Ever wondered what it’s like to be coached? Now’s your chance to listen in on two REAL life coaching sessions. PART 2.


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“Many times we think something is one thing but as we dig deeper we realize there’s more to clean up.” 

Ready for part two of the Become an Unstoppable Woman episode like no other?

Last week I started something for the first time ever on the show…

I aired two real life coaching calls with women I had never coached before!

But guess what? Today I have two more women who I’ve never met, barely had any communication with, and don’t know a whole lot about who volunteered to be my guinea pigs so I could present you with two more real life coaching examples on the podcast.

If you’ve ever wondered what getting coached is like, this two part episode is your chance to be an actual fly on the wall in two more real coaching sessions. 

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Lisa first. This is my first time ever speaking to Lisa and she really wanted some clarity on where to go next in her career. We specifically coach on:  

  • Lisa’s passions and what her dream job would look like
  • Why Lisa is considering going corporate even if it’s not what she really wants
  • Beliefs and mantras Lisa can tell herself to start to gain confidence in becoming the entrepreneur she wants to be

Next, you’ll hear me talk to Mariah. Mariah is actually a coach as well and she’s pretty established. You’ll hear what it’s like to coach someone who’s been in the field and has her own coaching regularly, because the aha moments come a bit faster. We coach on her decision on whether or not to pursue a masters program she’s interested in and figuring out what’s been holding her back. Specifically, you’ll hear:

  • What Mariah’s fears are about pursuing her next degree and how we worked through them 
  • How to reframe negative thoughts she has around having spent time as a stay-at-home-mom
  • What’s holding her back from filling out the application for the masters program even though it feels in alignment for her
  • A big shift she makes during our conversation which gives her a ton of clarity

Keep in mind when you’re listening today, I’ve just met these women for the first time. Typically when I work with clients, they take several assessments and I learn all about them and their personality types from the very beginning. But even so, you’ll see firsthand how much can change for a person in just one coaching session. 

Listen to these two life coaching examples at the top of this page. 



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