Regulating the nervous system may sound overwhelming and complicated, but you’re about to learn step-by-step how to do it.


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“Regulating your nervous system means that you’ll still have stressful things that happen to you, but you’re going to come back to a calm state faster. You’re going to be stressed out about these things less and less and less.”

Regulating the nervous system is a phrase we hear often and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it. It sounds technical, it sounds medical, and let’s be honest, it doesn’t sound fun or glamorous. 

Today’s Become an Unstoppable Woman episode is going to change your entire perspective on regulating the nervous system. Because you’re not only going to realize how important and life-changing it is, you’re going to realize how attainable it is to live with a regulated nervous system.

I’m about to share seven steps to regulate your nervous system. Keep in mind that these are generalized for the sake of this episode, but if you were a client of mine, these steps would be completely customized to you and your life. I’m hoping that hearing these steps will help you decide where you stand currently in this process and what you want to tweak for yourself.


  • What does it mean to regulate your nervous system?
  • The benefits of regulating your nervous system and how these will surface in your life
  • The specific steps to take to regulate your nervous system
  • Why we’re not meant to work as much as we think
  • How I work with clients on a more personal level to regulate their nervous system
  • What I do in my own life to regulate my nervous system

…and so much more.

While you may not say that regulating your nervous system is a specific goal of yours, it is something that impacts every single aspect of your life. If you and I were to come up with a specific goal together, say to increase your confidence or make more money, regulating your nervous system would be weaved into that goal on so many levels.

Be prepared to slow down for this one because the ultimate goal here is for you to feel stressed out less. Our society often glorifies stress and hustle, but that is not how it should be. So start with some slow breathing and listen to this episode at the top of this page.



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