Hear firsthand from one of my former clients, Christy Villasenor what results she experienced because of coaching with me.


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“Awareness is the key to doing better. The awareness I gained from coaching was so powerful for me, and it was high in a low within itself.” – Christy Villasenor

This week on my “Become An Unstoppable Woman” podcast we start a NEW series on the show. In this highly-requested new series, I interview the people who have coached with me about their life before, during and after the coaching process. My hope is that this series will help first hand answer any questions about what I do as a life coach and what the benefits can be from working with a life coach.

Today, I’m talking with Christy Villasenor about her life-changing transformation. She went from being a workaholic with several health issues stuck in a toxic job, to working for herself, practicing self-care, and having major breakthroughs in her health.   


  • What hooked her the most with the first course she took 
  • What gave her a wake-up call that something needed to change  
  • Things she realized about herself during the course 
  • How she worked through some of her toxic behaviors
  • The tools she learned from the courses that she continues to use   

Let’s dive in! Listen to the episode above.


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Full Transcript:


This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 27, Christy’s Coaching Story.


Welcome to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fear-facing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife, mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hey there Ms. unstoppable. Welcome to a new series we’re doing here on the podcast where I bring in current or former clients of mine to talk about their coaching story and what it was like in their lives before they started coaching with me, what it was like during the process and what it was like after.

This was actually a segment many people requested that they wanted to hear from actual people who have been coached, because I think sometimes people think, “Oh, maybe my life’s not as bad as people who get coached.” Other people think, “Oh, maybe I’m not ready for it.” I don’t know.

Many thoughts go out there and a lot of people have just told me that when they hear other people who have been through the journey, they can relate to things, and that wakes them up in a whole new way to say, “Hey, maybe my life can be different, and maybe there are things in my life that I can change that I didn’t even know I needed to change or whatever.”

There are so many things out there. I wanted to do this and I wanted to try this out and bring on some of the clients I especially worked with in 2019, so they can tell you, now that we’re done, what happened those past few months and what has changed?

The person I’m starting out with, her name is Christy Villasenor, and she was a client that I worked with basically from April until the start of November or end of November 2019. We worked through three of my courses back-to-back the Lifeover 21-day challenge into Becoming An Unstoppable Woman, the course, and then my last program Become Authentically Awesome.

She, and I had group calls almost every week during that time, and we also did a couple of one-on-one calls at certain up-level spots. Just to give you an idea of what she did and what upgrade she had. She’s going to tell you about her story today, about where she started and where she ended.

This is one of my favorite stories specifically because of the health changes that she made during these months. A lot of people I hear out there have these health problems that they think they can’t fix things like migraines. I hear all the time from people, and I just think, you know I help people heal those things all the time and people just can’t wrap their heads around it because they’re so used to going to a doctor and getting medication for it, which isn’t a bad thing.

When those medications are just solving symptoms, sometimes you really need to look at what’s the root cause behind this. It’s not just migraines. It’s many, many other things too, that we can solve by healing some of our emotional wounds or trauma.

It may not have to even be big trauma to go and heal it and just learning some of the tools for success and Christy’s going to talk about how some of those tools have helped her really just become a whole new different person.

Gosh, it was just so much fun to watch Christy’s journey and see her change and grow from this people pleasing woman who was working all the time to now running her own business and helping other people in the process and owning her power and feeling confident and again, being healthy. Without further ado here is my amazing interview with Christy.

Christy, thank you so much for joining me and everyone who’s listening on the Become An Unstoppable Woman podcast today. You are kicking off this new series about everyone telling their stories about the coaching process so people can hear firsthand what it’s all about.

I wanted to start with you because I feel like your transformation was so much fun to watch. Just tell us, where did you start off before you and I started coaching?

Christy Villasenor: Before I started coaching with you, I know I was physically a mess. I had out of control migraines, I worked only from my bed, I didn’t work from my– I worked from home, but I was only on my bed because it was just too much to work from a desk.

