OVERCOME LOW LIBIDO w/ Dr. Jordin Wiggins, Naturopathic Doctor & Author

A low libido in women is far too common, but that doesn’t make it ok. Listen to learn how a low libido may be impacting your overall health, and how to start to overcome it.

OVERCOME LOW LIBIDO w/ Dr. Jordin Wiggins, Naturopathic Doctor & Author

Sep 5, 2022 | HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS, Uncategorized | 0 comments

A lack of libido is a sign that other things are off with your health and wellbeing. If we disassociate ourselves from that, we’re never at full wellness and we’re never really living life at our fullest potential. ” – Dr. Jordin Wiggins

What’s been so special to me about this podcast, especially over the past year or so, has been having guests on the show that can really help my listeners with common issues and occurrences that I see in so many women.

Because the truth is, some of the extremely common issues I see are brushed off as “normal” when they are far from so.

One example: a low libido in women. 

I can not even begin to tell you how often my clients talk about their lack of sex drive. In all honesty, it’s more often than not.

How ridiculously crazy is that?? I’ll say it again: of the women I talk to, more of them than not complain of a low libido.

As someone who coaches women into integrating joy, pleasure and self care into their daily lives, you can only imagine how frustrating it is for me to hear this time and time again. Because pleasure IS self care. And what is one of the most pleasurable and natural things you can do for yourself? SEX!

So when I came across a medical professional who had these exact ideals, it was a no brainer to bring her on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast to talk about overcoming low libido in women.

Dr. Jordin Wiggins is a naturopathic doctor who’s goal is to help people find as much pleasure inside the bedroom as outside of the bedroom, which as you’ll learn today goes hand in hand.


  • How sexual education (or lack thereof) contributes to low libido
  • The surprising statistics on just how common it is for women to have low libido or sexual dysfunction. 
  • What Jordin defines as “sexual dysfunction” (chances are, you’re going to relate to this)
  • The importance of self-pleasure when it comes to libido and sexual health
  • Specific ways to start to overcome a low libido

…and so much more.

What I absolutely love about Jordin’s perspective is how she relates your sexual libido to your big picture health. Because a low libido is not normal. It’s not ok. And it’s definitely not healthy. 

I want you to feel pleasure in every single part of your life, and pleasure in the bedroom is equally if not more important when it comes to having a truly fulfilling life. 

You may brush these issues aside. Your doctors may brush these issues aside. But I am not brushing them aside. It’s time to change things. Listen at the top of this page. 



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