The COVID-19 has created a lot of change in lives quickly. Tune in as I discuss how to manage your emotions during this uncertain time as well as how you can maximize the opportunities these changes bring.


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“Focus on yourself. That’s really all you can control.”

The COVID-19 has created a lot of change in lives quickly. Tune in as I discuss how to manage your emotions during this uncertain time as well as how you can maximize the opportunities these changes bring.


  • How to manage your emotions and decrease your anxiety in a big way from one simple perspective shift
  • What an intentional day can look like when a lot of change is happening and what that opens up for you
  • The importance of healthy habits right now and how to get started with those habits in an easy way
  • My top neuroscience-backed tools for managing emotions
  • How this time of uncertainty is an opportunity for your mind to reveal its “behind the scenes” fears to you and what that can open up for you long-term
  • How to find the biggest learning lesson(s) from this experience
  • How to take advantage of this experience as an opportunity vs. it being an anxious, high-stress time

…and so much more!

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Full Transcript

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 35,
Managing Uncertainty.


Welcome to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fearfacing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife,
mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived
through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear
the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join
me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman
you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hi there, my friend. Welcome to the show. As you can probably see there are two episodes
coming out on the same day. One about investments opportunities. That was a show that
was preplanned to come out on this day and then one I’m recording here on the fly. In fact,
it is Sunday morning, 10:10 AM exactly as I’m saying this, and this episode is going out in
less than 24 hours.

It’s important I release this episode at this time, even though it’s on the fly and it’s not
going to be fancily edited like my other ones with my editor because we are in a time of
high anxiety for a lot of us due to the coronavirus and really shit is hitting the fan, is it not
for a lot of people. Even those of us who are managing our minds, we are still under some
stress. I even reached out to my community about a day ago and I said, “Okay, what are you
feeling? Tell me what your anxieties are? I’m going to record this episode to help you out.
Tell me what are your fears?”

Some of the fears out there are legitimate, of course, but they are things that we can easily
be managing with just a couple of quick tips because otherwise, those little bitty fears are
going to turn into big fears. Then all of a sudden, we feel like crap, and we’re highly
anxious and we are down a pathway we don’t want to be in our lives and feeling the way
we don’t want to feel.

Not to sound doom and gloom here, but it’s very important we’re managing our minds and
our emotions during this time because if we’re doing that, we can actually see this as a
huge, huge opportunity for us to maximize this opportunity. I’m not necessarily saying in a
way where we’re going to take advantage of anybody but where we’re going to be able to
uplevel our lives in so many different ways. I have a lot I want to cover with you today.

Let’s go ahead and jump into it.
First, we’re going to talk about how we’re going to manage our emotions because if you
can’t manage your emotions, well, maximizing the opportunity of this, it’s just not going to
happen for you, my friends, okay? This is one that I really want you to listen to step by step
on this podcast. Maybe you can pull out a pen and paper and take some notes because
what I’m going to give you here is liquid gold.

The first thing on managing your emotions is focus on what we call in the psychology
world as your locus of control. Meaning, focus on the things that you can control, which
really is focusing on yourself. That’s really all you can control. You can’t control other
people. You can’t control what happens in our society. You can’t control if you get sick or

Of course, you can help manage that by your exposure and doing certain hygiene habits.
You can’t really control if a loved one gets sick or not. You can control per se a lot of your
financial situation and how you’re financially impacted by this. You can control yourself
and you can’t control your decisions, and that’s where I want you to focus.

Anytime, first off, when you’re starting to feel any anxiety, think, “Is this something that I
can control?” This is something that really sunk in for me when I went through my divorce,
gosh, whatever, seven years ago. I was at a place where I had no job, I had no income
coming in, and I was spending thousands of dollars on a credit card for a divorce. Not to
mention exposing his double-lifeand all that. I was under such high stress that I had to
figure out something to manage my stress because I was a walking anxiety attack.