I was recovering from a surgery, not related to working from my bed, and I think right before I started Life Luvers live with you, I was in the ER. I was having a rough go. [laughs]

Lindsay: Yes. That was the thing that stuck out to me the most when we had our free discovery call was this girl has some health issues and hopefully she can be strong enough to do this kind of work. I think you had even signed up for Life Luvers before we had a call.

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: If remember correctly. Then I said, “Okay, let’s jump on a call so I can know you more.” Then you ended up doing it with a live group and I guess ended up loving it. Is that how it happened?

Christy: Yes. I think I started with breaking barriers first and then I ended up basically in all of your courses, [laughs] I think I have all of them.

Lindsay: What was it about breaking barriers that made you want to keep going into Life Lovers?

Christy: I think for me it was probably the support because I was posting the group and I’ve done that other times too and other little challenges, but it was almost like crickets, whenever I posted.

I’m like, “Okay, I’m talking to nobody.” For me I’m really, which is something that I found out about myself. I really need external accountability and support to actually keep me going into whatever path I’m going to. If I don’t have that, I drop it and go to the next thing.

Lindsay: Getting that accountability kept you going?

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: Anybody listening out there, Christy’s talking about breaking barriers and that’s a five day challenge that I have. I don’t really talk about it that much because, I don’t know. I just don’t really put it out there that much.

Christy ended up getting it from a course bundle and had it in there, but most people they start in Life Luvers and they just learn those basic tools. Then what was it after Life Luvers that made you want to keep going into unstoppable?

Christy: I think Life Luvers I would say shook things up and it made me realize that I was fed up with a lot of things, including being tired of feeling out of control and disconnected from my body.

At that point I probably read countless books. I had courses I never used and I was getting nowhere, but I think Life Luvers also solidified that support because I went through the live portion of it, so it was like every day there was a post, which I really fed on.

Lindsay: That external accountability tied with the tools together.

Christy: Yes, for sure.

Lindsay: We have those group coaching calls. Did you enjoy that part?

Christy: I think it’s funny because I normally don’t like calls I guess, but when I got onto it, it was something I had to work through because it was about me instead of about someone else, and for me that was really hard at that time.

I didn’t want to really work on myself, but obviously one part of me did. The group calls really, really helped because yes, I saw in the group that you’re not going through it alone, but on the group calls, you really feel like you’re not alone you have other wonderful ladies on the call right there with you every step of the way.

Lindsay: Yes, that’s another thing I remember now from when we talked to that first time on the discovery call was it was really hard for you to focus on yourself and take care of yourself. You were so consumed with everybody else, including your job and working like endless amounts of hours. Tell us more about that, Christy?

Christy: My job? Oh, yes. I was a salary employee working from home and that sounds good and all. [laughs] However, that also means it runs into every part of your day, every part of your week, even on my days off, I was bargaining to actually have time off.

I was pretty much mentally exhausted all the time, and it was just very hard to go through that because I’m the type of person that if I sign up to help somebody to work or whatever. I’m a recovering people pleaser and workaholic. [laughs] I was just always working.

Even if we weren’t working directly on something, I had thoughts about it because I’m always thinking about the next step and pretty much that came out from doing StrengthsFinder. That that’s the reason I do that.

Just going through all of that while I was working at a– I found out later, was a very toxic job for me was hard to do because it made it hard for me to step up every single week to put myself first, at least for the time I was listening to the videos and when I was doing the work, it made it very difficult for me because I always wanted to put everything else first and not myself.

I was getting to a point that I realized if I keep doing that, I’m going to burn out and it’s not going to be good for anybody. [chuckles]

Lindsay: What made you realize that Christy?

Christy: I’m trying to think what point made me realize that completely. I would probably say, probably when I was learning a little bit about my strengths, but also just journaling, I would say. Starting to journal and seeing all the things that were coming up that was holding down.

Lindsay: Which you did? Did you start journaling in Breaking Barriers, Life Luvers or Unstoppable?

Christy: I probably started I think Life Luvers, probably not as good. Unstoppable, I definitely was doing it all the time.

Lindsay: Life Luvers is really like you said earlier the wake-up call of, “Wow, Something needs to change.”

