. And the good news is, you’re about to learn exactly how to find these connections…even if you’re an introvert!

This is one of those episodes that has the ability to change your life. Listen at the top of this page. 


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