The “Become an Unstoppable Woman” podcast is now 1-year-old! This last year has been incredible. There is so much power in podcasts, so today I’m sharing some of the highlights of the past year including some wins, and something that did NOT go well.


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The Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast is now 1-year-old! This last year has been incredible. There is so much power in podcasts, so today I’m sharing some of the highlights of the past year including some wins, and something that did NOT go well.

Let’s dive in!  Listen to the episode at the top of this page and/or get the notes from this episode below.


We had 12 amazing interviews in the last year, these are a few I am extremely proud of.

Episode 5 OWN YOUR POWER w/ Julia Wells

Julia came to me as this light, she showed me this way of really owning my power by using pleasure in my life and has done the same for many listeners too. 

Episode 9 CLEANSE YOUR MONEY w/ Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

If you want to uplevel your money game and take control of finances, don’t skip this episode. I have gotten so much good feedback from listeners on this one about how this interview helped women change their money game.

Episode 17 ROCK YOUR RESUME w/ Fortune 50 Recruiter, Katharine Underwood

People who are the most successful are those that listen and immediately take action, this episode helps you do exactly that and teaches you the power of having an updated resume at all times. 

Episode 11 SIDE JOB BENEFITS w/ Forbes Contributor, Kaytie Zimmerman

Kaytie dropped so many truth bombs in this episode on everything from the power of having a side job, how to make your side job your full-time job, how to use LinkedIn to network and her honest opinion on MLMs. If you’re thinking about a side job or want to know how to maximize yours this episode is for you. 

Episode 15 CONQUERING INFERTILITY w/ Kristin Dillensynder, Infertility Coach

We need to talk more about what women go through in infertility and be able to support them more by bringing attention to this topic. 

Episode 21 PROACTIVE PARENTING w/ Dr. Heather Maguire

I stand behind everything parenting-wise Heather is doing in the world and this episode talked all about Heather’s approach called proactive parenting.

Episode 25 PATRIARCHY STRESS DISORDER w/ Dr. Valerie Rein

One of the most powerful interviews I’ve had to date. Her teachings really resonated and connected with me personally, and I really believe a lot of women are going through this thing called Patriarchy Stress Disorder – this is such a fascinating topic giving you a lot to think about some of the blocks you could be having and how those could be related to your genetics as a woman. 


There were 18 solo episodes from this past year, and there are 3 that I believe are the best of the best. 


One of my favorite episodes to date, I’ll play a clip for you from this one about you can stop feeling the same shitty emotions again and again.


This is a very vulnerable episode for me where I talk about life coaching and what it’s really like to go through life coaching.  


I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from this episode where I talk about 3 practices to do every single day to create a very deeply fulfilling life that’s highly actionable. 

To catch what the biggest wins were for the show AND hear about something that didn’t go well, be sure to listen to the episode via the link at the top of this page.


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Full Transcript

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 30, Best
Moments from Year One.


Welcome to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fearfacing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife,
mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived
through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear
the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join
me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman
you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hi there, Miss Unstoppable. Thank you for tuning in to yet another episode of the show or
if this is your first episode listening, welcome. This is a great one to start with because I
am recapping the past year. This show is now a year old, believe it or not. Goodness, I feel
like it’s flown by and yet it feels so customary to have a year episode too. Isn’t that weird?
I will say this journey this past year has been a lot of fun.

When I had my last podcast that’s called Life Luvers Radio, it did not feel that fun. It felt
very hard to keep up with the content week after week and manage everything else that
was going on, and that was even before I was married and had my son. Now when I
launched this podcast, I really wanted to make sure that I kept a flow where I was able to
stay in my zone of genius more as I produced content and make sure it’s really high

I was able to be consistent with that quality and I was able to do that. It feels great to be
here one year later and to realize I was consistent, and I produced great quality content.
Now of course, is every episode a home run? No. I even knew that going into the game.
Sometimes when I would release an episode and think, “This isn’t quite exactly my best of
best work,” I was still proud of that work.

I still thought it was great work but there were a couple of episodes along the way that
have stood out to me as, “Gosh, this is some great stuff we’re releasing in the world,” be it
an interview or be a solo episode that I did. I want to share with you some of those today,
some of those highlights, in case you haven’t listened to those episodes so you can go
back and listen to ones that stand out to you.