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: What’s so interesting Christy, I asked that because so many people, they know that something’s off in life, and maybe they’re giving too much. Especially in your case, you’re pleasing so much and so many women go through life and that’s just all they do and they don’t have the courage to change.

Even if they have little wake-up calls in Life Luvers, they don’t act on that. What was it about that time that you said, “No more. I’m going to act on this.” Because you had been conditioned for a lifetime not to focus on yourself, that must have been big.

Christy: It was very big. I can’t remember when we learned about boundaries, was that Life Luvers?

Lindsay: No, Unstoppable.

Christy: Unstoppable? Okay. I know for sure that’s when I had another shift but I would say probably in Life Luvers. Honestly it was probably just the act of doing something for myself every day for 21 days. [laughs] That was a big thing.

Lindsay: Were they seeing the benefit of that, Christy?

Christy: Yes. It’s seen not only what was coming up during those 21 days, but I think I was working on reading a book and doing something for one of my chronic illnesses around that time and it was actually making me think more like, “I need to work on myself more.”

I have been sick or letting my illness actually take over me for far too long regardless if I could cure it or not. That’s not the point. Point is, it’s been taking over me for too long. Then I have this other side that I’m just all the energy that I do have, I’m giving it away to everybody else instead of pulling some for myself.

Lindsay: Such a wake-up call. I know it sounds so little now, but like I said, so many people don’t wake up.

Christy: I know. [chuckles]

Lindsay: That’s just so great that you did that. Let’s talk about then, we’re in the coaching process, and I really think the coaching process starts in Unstoppable, don’t you think?

Christy: Yes, that one was a deep dive in. There was so many more doors that were opening and some that were closing during that time. That was a very big one for me.

Lindsay: The reason I say that is to me Life Luvers is like, “Okay, we’re doing this little warm-up lap, and I’m going to see if you can show up and you can handle this.” Then Unstoppable we were like, “Okay, let’s go.” Is that how you felt too?

Christy: Yes, for sure. I would say, Life Luvers gave me a good taste of what it is, and also showed to me that I can do it and that I’m ready for Unstoppable.

Lindsay: Then let’s talk about Unstoppable. What were the highs and some of the lows during that and what did it just feel like overall to go and do that work?

Christy: Well, that’s an interesting question, because I think that some of the highs and lows are both high and low at the same time. For example, the bullet holes and limiting beliefs, all of that, it felt icky at that time to learn all of that.

That was definitely a low, but because I knew about all that, that actually turned into a high because that gave me the momentum to start fixing things because I was aware of it. I really think awareness is the key to doing better. That was so powerful for me, and it was high in a low within itself.

Even learning all about my inner mean girl, and doing the inner mean girl interview, that felt like a low that day or so. Then afterwards, I was like, “Okay, I have more awareness. I can do something now.”

Lindsay: What Christy is talking about here with bullet holes and limiting beliefs is we pulled her top 10 worst memories, which is never a fun call, and I have her describe it to me what she was thinking and what happened. You had some memories that were hard. Would you agree?

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: I remember that call with you and you were just spatting it out one after the other. I said at the end, most people, it takes some time to decompress from this, but it will get better. You did the work, Christy.

Every time I said it’s going to be a little hard and it’s going to be uncomfortable, you would pull out that journal and you would get to work. What allowed you, you think to stay strong during those hard moments?

Christy: I would say it’s a mixture of knowing what self-care things worked for me because, maybe a face mask will work for somebody but maybe foot rub will work for somebody else.

Knowing that I had something to fall on if something felt really hard to me or felt really icky to me if it’s journaling, dancing around, listening to my favorite song, something to get my spirit back up, knowing that I had that made it a lot easier.

Then also just going back to the sport, I know I had you there if I needed to, I had the community there and I also had my partner. I had a good supporting system through this.

Even if I didn’t, I think I would’ve been pretty okay with the tools that I learned.

Lindsay: In essence, using your do-you list that we made in Life Luvers?

Christy: Yes, was my favorite everything.

Lindsay: Then me saying in Unstoppable, “Hey, you need to do one hour of do-you turn this week, two hours this week, three hours this week.” You really took that seriously?

