Ever wondered what it’s like to be coached? Now’s your chance to listen in on two REAL life coaching sessions.


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“You can learn just as much from other people getting coached as you can yourself.” 

Are you ready for a Become an Unstoppable Woman episode like no other?

Today I’m doing something very different on the show. It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time and I am so excited to finally share it with you…

I am airing two real life coaching calls with women I have never coached before!

That’s right. Two women who I have never met, barely had any communication with, and don’t know a whole lot about volunteered to be my guinea pigs so I could present you with two real life coaching examples on the podcast.

If you’ve ever wondered what getting coached is like, this is your chance to be an actual fly on the wall in two real coaching sessions. You’ve listened to me teach lessons here on the podcast week after week, but you’ve never actually heard me coach before. So let’s change that right now.

First, I’m talking to Madison. Madison has followed me on social media for a long time and we’ve DM’d for a while, but that’s the only contact we’d ever had. Madison wants to get out of the idea phase of her own coaching business and get into action. Amongst so many things, you’ll hear us discuss:

  • Tools to move past Madison’s self-doubt and fear of judgment
  • Ways in which Madison can set up accountability for herself
  • A clear action plan for moving forward

Next, you’ll hear me talk to Eden. Eden’s goal for our call was to work on her finding career fulfillment, but you’ll hear in this session that we went DEEP beyond that. You’ll hear us work on:

  • Where her thoughts of “I don’t follow through” come from
  • How the Kolbe Assessment can benefit her
  • Why it’s hard for her to accept people love her
  • Starting to shift her thoughts from the fear of letting others down

Keep in mind when you’re listening today, I’ve just met these women for the first time. Typically when I work with clients, they take several assessments and I learn all about them and their personality types from the very beginning. But even so, you’ll see firsthand how much can change for a person in just one coaching session. 

Listen to these two life coaching examples at the top of this page. 




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