Now, I will say, as I went in to record this episode today, I was in a funky mood. I’ve
mentioned in many other episodes, I’m going through marriage coaching right now and it’s
kicking my butt and every time I think it’s done kicking my butt, it kicks my butt again. I’m
in that kick butt phase once again and I ended up taking a break from my work before I
recorded this, and I went to lunch, and I turned on some of my favorite podcasts along the
way. It just opened up so many doors for me.

It got me back to a headspace of feeling good about myself and about life and
authentically being able to come on here and be in a positive mindset because well, it
seems like I’m all celebratory right now, we’re celebrating a year of the podcast and this
past year, my business has been incredible. I’ve worked with some amazing women. I’ve
always worked with amazing women, but this year has just felt really good. I’ve really just
trusted my coaching abilities more.

I’m working with women who I know I can get great results from, and so that’s been really
fun. There’s just been a great flow to everything. It’s been my most profitable year and
already 2020 is starting with a bang, and so it’s just been great but everything is not
hunky-dory over here. I still have room for growth, one of our which right now I keep
saying is my marriage and looking at childhood patterns and how that’s impacting my
marriage today, he’s looking at his stuff.

When you bring in two people looking at their different triggers and patterns, it’s a lot and
it’s so hard sometimes but I will say just by me getting away, listening to my favorite
podcast, it reminded me of the power of podcasts, and how someone’s voice can be such a
light when you need it. If I’m that person for you, be it today or any other day, thank you.
That’s why I’m doing what I do, is to get you to see a different perspective on things or just
get you motivated or help you process your feelings so that you can get back to being the
person you want to be, doing the things you want to do, feeling the way you want to feel,
and all that other good stuff so thank you.

All right, so we’ve got a lot to cover today. As I said, I’m going to cover some my best of
moments, and then to cover some wins that have happened this past year and cover
something that did not go well this past year. First off, let’s talk about some of the best of
interviews. I did about 12 interviews this past year and there is about four or five that
stand out as ones that I’m extremely proud of.

Now, I’m proud of all of them, I think they were all great interviews but the first one being
the very first interview I did with Julia Wells, and it’s called Own your Power. I specifically
brought on Julia first because she was somebody who was pouring into me during my
pregnancy with my son, and then nursing him. If you’ve had a child, you know that can be a
hard time for a lot of women, right? Especially because I was stepping away from my
business all the time and I just felt like I was coming out of the season too of work, work,
work, work, work, hustle, hustle, hustle and I was getting a little burned out.

Julia came to me, again as this light, and showed me this way of really owning my power
by using pleasure in my life. I will say her messages are one of the biggest reasons why I
think this past year has gone so well for me and felt so well, because I’ve taken what she
has poured out into the world, and granted, I haven’t paid her more than maybe $100 for
like a one-on-one session one time. That’s, again, the power of our world and taking in
content from the right people. It can just feed into you and create a lifestyle for you that’s
amazing. Julia, as I said, came on. She talked about using pleasure. There was a quote
specifically she said that I want to share with you hear that has stuck in my mind over and
over again. Here’s that quote from Julia.

Julia Wells: The relief was that I just admitted what I was doing wasn’t working. I was
allowing myself to be seen in that instead of feeling like I had to keep pretending and all
of my surrendering to that is what allowed for the shift to happen. I think a lot of the
times, we just want to look strong and independent, like everything’s great. When we
admit that it’s not, and we accept things for exactly what they are, nothing can shift and I
do this with my clients all the time. Even if it’s like a simple emotion.

A lot of the times we’re going to fight the emotion, we’re like, “I hate–” Even me, “I hate
that I care what people think,” or, “I hate that I’m feeling anxiety about this big move that’s
coming up for me.” When you fight back against emotion, you don’t give it any space to
shift. When you’re just like, “Oh, look, I’m stressed out today,” or like, “I’m full of fear,” or
“I’m failing at this thing,” then that thing can shift when you just need to get with
acceptance. For me saying out loud that I was quitting was what finally let me breathe,
and then reevaluate what needed to happen.

Lindsay: Isn’t that a great one? Goodness. If you are somebody who thinks that you could
benefit from listening to the Julia Wells episode called Own your Power, if you’re wanting
to have more pleasure in your life, and just more time for yourself, and really wants to
know how to build your confidence in a whole new way, go listen to that episode. I’ll link
it in the show notes so that you have that episode, and any others that you find are ones
you want to listen to today, but it’s a great one.