Christy: Yes, and it was so hard. I was so challenging. I remember when I saw that, I was like, “That’s not going to happen.” [laughs] I honestly thought that at first, and then when I started to add and compound on it, I was like, “This feels good. I feel like I’m actually getting more time than losing time.”

I know that’s a big problem with most people trying to add self-care, they think they’re wasting time, you’re not because if it fills your cup, you have more energy to do more things and you have more time.

Lindsay: Highs and lows for you. You said again, where the bullet hole week and the inner mean girl week of those two. Near the end of Unstoppable, when we do what we call in that program, a release and then transitioning over into your authentic self and all that, how was that for you?

Christy: That was interesting. I would say I love the release so much. I actually do a miniature version of it at least once a month now. It makes me feel so good after. I feel lighter after. I think around that time too, I may have not brought it up to you yet but I was starting to get to a point, it was near the end of Unstoppable that I didn’t want to work at my job anymore.

I think it took me a while for me to actually tell you and the group that. [chuckles] I was more trying to work it out in my journal and talking to my partner about it. That was just a culmination of everything I was learning about myself, and what boundaries I needed to learn and what boundaries I need to put in place, and things that I have to let go.

I remember that weekend, you have us, I think, disconnect completely. I remember I didn’t want to turn off my phone and then I didn’t want to turn it back on at the end of it. It was so hard for me to turn it back on.

Lindsay: I remember after that weekend, it seemed like on my end at least, that’s when you really solidified, “I don’t want to do my job anymore.”

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: Do you think that disconnection from that weekend of you doing your release, which anyone out there listening, a release is really where you’re going and emotionally processing and healing things. It scares some people, and it’s not scary, right Christy?

Christy: No, it’s very amazing, actually.

Lindsay: I think when people hear it sometimes like, “Oh, my God, I’m going to disconnect for two days. I’m going to deal with my feelings.” Naturally, if you feel that way, that’s just how our brain works, but it’s the most amazing experience.

Even that disconnection alone, I think really puts things in perspective. I think for you because you had been on call basically, for so many months if not years in your whole life, was it about that disconnection that you’re like, “I can see clearly now.”

Christy: Yes. I think you’ve mentioned this either on your podcast or in one of our group calls. It’s that noise, that head clutter, or the external noise and external forcing on your head clutter. When you completely disconnect whether it be for a few hours or that whole weekend, you can actually have a good conversation with yourself because nobody else is influencing you. It’s just you.

Lindsay: Then after Unstoppable, you and I go do my final program, Become Authentically Awesome, which I don’t really talk about that much because you have to make it through Unstoppable which most people do. You rocked it, Christy and then you immediately went into that program. What was that program like for you?

Christy: I think you’ve described it to me or to someone like this before. The Unstoppable, it’s all that icky work that you may not need to do but you need to do and then Authentically Awesome is all the happy and love filled work that you continue to work on.

I truly think that that’s the case for me anyway. It was very nice, it was a continued to work through some of the things you work through Unstoppable in the beginning, and then you get a dive more into yourself and into your purpose. It was just such an amazing– I would say amazing content, but also amazing group calls that we had.

Lindsay: You had a really magical call with all the women on there. Everyone was so supportive and honest and did the work, and that makes such a difference. I really think a lot of that goes back to you Christy.

You brought a really great energy and loving energy to those calls and support. Then with Authentically Awesome, it was so cool because you got to really blossom. You had cleaned yourself out so well, set boundaries, left your job which was totally unexpected. Nobody expected you would do that because when I met you, you were going to get promoted in that job.

Christy: Yes, I think on our call, I was still in a bit of shock because I was basically offered to be the COO of the company and I went from literally that at the beginning of our journey together till I left my job right before Authentically Awesome.

Lindsay: Then you decided to try a new career path.

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: Tell us about that.

Christy: After I left my job, I didn’t have a clear idea of how I was going to do it, but I had an idea of what I was going to do. I was going back to what you’ve taught us, letting the universe work with you halfway or working halfway with the universe. I went through a certification to become a life coach myself. First of all, the certification was amazing. I felt like I was with my people. [laughs].