I really think you haven’t lived in life until you are on all fours on the floor shaking
uncontrollably because at that moment I thought, “Holy moly, what am I going to do?”
Because I’ve got to pull myself out of this huge shade of anxiety and I went back to,
“Lindsay, what can you control?”

All you do is take deep breaths in this moment, get yourself through it. Take deep breaths,
everything’s going to be okay. Everything’s going to be okay. That was what I just kept
telling myself, everything’s going to be okay.

Then when I could pull myself off the floor, saying, “Okay, I can lay down for a while. I can
take deep breaths.” Again, you can control your breath. Breath is such an easy way to bring
yourself back to your body of just five seconds in four or five seconds out and doing it
again. Breathing in and breathing out. Coming back to yourself. Then just thinking one
step at a time. “Okay, I can lay in bed. Now I can pull myself up and step one foot in front
of the other, then I can get myself to the courthouse. This is what I’m asking for,” and
boom. Then just really, again, focusing on yourself.

Anytime you’re getting to that place of thinking about something outside yourself of, “Oh,
how is this financial impact going to impact our society?” Because I get there to my
friends. I get there. My husband is a wealth manager, otherwise known as a financial
advisor. I’m all in that financial world and I’m thinking about, “Man, what is this going to
do to our tourism industry? What is this going to do with small businesses? Blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah. What is this going to do with our own finances?”

At this point, we’ve lost multiple six figures, my friend. We’re in this boat too with you with
the financial stuff. I’m just letting you know, go back to that locus of control, no matter
what of. I can control myself. I can control how I show up. This is something I’m highly
teaching my clients of focus in on yourself, and let go of attachment to everything else.

With that said, this is a time if you’re a spiritual person, when your spiritual life can come
alive. It came alive for me during my divorce, and it’s coming alive for me even more so
now during these times of uncertainty of trusting in something bigger, knowing I can only
do my best. At this point, my best is showing up for my clients or my audience like you are,
being there for my children, because now my children are at home 24/7. Being there for
my husband because my husband is going through a lot with all the stock changes in his

Figuring out who else can we help while we’re at home and doing these things and all that
sort, and then leaving the rest to a bigger power of, “Okay, I just trust that everything will
work out the way we should.” We can’t see everything in the future right now but I really
am a big believer that everything happens for a reason and everything is happening in our
best interest. That may not be a belief that you have, but it’s a big belief that I have and it
really helps me calm the anxiety, to just let all my anxieties out in prayer or on paper.

This is a great time for you to start picking up a pen and paper and journaling. The easiest
way to start to journal, it’s just writing ‘I feel’ statements. Go and Google a feelings chart
and look at what all the feelings are. Many times we don’t know what feelings feel like in
our bodies. When we look at that chart, we can say, “Oh, I feel anxious or I feel distressed
or I feel sad or I feel whatever.” Then just writing out and dumping all that on paper. I feel
anxious because blah, blah, blah, and let that go. Then go to the next feeling until you feel
like you’ve gotten all of it out.

Then going, “I feel mad because da, da, da da.” Just letting that stuff out again, in prayer on
paper or both is going to help you so very much calm that anxiety. It does not help to
worry or be anxious. I saw a quote once and I loved it that said, “There are people who
they don’t wish or they don’t ever say, ‘Man, I wish I worried about that more. I’m so glad I
worried about that.'” No, never. It’s not helpful to worry or be anxious about things.

Now it’s our natural human brain to want to do those things. It’s always trying to keep us
safe. That’s where we can be bigger than our brains and we can think our brain and say,
“Thank you so much for showing that threat to me, but I’m actually going to choose
something different.” For example, this is how I’m doing it in my own life of, “Okay,
Lindsay, you’re probably not going to have as much money this year as you thought, not
only from your husband but probably from your own business. How are you going to
handle that?”

Then I just take a deep breath, then I just say, “I can just show up and be my best self
today. Whatever happens, I trust in something bigger. I trust everything’s happening in our
best interest,” and I let it go. Now I’ve been doing this kind of stuff for years. You may
think, “Well, that’s really easy for you, Lindsay,” and that’s because I’ve done this for a
while. For you, if you are not awakened to your mind yet and not awakened to doing habits
like this yet, it’s going to be harder for you.