Now the next interview I want to highlight is from Ashley Feinstein Gerstley. In that
episode, we talked about how to cleanse your money. Ashley is somebody I didn’t have a
personal connection to, I had just been following her online for a few years and I always
loved her stuff. Then when she put out a book called Cleanse your Money, I went and got it
just to support her, but then one day, I ended up getting in a tiff, I believe, with my

I swear we don’t fight all the time, I just talk about it on the show. We got in a tiff about
something and I remember picking up her book and saying, “This is what I need right now,
I can just feel it.” It was almost like the heavens above were shining downlight on this
book to read it. I started reading it and granted, it’s not rocket science stuff. It’s very
simple, very easy to break down about how to uplevel your finances and I loved it.

I knew I wanted to bring Ashley on the show, so I very nervously reached out to her to
come on the show and share her wisdom with us. To date, this is one of the episodes that
I’ve gotten the most feedback on from listeners saying, “I love that episode so much,
Lindsay. It taught me so much. I love her book.” I will say, I work with a lot of women who
are wanting to uplevel their money game, be it just getting a new job or career or cutting
some shopping addictions that they have.

No matter what, everybody, I think, wants to uplevel their money game and have more
money and make more money, and so that book can help you do that. Again, it’s very
simple. She even talks about some mindset stuff in there. It’s just an interview I’m very
proud of and I’m always referring people to, if they’re wanting to uplevel their money
game. Go listen to it. Again, it’s called Cleanse Your
Money. Then the next two interviews I want to highlight are about the job or career
friends. The first being Rock Your Resume, and this is an interview I did with a Fortune 50
recruiter, Catherine Underwood. Catherine is actually an old-time friend of mine, turned
client, turned now podcast guest.

Catherine is amazing at what she does. She has hired over 1000 people in her career. She’s
now a recruitment manager and she is just full of so much knowledge in regards to getting
your resume to look really good and get it in front of the eyes of a recruiter, how to do
that, how to stand out among the crowd. That episode, again, is one I get a ton of feedback
on from women, especially if they’re in a career transition of saying, “I just sat and listened
that episode, took notes, applied it immediately to my resume and I started seeing results
from it.”

I love that kind of feedback, of being able to massively get into action. It’s been shown
that people who are the most successful are ones that listen, and then immediately start to
implement. That episode was a great one to do that, of just being able to step right away
from the episode, and going and making changes to their resume and the way that they’re
applying for jobs. I love that episode so much.

I will say even if you’re not in a career or job transition, go listen to that episode, because
Catherine talks about the power of having an updated resume at all times. Then the
second job or career episode that I want to highlight is from Katie Zimmerman/ We talked
about side job benefits or better known as side hustles. We talk about the power of having
a side job, why millennials specifically are having a lot of side jobs, how to make your side
job your full-time job. How to network using LinkedIn with your side job.

So much goodness came from that episode. It was one of those that when I was
interviewing her, I thought, “Damn, I am doing something great in the world by getting
guests on like that.” Katie is so articulate. She’s a Forbes contributor, so no surprise there.
What’s so funny is that her side job is doing interviews like mine or my show and doing
those articles for Forbes. She has a day job as well. She is just amazing. Amazing. I feel like
she dropped so many bombs of truth in that episode.

We even talk about MLMs in that and who they’re for and who they’re not for, and I loved
her frank answer on it. It’s just one of those that I look back and just, I’m very proud of that
one. Katie doesn’t have a huge following. She doesn’t have a huge network and I think that
shows sometimes we see people and we think, “Oh my gosh, they have so many followers,
they must be amazing,” When there are these underground people who aren’t as known
and visible, who I think are so much more knowledgeable in value than a lot of people
who have a lot of buzz.

I really encourage you to go listen to that one, if you’re thinking about a side job or you
have one and you want to know how to maximize it more. Then the final two things I want
to say about my interviews this past year, the first one being we did touch on some
parenting things this past year and I will say I know a lot of my clients aren’t parents. That
was a risky move for me because I don’t know, in regards to my listeners, how many
parents or not.

I will say the download numbers for those episodes weren’t as big as some of my others
and the two topics we specifically talked about were infertility. I brought on infertility
coach Kristin Dillensnyder, for that one and we talked about how hard infertility can be for
women. I think that was a great episode for women not only going through infertility,
which I didn’t know any that were my audience at all, I just really thought that was a great
topic to learn from because if we aren’t going through it, there’s likely somebody we know
who is.

