TRAUMA RESPONSES 101 w/ Dr. Lee Cordell, CEO & Founder of the Institute for Trauma & Psychological Safety

I’ve talked about trauma a few times on the show, but today you’re learning all about trauma responses, or how your trauma impacts things you do today.

TRAUMA RESPONSES 101 w/ Dr. Lee Cordell, CEO & Founder of the Institute for Trauma & Psychological Safety

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As humans, we tend to keep putting ourselves in environments where the threats are familiar. This is because your brain is trying to fix it.” – Dr. Lee Cordell

You may have heard me tease this episode for a long time, and you’re about to learn why.

You’re about to listen to a life-changing conversation with Dr. Lee Cordell. Lee is the Founder of the Institute for Trauma & Psychological Safety and she is an expert anti-shame coach.

Before you breeze past this thinking, “Oh, I don’t have any real trauma to deal with,” I want to remind you that the term “trauma” is often misunderstood.

If you’re thinking about things like abuse and tragedies, you’re right, these are of course traumas. But, those are not the only kinds of traumas.

Trauma occurs anytime you feel hurt or unsafe in any way. This can be work incidents, arguments with partners or friends, something a parent may have done when you were young, being catcalled when it wasn’t desired…the possibilities are endless. So, I think it’s safe to say, you have not lived a completely trauma-free life. 

What you’re about to learn isn’t about the trauma you’ve experienced, it’s about the ways in which your body naturally reacts to events today as a result of the trauma you’ve faced. These are your trauma responses, which is anytime your nervous system feels like something is scary or dangerous. And this can happen deep within you on a biological level, often without you realizing it’s happening.

Heavy stuff, right? This is definitely one of those episodes to listen to when you’re in a safe and calm space.


  • How Dr. Lee transitioned her career as a hospital nurse into a trauma coach and expert
  • The 4 different trauma responses and specific examples of each  
  • How your human needs impact your trauma responses
  • What emotional regulation is

…and so much more.

You may want to pause this one at times, but I encourage you to come back to it. I can’t stress enough that this is life changing information, and I’m honored to have someone like Dr. Lee on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast to explain it so well. 

Listen at the top of this page.


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