It’s so funny because I checked in with different various clients over the past few days, and
the clients that I’ve worked with years ago who I’ve checked in with, they are calm as a
cucumber. They’re like, “Oh, yes, my husband and I were saying, this is a great thing.” My
other client’s like, “Man, people are losing their crap and I’m just sitting here watching it.”
I’m thinking, “Good. I have done good in the world,” because they are so calm.

My clients who I finished with in 2019, they’re pretty calm, but some of them are like, have
some fears. I can see the progression of doing these kinds of habits and ways of thinking,
how the progression happens year after year. It’s really fun for me to see that. In saying
that, this stuff works. This stuff works. Again, focus on your locus of control, write out
those feelings, believe in something bigger, keep that internal, because here’s the other
thing I want to say here.

I reached out to my community. You can join my community, too. It’s a free online platform
and we actually are on our own app. We’re not on Facebook or anything. Just go to Lindsay
L-I-N-D-S-A-Y epreston.com/community. I always am reaching out to them for different
podcast things, and we’re just sharing different things in there.

I asked them, “What is it that you’re fearing right now?” All their fears are legitimate. It’s
like, “Am I going to lose financially things? Is a loved one going to get sick? How is this
going to impact me being able to buy certain things because what if everything sold out
and I’m not able to get the things that I need? How is this going to impact my neighbors
who are single parents or have to go to work?”

Again, all legitimate fears. All completely legitimate fears. Those are things again, where
we have to really manage our minds through that and think, “What can I control? I can only
control myself. I believe in something bigger.” If you don’t believe in something bigger, I
really encourage you to think what could be some spiritual practice for you if it’s not
believing in a higher power, because I have clients that are atheists. It’s just thinking,
“Okay, I believe in myself, or I believe in the God of humanity.” I don’t know, whatever
works for you there.

It is a really great way to allow yourself to be present. Some people think it’s irresponsible
or stupid even to not have anxiety and worry, but I will tell you being on the other side of
that, it doesn’t help. I know when I went through my divorce, as I said, I didn’t know how I
was going to pay my bills. I didn’t know all these things that were going on, and
everything worked out in my favor, if not better.

If you’re in a place too where you are just triggered constantly by different things, we’ll get
to that in a minute of what to do with that. As of right now, just manage that anxiety.
Really think about what can I control here right out or pray out those feelings and shift to
something bigger, my friend. All right. The second thing I want to talk about is in
managing emotions is be intentional with what you’re feeding yourself.

I saw a study yesterday, I forget who did it, but they are finding that millennial women are
the ones that are most stressed right now throughout this crisis and it’s a combination of
two things. First off, they just don’t have as many life experiences through big national or
international traumas. I don’t know what you want to call it, emergencies. The second
thing is they are consuming a crapload of social media.

You probably know this, but please limit your consumption. Be very intentional about
wherein you’re going to get on social media or when you’re going to watch the news. I
encourage you not to do it right when you wake up or right before you go to bed. Maybe
do it at midday, do a midday check-in, call it a day. Snap your fingers or wipe your hands
clean of it and move on. Just go in there, check, and get out because that’s just silly my

Millennial women are the most stressed right now and I know we have a lot on our plates.
A lot of us are moms or managing kids or managing how we’re going to have kids at home
and manage our work. If you don’t have kids right now, man, you are on a great boat I
think. Of course, you might going to be screaming at the podcast otherwise, but if you’re
not commuting every day, you have so much more time now, oh my goodness, so many
things are opening for you.

Now, of course, you may have other things on your mind like financial things and things of
that sort but deep breaths, my friend, cut out that social media, be very very intentional
about your time. The other thing is sensitive souls right now are going to feel the
consciousness around us of everyone. You may know you’re a sensitive soul, you’ve worked
with me so you have strengths high on the Clifton Strengths assessment like empathy, or
harmony, or connectedness. Those are the ones that usually designate that someone’s a
more sensitive being.

