A lightworker is someone who wholeheartedly makes the decision to make the world a brighter place by them being in it. While that may sound easy and fun, it’s often very hard. Tune in as I detail what I see are the 7 things lighterworkers need to be able to survive and thrive.


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“As a lightworker, be extremely mindful of who you’re around. You’re a sensitive being and you’re going to absorb things more than others.” 

I can’t believe there are only 4 episodes left of the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast! If you haven’t heard, episode 200 will be my last episode of the show. Of course, who knows what the future holds…but for now, you’re about to listen to one of the final episodes of this show. 

Of course, deciding on my final episodes has been an extremely important decision. I’m thinking hard about the information I know I have to put out into the world, and today’s episode absolutely falls into that category as I talk all about living life as a lightworker.

This one was a bit uncomfortable for me to record. After all, one of the characteristics of being a lightworker (sometimes also known as an empath or being highly sensitive) is that we don’t really talk about it. But, as you know, one of my themes on this show is that I turn on the mic to share all the things, and this topic is no different. 

One thing that inspired this episode was a recent therapy session I had where my therapist told me that as a lightworker with a high vibration and positive energy, I have to be careful with who I’m surrounding myself with. 

Then, two days later I saw that Stephen “tWitch” Boss died via suicide. I was heartbroken. 

I knew tWitch (I flew him in to teach a weekend of workshops at my dance studio years ago) and he was absolutely a lightworker who I believe wasn’t getting the proper support to not only thrive in life, but survive.

Lightworker living can be hard. It can feel lonely and there’s often a lot of pressure on you to hold it together to help others. Your own healing (likely from a life full of trauma) can feel like a lot and the responsibility you have on your plate to better the world can feel down right overwhelming to a point where suicidal thoughts can occur. 

While we’ll never know why tWitch felt suicide is what he needed (nor is it our business), I knew I had to create this episode in case it will help another lightworker in the world see what they need in order to survive and thrive in life. 


  • What lightworkers are
  • 7 things lightworkers need in their life to be able to survive and thrive
  • What my encounters with tWitch were like
  • What’s led me to have suicidal thoughts in the past

…and so much more.

If you’re a lightworker, you’ll know as soon as you listen to this episode because you’ll absorb it all and likely feel very sensitive to this content. I hope it helps you thrive even just a bit more in your life. Listen at the top of this page.




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