A lot of times infertility is something people aren’t talking about, and so I wanted to bring
light to that subjects so that it’s something we are bringing into our awareness and we
know how to support the people going through that, because it’s really important as
women that we’re supporting other women, or at least that’s part of my bigger mission. I
was really proud of that episode of us having that conversation.

Kristin just knew her stuff. She’s somebody I’ve known for a bit now. It’s been so fun to
watch her journey as she’s embraced her own infertility journey, and then now she’s
helping other women. That’s a great episode. The other one that we talked about with
parenting was called Proactive Parenting with Dr. Heather Maguire, and she talked about
how to parent your kids in a really great way. I just stand behind everything that Heather is

I ended up being on her show called Prism Parenting and I talked about my mindset stuff
with parenting, and we’re somebody who’s going to partner now in the future. I’m going to
be promoting her courses to people in my audience who happen to be parents, which I
know it’s a very small number but I stand behind everything, parenting-wise that Heather
is doing in the world. I’m very proud of that episode.

Then finally, one of my most powerful interviews to date was a recent one I did with Dr.
Valerie Rein and we talked about patriarchy stress disorder. I talked about, in that episode,
how I came across Dr. Valerie on another podcast and how her teachings were exactly
what I needed to hear in that exact moment, and how powerful it was that we connected,
and how much her book is already helping me, and how I’m going to be implementing her
strategies and teachings to my clients. I believe a lot of my clients, and I think a lot of
women, are going through this thing called patriarchy stress disorder.

ou’ll have to go listen to the episode to learn what that’s all about but it’s a lot of great
content in that episode. It’s the longest episode, I believe, to date. It was one that I finally
just had to cut off and say, “Okay, Dr. Valerie, I know you have to go,” because I had so
many questions for her. That topic is fascinating. Fascinating. I really encourage you to go
listen to that one.

You may not love everything we talk about, it may not resonate with you, but I think it’s
just a very interesting one to see your brain in a different way and to see maybe some of
the blocks you’re having, that it could be related to just being a woman, and things that
maybe have been passed down to you via your genetics. Something to think about. All
right, that’s my recap of interviews from this past year.

Let’s talk about solo episodes. I’ve done, I believe, about 15 solo episodes this past year.
There’s three episodes specifically that stand out to me as some of the best of the best.
There are some other ones that I thought were really, really good too but these three are
ones that I’ve gotten the most feedback on and they are ones that when I put out into the
world, I thought, “Dang, I am rocking it. This is just a zone of genius moment for me to put
this out into the world.”

The first one being an episode called Stop Feeling Shitty and I must admit, I got a little
pushback on this one from some people who said, “I don’t appreciate you putting a cuss
word in the title.” Even though I always made this show explicit content, even though we
rarely use cuss words but I wanted it to be that title because so many people are
unnecessarily suffering. I have come up with this process of being able to see, “Okay,
where am I in my shitty feeling? How can I pull it back to get to a level that’s more

Again, it probably doesn’t make sense to you, as I say that. I’ll play a little clip of the
episode here so you can get a better taste of what that episode was about. Your problems
are so much easier to solve than you ever thought possible. Is it going to take work? Yes. Is
it going to take a time investment on your part and a money investment? Yes, but it is so
much easier than living in the state you may be living in right now.

A lot of times, what I find is I’ll have clients that come to me and just say, “Oh, I’m so angry
all the time, Lindsay. My kids trigger me. I’m at work and they trigger me,” and blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah. We go in and we pull some of the biggest memories from their past that
they view as the worst of the worst. After we heal those, those were the big ones that were
triggering all the anger, whatever it was, so many times in their life.
You may think, “Oh my gosh.” Again, there’s so much there. It may just be a couple big
things that need to go away. That’s the Stop Feeling Shitty episode. Again, I will link all
the links to these episodes in the show notes so that you can go easily find them and just
click on the ones that resonate to you but I will say, that’s one of my favorite episodes to
date simply because I put together this process that I know is amazing. It’s helped me out
so much. It’s helping my clients so much and it’s going to be one I’m continuously teaching
to my clients as we work together.

The second solo episode that I want to highlight is one called Embracing Growth
Discomfort. It’s one of the first episodes that I did and it was one that felt very vulnerable
to me to put out there because I was talking about different areas of my life where I felt
really uncomfortable. At the time, I was growing my business a lot from basically taking
about a year, a year and a half off to have my son.

