The very first step in coaching with me is taking several personality assessments. Ready to hear all about my top 5?


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“These five assessments give you a deep understanding about who you are. With that awareness, you can create even more of a life you want in a way that feels fun.” 

If you’ve listened to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast for a while now, you likely know I love personality assessments. I’ve previously discussed the Enneagram in detail on the show, I’ve had an episode all about the Kolbe assessment, and I frequently mention some of the other assessments that I have my clients take. 

But, I have never dedicated an entire episode to share what my favorite personality assessments are and just how life changing they can really be.

I use these assessments all the time in my business so that I can coach my clients in a way that is customized and authentic to them and today I want to give you a glimpse into what that looks like.


  • My 5 favorite personality assessments
  • What each of these assessments tells you about yourself
  • How to use the results of each of these assessments to improve certain areas of your life
  • Examples from my own results as well as from clients and people in my life on what these assessments have shown them about themselves

…and so much more.

Your results of these assessments are best analyzed with an expert like me who can truly help you maximize on this knowledge, but as I always say, the first step is awareness. I hope you learn something big about yourself today.

Listen at the top of this page.  



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