It’s really hard sometimes for us, and I’m considering myself one of those to really manage,
am I feeling stressed because of me or I’m feeling stressed because of everybody else.
Yesterday, I experienced this firsthand. I had to go to the grocery store. I have not been in
a grocery store in over a year. I usually just do curbside pickup. I couldn’t do it yesterday,
because I knew the grocery stores are picked over so I just knew I had to go in and get
what I could get.

The reason I didn’t have groceries is we were actually supposed to be out of town and that
trip got canceled, which is another story I may get to later. Go the grocery store and
granted, it wasn’t as bad as I thought but the energy in that room was so stressed and so
much anxiety. I came home, I was exhausted. The entire day yesterday, thinking I was
almost even sick because I could just feel the anxiety of everyone around me. I really had
to think, “Is this my crap or is this their crap?”

I really didn’t really get a handle on it until this morning when I woke up and I just felt so
much better. I thought, “Well, that was just me soaking in everybody else’s stuff.” Again, it’s
really important what you’re consuming at this point. Now I know for some of you, you’re
on the front lines. You’re in retail, or you’re in the medical profession, or like my husband,
he’s a financial person so he is filling it big time right now with all the stock changes. He’s
really on the front line there. There’s a lot of of things that you have to consume that
maybe you don’t want to be consuming.

For those of us who aren’t on the front lines per se, manage your energy. We need you to
be your best self so we can help the others that are on the front lines, even just giving
them energy through prayer or through intention. I know that sounds woo-woo to some of
you, but it helps so much. It does not help if all of us are being drained in an anxietyprovoking state at this point.
Sometimes I think people think that of, “Well, because somebody else is suffering, then I
need to be suffering too.” No, you actually need to be stronger right now for the people
who are “suffering”, so we can help them out even if it’s just with your energy and way of
being. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been around somebody’s energy, and it has
healed me in a certain way.

If they came into that space with me and was the same energy I was, I would have never
received that healing. It’s just little bitty things. I can give you an example of when I was
getting married, I was just feeling really, I want to say uncomfortable maybe or just uneasy
with the whole wedding process and celebrating myself. I was breaking a lot of barriers in
my family by doing that.

We had an amazing photographer, who when we went and had our engagement photos
made, she just made the event so beautiful for us and made me celebrate it and show love
for my husband, well, then my fiance in a way that I needed her to be that in that moment
so I could start to accept the blessing of where I was going. If she had shown up in that
moment and just met my energy as it was which was feeling uncomfortable and uneasy
and wanting to shy away from the celebratory moment, I wouldn’t have grown but I grew
so much from that moment.

She has no idea how much she impacted me because that was really me starting on a
journey of loving and celebrating my life instead of shying away from it. Just giving you an
example there, my friend. It is so important for you to manage your energy and manage
what you’re consuming, and then going back to what I said earlier, locus of control.

Let’s talk about two more things that you can be doing right now to manage your
emotions. The next is practicing healthy habits and self-care. This is a time when your
practice of emotional health, physical health, all the above really spiritual health, financial
health, everything can grow tremendously. This is an opportunity to step up to the plate.
Your mind, in essence, is showing you right now, “Hey, these are the things that I need
healing. These are the areas of life that maybe need simplifying with your finances or

The way you can start to do this is just doing really small 21-day habits. I actually have
two client groups right now doing 21-day habits. We agreed to start doing these last week
before the shit hit the fan with everything shutting down and stuff. Then when we started I
thought, “Man, is this a good time because so much change is going on?”

I thought, “No, this is a perfect time. This is ideal for them because they’re going to come
out of the situation so much stronger, and probably get even closer to their goals and their
dreams and way of being they want to be because they have been able to step up in the
situation because of these habits.” I really encourage you to do the same.