Lindsay: Yes, don’t you?

Christy: It was so amazing. I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients and it just feels so much better. It doesn’t feel draining, of course there’s some days that are draining, but it didn’t feel as draining like I was doing something completely against what I’m supposed to be doing.

Lindsay: Which is how you felt before.

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: When you decided to become a life coach, what from our coaching process made you decide, this is what’s for me?

Christy: I would say the chance to help others with empowerment and with awareness and just be there with them as they go through their journey, but give them a little extra support and motivation and accountability throughout the way.

I think a lot of people need that especially women who– My specific target is women entrepreneurs. Right now, the hustle culture is just toxic, so helping them go through your whole person and helping you see that all the facets of you, that you’re not just this one label, you’re everything that you want to be and more, and I think that’s very important.

Lindsay: In essence, what you did is you took your mess and made it your message, right?

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: Do you think just going through the coaching process as a client allowed you to see, “Hey, this is what I want to do with my life too?”

Christy: Yes. I would say– I think I mentioned it to you. I bought a life coaching course that I never used probably about two years ago now. I didn’t even remember buying it until I decided that I was like, I want to be a coach and I realized it was sitting there somewhere that I bought it, but I don’t think I was ready to be a coach then. I had to learn about myself, I had to learn every way to continue learning about myself so I can be an effective coach.

Lindsay: And clean up some of your toxic behavior which we all have to do and we still have to do it. That’s so great Christy. What do you think have been your greatest results to date? You and I started working together, I would consider it April 2019.

Christy: In a paid course, I believe.

Lindsay: Yes, because I think you did Breaking Barriers in February and then you bought Life Luvers but then it didn’t pan out, you didn’t finish it. When I said I’m doing a live group, you joined that live group in April and then we went into Unstoppable in May, and then we started Authentically Awesome in September and then we finished in November.

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: Going back to my question, what do you think have been your biggest results to date?

Christy: My biggest results have all come from learning how to let go of what’s holding me down. That means a few different things. One, learning boundaries and how to implement them, not just for boundaries for other people, but for myself.

The whole release gave me an idea of what it feels like to really see what’s going on to call it out and to let it go if it’s not serving me. If it’s something that I need to work on, then I have tools to work on it. Those are the biggest results I’ve gotten all from letting go off what’s holding me down or being able to do that.

Lindsay: What was holding you down, you think Christy?

Christy: The main things is being a people pleaser and a workaholic and I’m getting all stuck in my own head. [chuckles]

Lindsay: Do you think you do those things now?

Christy: I’m sure I will always do those things, but I don’t do them as often, not near as often. I think the people pleaser out of me, I’ve flipped very well into being able to help people, but not in a way that’s toxic to me.

I can definitely say I don’t feel like I’m a workaholic at all. I only work on my business four days out of the week. I have three days that I have off. The other things the thoughts that are in my head, those will come up here and there, but it’s easier to see them and it’s easier to work through them. I know when I can’t work through them, I have a support system to go through.

Lindsay: Yes, and tools and resources and a community and all of that stuff. Can we talk about your health for a minute? How that’s changed because that’s one of my favorite parts, and this is when I hear people in my everyday life and they’re like, “Oh, I have migraines or I have this or I have that.” I don’t want to come off as woowoo and weird and even holier than thou kind of thing but I hear that stuff from people all the time doing mindset work.

I’d love for you to share health before, which you mentioned, but remind us, and then your health now.

Christy: I had out of control chronic migraines and now I have maybe two a month and they’re easier to knock down, I would say a lot easier. I worked from my bed before, now I work from my desk and I walk a mile a day, yesterday I walked two.

Lindsay: Before you couldn’t even walk at all?

Christy: I couldn’t even walk to the end of my driveway. I felt like I was going to pass out. That’s a big thing. I think one of the things I did in Authentically Awesome was to walk 15 minutes a day and that was near the end of it.

That just kept going. Now I walk easily, I walk around. It’s really nice. Something I didn’t mention was probably medication. I’m not on any medication. I had a lot of preventatives on board and now I have no medication except for if I get a really, really bad migraine that I need to knock down maybe I’ll take something. Let me see. What else? I was in a toxic job and now I’m not. That actually contributed to my physical problems.

