As Angela Davis said, “It’s not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” ⁣If you aren’t familiar with what being anti-racist means we’re going to learn today and you’re going to learn from me reading of Rachel Cargyle’s “When Feminism Is White Supremecy In Heels” article how YOU could unknowingly have behaviors that are harmful to the black community.


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I’ve been wanting to do an episode on racism for a while, but out of fear of backlash, I’ve held off.

I’m mad at myself for putting off this topic because I see now how once again I’m living in a place of privilege. I have been putting my comfort ahead of the needs of people in the black community….and that’s not okay. 

But, that’s changing now.

Being quiet about race and only learning how I can improve as an ally to the black community during my private studies isn’t enough anymore.

Too many black lives are being lost. I can’t sit back and let the black community die in fear of making white people around me uncomfortable.

As Angela Davis said, “It’s not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”


Being an active and vocal anti-racist is what I’m choosing to be now.

I hope you’ll join me on this anti-racism journey too.

If you aren’t familiar with what being anti-racist means, you’re going to learn today in this episode by me reading from Rachel Cargyle’s article, ”When Feminism Is White Supremacy In Heels”

Rachel Cargyle is an anti-racism advocate who opened my eyes two years ago via this article how some of my behaviors were harmful. (Even though I considered myself to not be harmful since many of my friends are black.)

I’m hoping her words spark a change in you too so you don’t continue to be harmful as well.

Now I know by hearing how you could be harmful, it isn’t pleasant. In fact, it may make you defensive and you may not want to listen to this episode out of feeling like I’m putting you down or calling you out.

Instead of closing your mind though, I highly encourage you to lean into that discomfort. Your emotions and discomfort are a sign that there’s room for you to grow here.

Keep in mind too that I’m not a saint.

I’m VERY much on this journey of being an anti-racist with you. I have behaviors that are STILL harmful even despite logically knowing better and having the best of intentions. Some of these behaviors are just so innate in us that it’s STILL hard for us to see and recognize when we’ve messed up.

It’s not your fault that racism exists today, but it is our job to help fix it.

Growth and progress is all we’re asking for here. No blaming, no guilt-tripping, no shaming….just growth.

You listen to this impactful episode via the link at the top of the page.

Resources Mentioned In this Episode:

Rachel Cargyle’s ”When Feminism Is White Supremacy In Heels” article

Rachel Cargyle’s “Unpacking White Feminism Course” 

Rachel Cargyle’s FREE 30-Day “#DoTheWork” Challenge

Layla Saad’s book, “Me and White Supremacy” on Amazon

Harvard’s “Implicit Association Test” – click on “I wish to proceed” on the bottom and then select the “Race IAT”.  This test will show you if you have an unconscious preference for white skin over black skin. 

Anti-Racist educators to follow on Instagram: 

Rachel Cargyle

Layla Saad

Louiza “Weeze” Doran

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