Really make sure that you are taking care of yourself, especially if you’re in a place where,
like I mentioned earlier, where you’re taking care of kids and having to manage work, it is
so vital for you to have self-care. It is so vital for you to step up to the plate in regards to
managing your mind, managing your body, and all those things so you can really start to
thrive out of this situation.

Things you can start to do that are really simple is just taking maybe 30 minutes to
yourself a day, really starting to look at how you can change your budget if you’re worried
about your finances during this time and yet, you’re not keeping up with the budget.
Maybe this is a time you get a software like You Need A Budget or mint.com and really
starting to sit down and look at those things.

You can manage your mind better and manage those anxieties because if you’re keeping
up with a budget, your mind is not going to go there anymore. You’re going to have the
logical information to be on top of that. The same with if you’re really worried about your
health, but yet you haven’t been taking care of your health. This is a time you can start to
step up. Maybe you start drinking a little bit more water, maybe you practice better
hygiene habits, maybe you start working out a little bit more at home or whatever it is.

For your anxiety, you can start to manage your anxiety more. If you’re feeling really
anxious, maybe you start to journal every day. Maybe you just start to say a mantra of I
trust the universe, or I trust God, or I’m at peace, everything is well in my world, things of
that sort. This is again, a really great time for you to start to see how you can uplevel
based off, where you’re feeling anxious. I hope that makes sense because I really want you
to soak that one in.

If you were on a client call with me, we would start the call of how are you feeling? What’s
going on? We’d go into the depth of all that, really start to understand why you’re feeling
the emotions you are, and then we’d likely in the call with some action steps. A lot of
times those action steps are just starting little bitty 21-day habits so that you can start to
make little changes that will create really big results.

A couple of more things I just want to say there about those 21-day habits is you want
them to be small and manageable so that you can do them at least 21 straight days. It’s
really important you do them 21 straight days. If somebody is coming to me and saying,
“Lindsay, I’m really anxious about money,” and it comes out that really, they just need to
keep a budget.

I would say, “What would be your 21-day habit there?” Maybe something we came up with
would be, “Okay, just 10 minutes a day, I’m going to start working on my budget for the
next 21 days. I’m going to start figuring out mint.com or whatever it is. At the end of these
21 days, I will have everything figured out.” Really great manageable step. Not that they’re
going to do all of mint.com on one day, they’re going to figure out the whole thing in one
day, they’re just going to take little bitty steps, but they’re going to be consistent toward
that for 21 days. Making sense? I hope so.

That’s the next way that you can manage your emotions during this time. The last thing I
want to touch on of a way to manage your emotions is to set really strong boundaries. I
know for some of you when I say, “Oh, be sure to take self-care. Be sure you’re doing these
habits,” and you’re like, “Man, I already have too much on my plate, Lindsay.” Well, that
goes back to boundaries.

As I mentioned, my kids are home for at least the next two weeks, and I have my own
business and my husband is in his own little tornado over there of what he’s got going on.
I was really stressed on Thursday when I realized I was going to have my kids because I’ve
also invested in my business and I just have some to-dos to do with that. That can’t go on
the wayside, because the bills will just keep coming.

I just had to sit down and say, “Okay, what can I do during this time to make sure that I’m
attending to my kids the way they need to be attended to, and still getting my work done?”
That came back to boundaries. I had to have some really uncomfortable conversations with
my husband and with my kids of, “Here’s what will be tolerated and here’s what won’t be
tolerated. Here’s what I need every day. Here’s the things that will happen if these certain
boundaries are crossed.”

I didn’t it now loving and a kind way but I had to make it very clear of, “Every day mommy
needs this time to herself,” or to my husband, “Hey, I need to be working on the weekends
and these are the nights that I need to be working and I need your support with that.” It’s
amazing to me because setting boundaries in that way in a very clear, direct yet loving
way, it’s really quite simple yet, so many people struggle with it. They think they’re going
to be a bitch. They just don’t know how to word it. They don’t even know what boundaries
they need to be setting.