Lindsay: Wasn’t there something with your heart?

Christy: The walking has to do with my heart. It’s called POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. If I go from sitting to standing or anything like that, my heart rate will go too high and my heart rate is naturally high, but now I can walk around and I’m pretty okay.

I know how to listen to my body a lot better because I can check in. You’re very big on body awareness. That was a key for me for that too. If I don’t feel like walking, I’ll try again in an hour, but either way I still walk and– Yes–

Lindsay: You listen to you body.

Christy: Yes, I literally check in with her. I’m like, “How are we feeling right now? Do you want to go for a walk?” If it’s a, yes, we go. If it’s a no, we work on something or do something else, but it’s true. That’s literally what I do.

I literally stand in for a second and I literally just asked my heart, what would you like to do right now? She’s like, “We’re good.” I’m like, “Okay, we’ll go outside then.” If not, then you know, I’d take a break and do something and then I go go out.

It’s very, very important that I do that, that I check in with myself because if I just try to push myself, the walk’s, not going to work the way that I want it to, I’m going to end early and go home and then feel exhausted from the rest of the day.

Lindsay: You used to just push, push, push no matter what.

Christy: Oh yes, because if I tell somebody I have a goal because that external accountability, I will push myself to hit it. Now, I just let some expectations go if I don’t do it. I think one day I didn’t go for a walk, but I didn’t feel like going so I didn’t. The next day I walk two miles. It’s fine.

Lindsay: This goes against somebody listening out there. I see this a lot in a personal element space and you may too, Christy is like, “Go for it, push through.” All this masculine energy is like, “Show up every day and push yourself.” I’m like, “Okay, I get that some people may need that message who are not doing, but it’s toxic.”

Christy: Yes, it’s so toxic. It’s not good for anybody to push themselves in any way. There’s that whole, you can push yourself a little outside your comfort zone, but don’t fly off of it. It’s not going to do anything.

Lindsay: Exactly. Which is what we do in the coaching process. I’m always saying just a little bit out, just a little bit out. That’s such a good time because this episode is going live in January, 2020 when a lot of people are just pushing themselves to extremes, to hit these goals and then by February they quit.

If you’re listening to this and you’re feeling that way already, slow down. What Christy was saying was self care. She realizes less is more, right?

Christy: Yes. Oh, for sure. If you have no gas in your tank, you’re not going to get anywhere.

Lindsay: Exactly. You’ll get so much further doing small little things outside your comfort zone than these big things, which is what you experienced, right?

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: I mean, you had a huge transformation in six, seven months.

Christy: Oh, for sure.

Lindsay: With your health and your job and your way of being. Even the other ladies in the group would be like, “Man, Christy. You’re just so shiny. You’re so glowy.”

Christy: [laughs] I remember that, and I felt– I don’t know. It’s funny because I think that happened a few times and the first time I felt uncomfortable and after that, and I’m like, “You know what? I am doing pretty good today.” [laughs]

Lindsay: You are. Yes, that was so fun to watch. Christy, you explained your journey, what coaching was like before, what it’s like after, what would you say some of the most unexpected results though?

Christy: Well, definitely leaving my job. [laughs] [crosstalk].

Lindsay: And doing the whole coaching thing because that wasn’t on our radar at all to work on that.

Christy: No, it was not. The two main unexpected things was leaving my job and completely changing my career path because that was not on my radar. Honestly, I’m glad it happened. It was scary when it happened. I remember when I was first thinking about it, literally, I felt like every cell in my body wanted to scream. [laughs]

It’s like, “You’re not doing something right. You need to do something that is calling you more.” It was being called, but I wasn’t listening. Once I listened, it felt like everything calmed down.

I didn’t feel a weird anxiety that I was having, and what’s interesting about that is that I remember the day that I quit, I put the person on hold for a second and I told my partner, I didn’t ask him, but I told him, don’t make me stay here. I don’t want to stay here.