I was going out in the world, sharing I was a life coach again, which always makes me feel
a little nervous because some people don’t understand life coaching or they blow it off. I
talked about, in the personal development space, a lot of times we can just see rainbows
and butterflies. People talk about, “Oh, you’re going to transform your life and this is going
to happen,” and yes, at the end result it is rainbows and butterflies and it’s amazing.

You think, “How did I do that?” I’ve broken these patterns and I’m getting what I want but
when you’re changing your life in the process, it feels very, very uncomfortable. I’ve heard
it even called the River of Misery. It’s like you jump off this island you’ve been on and
you’re swimming and you’re just trying to stay afloat and get to the next island. The next
island’s going to likely be better and what you want. In the meantime, you’re swimming in
this river and whew, man, it feels hard. I wanted to bring light to that because so many
people just aren’t aware. Sometimes they think, “Oh, what’s wrong with me? Let me just go
back to my old island and live that way.”

No, we need to always be progressing and moving forward. I wanted to just make you
aware of that concept so that you know, “Hey, this is just me growing. There’s nothing
wrong here,” and you can continuously grow in your life. Great episode to go listen to. One
I highly, highly recommend. Again, link in show notes to go listen. Now the final solo
episode that I want to highlight as long called Start Strong. It’s actually one I did very
recently here in January of 2020, and it’s now February, 2020.

This is an episode I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on and I thought it was just very basic level
stuff, especially for people who have worked with me. I just talk about three practices to
do every single day to create a very deeply fulfilling life that’s highly actionable. It’s how I
said it. Many of my old clients messaged me after that one and said, “Thank you for that
episode, Lindsay. You just made it very clear and direct of the things that I need to
continuously do in my life. Even though I knew that from working with you, but it was a
great reminder to go back to and do those habits every single day, to get me back into a
really strong mindset where I’m growing.”

For new people to me, they too love that episode because they said, “Okay, now I know
where I can start with my day or a practice I can do to really start to improve my life,’
because maybe they’re not ready to work with me for whatever reason. I’m really proud of
that episode. I’m shocked how much feedback I got on that one. Again, it’s very cut and dry
and allows you to get moving and grooving.

It’s one of those too, like I said earlier about the resume episode, where you listen, you
maybe take a couple physical notes or mental notes and you can immediately implement
and start to see results and start to see how much massive change you can make from just
a few little tweaks in your life. Sometimes I think we think, “Oh, I’ve got to do all of this to
change my life.” The reality is, it’s just little bitty steps that can make a really big

So many perfectionist women I hear say, “Oh, I’m not going to start until I know– All of
these things need to be perfect.” I break them of that habit and say, “No, we just need to
start small and make imperfect steps little by little.” They see, “Wow, why have I been
putting off uplevelling my life for this long? That’s really not that bad.” Those are the three
solo episodes that I’m really proud of and feel like represent some of the best of the best
of this past year.

Now I do want to share some of the highlights from this past year. I haven’t necessarily
tracked all of the rankings for the show on different charts, but during certain periods of
time, I have noticed that the podcast has been on the self-improvement charts here in the
US and overseas as well. Some of the highest rankings that I saw the show at was number
10 in self-improvement in Spain, which is so fun.

I had no idea I had that many listeners in Spain. Then number 58 in self-improvement in
New Zealand, I’ve had a couple of clients in New Zealand. Hi to all my New Zealanders out
there. Then number 68 in self-improvement here in the US which of course is very, very
sweet, and probably one of the most competitive markets out there to get on that list so
thank you, thank you to everyone out here listening. I’m so appreciative of you.

I know I’m constantly saying thank you to those leaving a review for the show, but I’m not
highlighting some of the amazing, kind words that have been said along the way. I want to
do that right now and give a couple of people a shout out. The first being Kelsey. Kelsey
says, “I absolutely love listening to this podcast. Lindsay is so compassionate about
helping women. Each episode is filled with helpful information, and I always look forward
to the next one. She helps listeners clear their blocks and live an authentic life. She has
already helped me in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Thank you to Kelsey. Kelsey is actually one of my clients I just wrapped up with. Working
with her has been so much fun. The second one is from Monique. She says, “Lindsay’s
podcasts are amazing. She discusses topics with such openness and honesty. I look forward
to listening because her content is always full of value. I have worked with Lindsay in two
of her programs. I came out of coaching a completely different person than when I went in.
If you’re looking to change your mindset and your life, these podcasts are just the tip of
the iceberg.”