If we all knew how to set boundaries and have then the courage to go and set those
boundaries, life would be so much easier. Yet, so many women struggle with this and I’m
raising my hand, I used to be there. Really sit down and think, and this is a question I ask
my client’s a lot, “What would be your ideal situation?” I asked myself this after I realized I
was going to have my kids. “Okay. My ideal situation is we wake up at this, and this is what
gets done here and da, da, da, da.”

Now, of course, it’s not going to be perfect. Of course, we’re going to have gray areas. I’m
not going to run things like a drill sergeant, but then I have a plan I can work off of, and
when things start to go a little too gray, a little too off the plan, I can pull us back and say,
“Hey, remember what we talked about? We’re coming back to the plan.”

Really think about what you want your ideal situation to be during this time, and have the
conversations with those people to make sure it happens for you of maybe you need to
reach out to certain people for help or maybe you need to have a conversation with your
partner. I can’t tell you how many women are freaking badass is at work, yet, when I’m
talking to them be it a consult call or something else, they struggle with approaching their
husband on things. It’s like, “Whoa, wait, we’ve got to get you finding the courage there
too.” Again, it can be in such a loving and firm way.

Men actually really appreciate women or people in general who are direct. That’s one
thing I think women really struggle with is we have these tendencies to hold stuff in, and
then we gossip, and then it comes out and we blow up at people. Man, if we were just
clear and direct about things, it would solve so many problems, and it will solve your own
anxiety problems too. Again, really think about what you’re wanting throughout this time
of uncertainty.

Again, this goes back to locus of control. What can you control here? You can control how
people treat you and what you’re going to put up with a not put up with and a general
schedule of what you’re going to work through. Makes sense? I hope so. Those are the big
things about how to manage your emotions during this time.

As I said, focus on locus of control, be intentional about what you’re feeding yourself in all
the areas of your life but especially with the social media stuff, practice healthy habits and
self-care with our 21-day focus habits. These little bitty small habits I mentioned, and set
strong boundaries. This is really a time to I must say, let me say one more thing about
boundaries when decision-making can come alive. For example, my kid’s schools, as I said,
are shut down. I already got a couple of text messages from moms that are saying,
“Playdate? Do you want to have a playdate?”

I’m thinking, “No, I don’t want to have a play day. That’s why the schools are shut down is
that we don’t want to see each other.” I had to have those difficult conversations of as
much as I’d love to say yes, right now, I’m just keeping my kids home. Some of them did
not reply to me. They were not happy about it. Some of the other moms actually went in
directly and said, some of you that are getting together, I really encourage you not to. It is.
It’s a time when we really just have to trust ourselves, go with what we want, and make
those decisions.

Like I have a client that said, “Oh, I don’t know if I should go see my father right now. He’s
at risk.” Well, think about it. If you’re going to see your father and you could be potentially
with the virus because 80% of people they’re showing right now have the virus but yet
they don’t show symptoms of it. Is that something you really want on your mind if you go
over there and you infect him potentially? For me, that would be a no. For you, really think
through your decision, start to learn to trust your body more of making decisions.

So many women they just struggle with making decisions. Just go ask yourself, go play out
different scenarios in your head. For me, if I’m playing out the playdate situation, “How am
I going to feel if we go have a playdate with this person?” Well, I’m going to probably feel
really anxious because then I’m going to think, “Well, who have they been around?” Now
I’m going to have to watch my kids even longer because they have their own incubation
period. I’m just like, “No, I’m not going to go there. I feel much more calm if we’re just at
home.” Makes sense? Hope so.

Let’s talk real quickly because I know this episode is getting a little long. Let’s talk about
how to maximize the opportunities of this time. If you’re managing your emotions, you can
really start to maximize the opportunities of this. Now, the first way is, I mentioned it
earlier but this is a time when your mind reveals itself to you. This is when you can see
what’s been lingering behind the scenes, in essence, in your sub or unconscious mind.

