Ready to live the life you never thought possible? These are the 5 steps to live YOUR dream.


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“Living the dream means you’re exactly the person you want to be and you’re living exactly the life that you want to be living.” 

There’s a phrase I use often and you’ve likely heard me use it here often on the show. It’s a phrase that may sound cliché to you, or you may find it impossibly daunting because you feel like it’s a made-up concept that can’t possibly exist.

That phrase is “living the dream.” And it’s the ultimate goal I set out to achieve with my clients. 

If you’re not a fan of the phrase, I get it. I was like you once too. But then, something changed. I did the work, I overcame (most of) the crap in my brain and body that was holding me back, and now, I can honestly say I spend most days living pretty darn close to my dream life. 

Once I practiced this process for myself, I began working on perfecting the process so I could teach it to others. After years and YEARS of working on this, I have mastered it!!! I know now with certainty what it takes for a driven woman to “live the dream.” 

Today, I’ve decided that you as a Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast listener should also have a high-level understanding of this process, so you too can “live the dream.” 

Know that I do not take this process lightly. This is a proven process that often takes a lot of work and commitment from you and likely support and guidance from me (or someone like me) to attain. 

It’s not an easy journey at times, but it is attainable. 

I feel honored to be able to “live the dream,” feel even more honored to have helped many clients create their “living the dream” lives and I’m full of joy to share the step-by-step process with you today.


  • Two disclaimers on what living the dream ISN’T 
  • The 5 steps to make your dream life a reality
  • What it feels like to live the dream
  • Exercises you can do to start to figure out what your dream life looks like
  • A key element needed to live the dream 

…and so much more.

I’m so excited to pass this information along to you as it is my goal for every single person to live in their dream. These are steps you can absolutely start to implement yourself, but if you need extra support, that’s exactly what I’m here for.

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