As Monique said, I’ve worked with her as well, and we’re actually working together right
now, which is amazing. I love Monique. Judy is my next review. She says, “Lindsay Preston
continues to amaze me with her twice monthly content. I am empowered, inspired,
motivated, and informed with every episode. Lindsay tackles challenging themes and
topics. She attracts high quality guests because she’s a masterful interviewer. I never miss
an episode. Give her a listen.” Thank you, Judy.

Judy is someone that I’ve worked with, and Judy is also a coach so she’s coached me. It is a
big deal to get kind words from Judy like that. Not saying that in a bad way, but I really
appreciate her opinion and her feedback. Thank you, Judy. I really love that review. The
last one I want to highlight is from Rachel. She says, “I have worked through several of
Lindsay’s courses and she is simply amazing. She shows you things that are holding you
back from living your best life. The podcasts are an amazing resource full of information
you can put into practice today to improve your life. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Thank you, Rachel. Again, I worked with Rachel in 2019 and we had an amazing year
together. She is rocking it even more now in life. That’s just a few of the reviews from this
past year. I think we gained over 50 reviews, all said and done. I love it when you go leave
reviews. I’m going to keep asking for those reviews until we hit a hundred. Right now, I
think we’re at 75 so we’re getting closer day by day. Thank you. Thank you, especially for
your listening on Apple podcasts. I love seeing those reviews.

Now, I do want to share one miss from this past year that didn’t go as well. I said that this
journey has been really easy and fun, but I will say when I started the show, I had a vision
of having a community to go with it. I told my list and my social media followers, “Hey, if
you go leave a review for the show, I’ll give you the link to this community, and then we
can talk even more about the episodes in depth there.”

I had some people who went and did that. They either joined that community on Facebook
or on Instagram, or some of them joined it on both. It just never really took off. That was
completely on my end because I just kept thinking, “Okay, I know I want to tell them about
the episodes, and then I want to discuss it further with them if they wanted,” but I just
never could find a good flow with it.

Two, a lot of feedback I was getting was people didn’t want to be on Instagram, on
Facebook as much. I was getting it so much by the end of the year, especially with current
clients of mine, because we had our own communities of clients only that I ended up
leaving my communities behind on Facebook and Instagram. Now we have our own
separate app that’s private. When people go on, they know, “Hey, even though this may be
a private community on Facebook, my uncle Bob in Tennessee’s not going to see it.”

Two, they can just focus in on my content and what they’re working on with me, be it just
in the podcast or in our courses or whatever. Two, they just feel more open in there. If you
want to join that community, it’s lindsayepreston.com/community to join. Remember, I
spell my name L-I-N-D-S-A-Y. Go on over there to join in. It’s completely free. We talk
about the podcast every week, and we talk about so many other things.

You can share your wins in that space, which is amazing to do. There’s so much negativity
in our world and so many women who just don’t get it yet to support one another. It’s
great to go in there and say, “Hey, this is amazing. I just got this opportunity in my life, and
I need to share it,” because when you’re creating space for yourself to do that, to be seen
and heard in that way, it’s powerful. It gives you a momentum to create it even more.

It may seem really small to just go in and do that. It may seem uncomfortable for you, but I
promise you, it makes a difference. The more and more you’re doing things like sharing
wins and your gratitude and your brags, the more abundance you’re going to create in your
life. I’d love to have you over in that community, even though it was a miss for this past
year. For this next year, I’m really striving to get that community going and rocking and
rolling. I’d love, love, love to have you in there. That is it for this past year of the best of
moments. I can’t thank you enough for being here.

As I said at the very beginning of this episode, podcasts make a huge difference in my life
and my way of being. If I’m doing that to you, gosh, that’s amazing. Think about if I’m
doing that to you, how you can give that in your world to other people that you’re around,
especially if you’re a parent, feeding into those little bitty beings. Even if they’re teenage
beings, of putting some positivity in their life is so needed in this world. Anything I can do
to help you, I’m here for it. Thank you as always for tuning in and I’ll see you next time.


Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you enjoyed
it, share it with a friend. Send them a picture of this episode via text, via email, share it on
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In my nine-month simple success coaching system, I am going to walk you every single
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to apply for a free 60-minute consult call. Just go to LindsayEpreston.com/apply to get
started. As always, my friend, remember, you’re only as unstoppable as you believe you can
be, so believe in yourself. You got this.

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