I’ll give you an example in my own life is, as I’ve mentioned, Thursday was the day
everything came to a head for many of us. Schools shut down, major sporting events
started to shut down, things of that sort, travel was banned, I think Wednesday night and
all that. I’m starting to just feel this anxiety and then Friday, it’s kind of subsiding of,
“Okay, I have a schedule in place. I’ve got some boundaries going on. I think everything’s
going to be okay,” but I still had this anxiety and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I just sat there and I thought, “What is this about? Where is this coming from?” My mind
just started to show me flashbacks of gosh, I don’t remember what year this was ’98, ’99
maybe. It was the year Columbine happened. My school, I went to Allen High School, and
we were getting some bomb threats and we ended up shutting down the year.

One day I just woke up, I think it was early May. We had a couple more weeks at school left
and my parents said, “Well, you’re not going to school anymore.” I said, “What?” They’re
like, “They canceled the rest of the school year because they’ve been getting bomb threats
and they just don’t want to take a risk.” It became national news. It was a really big deal.
Then the next year when we went back to school, we had to go through metal detectors
and just have clear backpacks. Again, it was a really big deal nationally. There were all
these cameras there from the news.

I really didn’t think that moment affected me in that way, but I realize now that I don’t like
guns. I, in fact, even have what I now know, I didn’t know this before, but a fear of guns. I
think that goes back to that moment. That moment I was just this snotty teenager, and I
blew it off of like, “Whoa, these people are so lame. I don’t know why they’re doing that.”
Deep down it impacted me. I feel like I’m getting re-triggered by a lot of that during this
time of again, this uneasy trauma state.

For me, I’m like, “Wow, I need some healing around that. Thank you so much brain because
I didn’t even realize that was something that I had been feeling deep down inside of me.”
For you, it can be the same thing when you’re feeling anxiety about something. Say if
you’re feeling a lot of anxiety about money, well, maybe there was a time in your past
when you didn’t have money or you really lost money and the impact of that, and that is
showing you where you can get some healing around that.

This is something I’m offering my clients. Otherwise, it’s a multiple-step process. I can’t
just say, “Hey, do X, Y, Z, and you’ll be healed.” It takes a couple of weeks for us to dig in
deep and then teach you the process of how to heal that. If you’re really at a place where
you know you need healing now at this point, take my free coaching assessment, you can
find it at Lindsay, L-I-N-D-S-A-Y, epreston.com/assessment and we can start to explore us
working together.

Again, this is a time where you can really, really start to come alive and start to heal that
stuff from your past because so many people just stuff it down and think, ah, I’m done it’s
over with, I’ve moved on, but then it’s re-triggered due to times like this. The second thing
that you can maximize as an opportunity here is trust in something bigger. I mentioned
this earlier, but I’m going to mention again, this is when your spiritual life can thrive and
come alive and you can realize, “Hey, there is something out there that is working in our

We can’t always see what this end result is going to be.” Like I mentioned, with my divorce,
I didn’t know what the end result was going to be, but I got what I wanted and more. I am
so glad I had that opportunity to go through that and now I can always have that trust in
something bigger that it’s working in our favor. Hopefully, you can find that too.
If you’re having a hard time finding that, be it if it’s God or the universe, or even just, if
you’re atheist, something bigger in yourself or humanity, then again, that shows that
there’s some healing done. I mentioned this kind of belief one time to somebody I worked
with when I worked in a corporate environment, and she had lost a child, she had had a
stillborn baby. I had just said, “Everything happens for a reason.” She turned to me and she
said, “How dare you? Are you saying that my baby died and there was a reason to that.”

I didn’t have the courage at the time to go back on it, but those kinds of reactions to me
show that healing needs to be done. Now another way you can maximize your opportunity
here is you can learn to live with less, you can learn to simplify. I keep going back to it that
when I was going through my divorce and I didn’t have really any money and I was just
racking up this credit card debt thinking that I’m probably going to hit bankruptcy at some
point, I really lived on so little things.

