Are you someone who starts things but doesn’t finish them? You aren’t alone. I coach many women on this on-going problem. Believe it or not, it’s an easier fix than you may think. Today I’m sharing why it happens and how to fix it.

complete what you start

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How to Finish Everything You Start

The exact steps on mastering the follow through!

When the Coronavirus social distancing measures were implemented in March, I gave my $97 “Life Luvers 21-Day Challenge” course away for free so ANYONE could have the opportunity to learn how to master their mind (vs. living in a state of anxiety over the unexpected changes all around us).

Almost 200 women jumped on the opportunity to learn the neuroscience-backed tools for life-long success.

(If you missed out on this opportunity, keep your eyes posted for something special I’m doing next week with this course!)

As an added bonus for these ladies, I did some unexpected free group coaching calls (when I say I strive to overdeliver to you, I mean it).  During these calls, I helped them on applying the course’s content into their unique lives AND it was an opportunity to coach them on any other help they needed in their lives.

We coached on so many topics from how to prioritize their needs, to how to set goals that work best for them, how to transition in their career, and so much more.

The biggest topic that kept coming up for them by far though was that they wanted to stop a limiting pattern…

Not completing what they start.

They shared with me how they set goals, yet just can’t find the time or obtain the motivation to reach them.  ​

I could feel the shame, humiliation, and frustration in their voices as they shared this with me.  They felt as if there was something wrong with them because this happens to them.  

I reassured them that it’s a VERY common problem, even for successful women…and it’s SO much easier to solve than you think.

Today, I want to share with you too how to start to solve this problem so you can finish everything you start!

In this week’s “Become an Unstoppable Woman” podcast I’m offering a couple of quick tweaks you can implement, along with some awareness you can gain about yourself so you can actually complete what you start.

Specifically, in this episode we cover:

  • The strategy you MUST do in order to ensure a goal that will motivate you to complete it
  • How finding what your accountability needs is a HUGE key to finishing what you start
  • Why your top natural talents can be ones that make you think that you aren’t completing what you start

…and so much more

Click the link above to dive into this impactful episode!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

“Become an Unstoppable Woman”  Master Your Motivation episode

Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies Assessment

My “Solidify Your Strengths” Course

My FREE online community where you can ask me questions privately and get on-going support

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