OWN YOUR POWER w/ Julia Wells

Learn from women’s empowerment coach, Julia Wells the rebellious strategies that will allow you to live life in a more powerful way.

own your personal power

“A lot of times we want to look strong and independent like everything is great. But, it’s when we admit that things aren’t great and instead accept them for exactly what they are, then that’s when things can shift.” – Julia Wells

Hi there, friend! Welcome back to the show. I’m so happy to have you here. Today’s episode is exciting because it’s our first interview!

(Heads up: There’s a lot of adult language in this episode so please keep that in mind as you listen.)

Today’s interview has been extremely thought out and is very intentional on my part.  

As you can imagine, prepping to launch a podcast like this one takes a lot of planning effort.

It took me MONTHS to find the clarity around who this show would be for (and not for), what I would talk about, how I wanted the show to look and feel for its listeners, and who I would interview on the show, particularly who would be my first interview.

Without a doubt, I knew my first interview would be the woman I share with you today named Julia Wells and here’s why….

I’ve known Julia for 4 years now.  

Julia Wells is an empowerment coach, and we met through a mutual coaching friend who selected both of us to be inside a very tight community of 5 coaches that she handpicked to lean on and mastermind in many ways with one another.

When I met Julia, she was marketing herself as a health coach and her branding was about as cookie cutter as they come.  

It was a standard headshot of herself smiling head on against a wall. Her website was very basic.  Her messaging was very general and watered down.  

(This is a common thing among A LOT of coaches or anyone who is starting a new business or profession – myself included, they’re just finding their voice and their confidence.)

It didn’t ever feel like Julia was into health coaching that much. She seemed disconnected from it and in a space where she was truly trying to find herself.

Then, it came out that Julia was going to switch to business coaching and I started to see a passion arise in her more.  

But…you could still tell that she was finding her way as she grew into this new role. 

(If you aren’t a coach or entrepreneur, then you have NO idea the amount of work you have to do on yourself when you start a business.  It’s insane!)

Julia was definitely going in deep to do that work.  

And, because she was doing so much work on herself, she hadn’t really found her “it” yet.  She hadn’t tapped into let alone owned her power.

So, although I followed along with her stuff, it didn’t necessarily catch my eye or feel like it was anything beyond the norm of what I was seeing with other coaches.

And, then, something changed….

I started to see her own herself more and I even brought her on my former podcast, Life Luvers Radio, to talk about a message she was starting to speak a lot about at the time which was giving zero fucks about what people thought about her and her life.

I found the messaging to be empowering and it was a message I started to find myself repeating often and I know many of you took to that episode too because I got the messages about it!  

But, Julia was truly just getting started when it came to understanding herself and owning her power. 

Soon after her and I did that interview, I became pregnant with my son and was unexpectedly immediately out of work due to nausea and exhaustion.

I spent weeks upon weeks laying in bed most of the day staring at the wall or watching trash TV. Scrolling my phone made me sick and I was so brain dead and ill that I couldn’t handle any sort of personal development.

After the 1sttrimester ended and I started to feel better into the 2nd tri, I began to slowly get back into the world again including what was going on in the coaching industry, especially among my friends.

I began to notice Julia’s posts more and more to a point where when I’d log onto Facebook or Instagram, her posts were what I wanted to see most.

I found them to be empowering, smart, authentic and thought provoking. Among all the noise, she was now standing out the MOST to me and I couldn’t get enough.

I found myself thinking about what she was saying all of the time.  I found myself rebuilding my strength from the pregnancy with her words.

I kid you not, this show would not be here today if it wasn’t for Julia Wells’ words on those posts. 

It’s posts like this one….

“It’s safe to be seen

It’s safe to trust that your people are out there

It’s safe to use your voice

It’s safe to speak your truth and share your stories

It’s safe to do it differently

It’s safe to be as messy/poetic/inappropriate/bold/woo woo as you want to be

Stop holding back

Your people need your message…said your way….brought to life by your voice and your experience”

Julia Wells to me is unapologetic and yet still authentically herself in every way. She OWNS her power.

To me, this is what we need as women.  

We need to understand how to show up in life being unapologetically ourselves so we too can get exactly what we want from life. We too need to own our power.

When I reached out to Julia to come onto the show, she happily said yes and I’m thrilled she did. The interview we recorded was great!


  • What she did to start to own her power
  • How she owned her power
  • Why she’s looked like an “overnight success”
  • How saying she was going to quit her business allowed her to thrive
  • How you can know when it’s time to quit something you’re working on
  • How just appearing to be strong when you don’t feel that way is costing you
  • How pleasure is tied to your power
  • How we’re taught to connect as women is keeping us small and powerless
  • The constant dilemma we’re stuck in that’s making us miserable & how to fix it

…and so much more

This is a very chill but jam-packed interview.  I hope it makes you think, inspires you and allows you to grow in a whole new way.

Without further ado, here’s my interview with Julia Wells about how to own your power….(be sure to listen above!)


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