Even after the divorce, when I had money, and then I was just working part-time and I was
living on, gosh, I think it was like $2,700 a month, which to some of you may be more than
enough and others are like, “Holy crap, how’d you do that?” To me, it was really living tight
because my mortgage at the time, I think it was $1300. About half of that money was
going to my mortgage. I was so happy. It was one of the times of my life I was the absolute
happiest. I was even investing in coaching at that time. I almost miss that time of my life
to be honest, because it was just so simple.

For you, if you’re really worrying about money, where can you cut? You really need just a
very few things in your life to really get by, to be honest. Really we just need food and
maybe a roof over our head, maybe. I even think sometimes I’m like, “I could live in a tent.
I could be totally cool living in a tent. [chuckles] Totally cool. Just feed me every once in a
while and give me the tools to manage my mind through it, otherwise, I’m golden.”
Think about that for you. This is a time when you can really cut things out and cut out
unnecessary things that need to go.

The last way that you can maximize this opportunity is really seeing this as a huge up level
time. Really just believing that of, “Hey, how can I make this one of the best thing that’s
ever happened to me?” I know I keep talking about it, but this is a belief that I had during
my divorce of how can I really look back at this time and say, this was the time when I just
came alive.

I’ve talked about this in other episodes, but I was also really mad during that time at my
ex. I thought the best revenge is success so I’m going to become so successful out of this,
and I did. You can think of that too of how am I going to really thrive through this period?
Just having that belief alone will help you create it. It sounds weird, I know for some of you
who haven’t worked with me, but it’s crazy what we program into our mind and we really
start to believe it, what comes true for us? If we’re thinking, “Man, this is doom and gloom.
We’re screwed, blah, blah, blah.” Then that’s likely what’s going to come of it.

As I mentioned many times throughout this episode, my husband’s a financial advisor. I’ve
heard him on the phone, my God, so many hours talking to so many clients and most
clients are really cool about the stock changing. They’ve been trained for my husband’s
company of, “Hey, this is going to be fine. We’re going to come out of this. Actually, we’re
going to come out better out of this because of their financial strategy.” One client of my
husband’s was just losing it last week.

I just happened to be in the car with him while he was talking to this client off the ledge
and it’s just like, “Oh, I’m going to be financially ruined and dah, dah, dah.” He’s like, “Well,
I think I’m just going to pull out.” My husband’s like, “Do not pull out.” Really talking him
down from that. He’s like, “If you want to pull out later when the stocks recover, totally
fine, I get it, but do not pull out right now because it’s going to create financial ruin.”

I just thought, how interesting is he thinks he’s going to be financially ruined? He’s, in
essence, going to create that for himself, by having his anxiety takeover and having his
belief system takeover to create that. Many times, that’s what we’re doing, my friend. If we
think we’re going to be financially ruined or we’re going to just be eaten alive during this
time– I realized when I was going into this situation, I thought, “Oh my God, this is going
to be so hard. I don’t even know how I’m going to make it through it.”

Then I caught myself about a day later and said, “No, I’m not going to believe that. I’m not
going to believe that this is going to be hard. I’m not going to believe that this is going to
be draining. I’m going to change my thought on this. My thought is going to be, “This is
going to be an amazing time to spend with my family. It’s going to be an amazing time to
get closer to my husband,” which is something that’s on my goal list.

“This is going to be an amazing time to serve my clients and my audience, regardless of
how much I make. I don’t really care. I’m going to serve them in a way– I’m going to show
them how to manage your mind through this time. It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to
be awesome.” Is it going to be stressful at times? Possibly. Is it going to be uncomfortable
at times? Probably, but it’s going to be great. I’m going to make this situation, something
that I’m going to look back on and say, “Wow, look at how much I up-leveled from it.” I
hope you take that opportunity too.

A lot I threw at you today. Thank you so much for tuning into this. I’m sending you so many
loves and so many prayers as you get through this time. Feel free to reach out to me via
email or in my community. Again, it’s lindsayepreston.com/community to join. Otherwise,
I’ll see you back probably next week on the podcast, for sure if not sooner. I’ll see you


Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you enjoyed
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be, so believe in yourself. You got this.

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