I thought that was very interesting because I think I posted in a group when I first started with you, way, way back, that I basically asked him for approval for a goal. It was a big change just from that. It went from asking for approval to telling what I need, and just that alone was a big change that it wasn’t on my radar either.

Lindsay: It’s so funny you mentioned that because I was looking through our community of posts from you just a bit ago, and the very first post you had was that Breaking Barriers day one and you’re like, “Well, I’m going to focus on this, but I had to ask my partner and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

That was the other thing I remember from our discovery after seeing that was like, “Oh man, she really relies heavily on her partner, she’s got some health issues. Can she really handle this?” Then you’re the shining star out of this whole thing. It just shows how much you’ve changed. That’s huge stuff, Christy.

Christy: It is, and especially coming from someone who’s a people pleaser. I’m like, “No, I’m telling you what I need. I’ll ask you if I need help, but I’m not asking for permission.”

Lindsay: Yes. How did he react?

Christy: I remember he said, “You do what you need to do.” That was it, and it wasn’t in a way that he was upset or anything. He truly meant it. It’s because he saw how I needed to leave and I couldn’t be there anymore. He was great. [laughs]

Lindsay: Really all that script that, people pleaser was telling you before of ask him, get permission from him was all a lie.

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: Because he was ready to support you no matter what.

Christy: Yes, for sure. That’s what’s interesting when you start looking into your relationships, when you’re doing this work of maybe they’re not being the toxic one in your relationship, maybe it’s you and it’s all the stories that you tell yourself, and once you get through all those stories, then you can see the truth, and sometimes the truth is very, very beautiful.

Lindsay: Yes, but hard.

Christy: [laughs] But hard, yes.

Lindsay: When you realize that yourself, you’re like, “Oh, God. That hurts.”

Lindsay: Like, “Oh, that was me.” [laughs]

Christy: That was me. Sorry about that.

Lindsay: Christy, tell us where we can all find you now. I know you’re coaching and you said you’re coaching female entrepreneurs. Did I get that right?

Christy: Yes.

Lindsay: Which is so perfect for you. I didn’t know that. Tell us, where can everybody find you?

Christy: You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, all at Good Things Indeed, and also if you want my website, it’s goodthingsindeed.com. It’s all good things and indeed. [laughs]

Lindsay: goodthingsindeed.com. Yay. Last question for you to wrap it up. If somebody is listening to this and they’re still on the fence of, “Man, should I reach out and get an assessment with Lindsay and maybe do a discovery call and start coaching.” What would you say to them?

Christy: First I would ask them to ask themselves what’s preventing them, but also know that especially with your programs, you will get an amazing community literally every step of the way.

If you have a thought, you can post it somebody will be there for you. Just know that, that if you feel like you’re going to go through a coaching program and you’re just going to be alone, you’re not. You’re going to be completely supported and held the rest of the way.

Lindsay: Yes. You can expect some results like Christy, if you put in the work.

Christy: Oh, for sure, and I’ll be in there too. [laughs] [crosstalk] you on.

Lindsay: She’s totally is. Christy is starting her own coaching business. She’s looking for clients, especially for those women entrepreneurs. She knows all my good stuff. She’s got her own unique style and her tools that she’s adding in there.

Reach out to her, goodthingsindeed.com. You’re going to be in good hands, no matter what, but just get started. Christy could’ve easily just kept going with what she had, but she woke up to a new way of living and now she’s doing it. She’s rocking it and feeling so much better in the process. Thank you so much, Christy for joining us today. I so appreciate you.

Christy: Thank you for having me.


Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you enjoyed it, share it with a friend. Send them a picture of this episode via text, via email, share it on social media, I’m sure they would be so appreciative to know these strategies and tips on how to accomplish your dreams. If you are ready to guarantee you’re going to accomplish your goals and dreams, then it’s time to start coaching with me.

In my nine-month simple success coaching system, I am going to walk you every single step of the way to ensure that you get the goals and dreams that you want. The first step is to apply for a free 60-minute consult call. Just go to LindsayEpreston.com/apply to get started. As always, my friend, remember, you’re only as unstoppable as you believe you can be, so believe in yourself. You got this.

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